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Nov. 1, 2011
Xylem has unveiled a new wastewater pumping system called Flygt Experior.
Wastewater pumping

Xylem has unveiled a new wastewater pumping system called Flygt Experior. By combining advances to its hydraulics, premium efficiency motors and intelligent controls, the new pump line offers up to 50 percent energy savings compared to conventional wastewater pumps in a package that is simple to install and easy to operate. The pumps will feature the company’s Adaptive N Technology that allows the impeller to move axially upward when necessary to permit bulky materials or tough debris to pass through smoothly, significantly reducing stress on the shaft, seals and bearings. Xylem Inc.,

Drum dryer

The ENCON Drum Dryer is a compact system that concentrates slurries and sludge to a dry condition. These systems are electrically heated, operate in batch mode, and are controlled on a time and temperature basis. The dryer completely encapsulates a 55-gallon drum of sludge or slurry and heats it from outside the drum. Since the heating elements do not contact the sludge or slurry there is no requirement to clean the heat transfer surface. Temperatures are controlled with a thermocouple and timer system to provide consistent heating and accurate level of dryness. ENCON Evaporators,


Siemens Industry Automation Division has launched the Ionpure VNX CDIT module as an addition to the Ionpure VNX series of modules for continuous electrodeionization (CEDI). Using thin cell technology with a high water hardness tolerance, the new unit enables system designers to eliminate costly second-pass reverse osmosis (RO) pretreatment of typical EDI systems. In addition, it can also replace aging chemically regenerated mixed bed resin systems that are already operating on single-pass RO. Siemens Industry Automation Division,

Mobile pump, tank cart

A new non-metallic, Mobile Pump/Tank Cart from Vanton transfers wastewater and caustic/acidic chemicals with no corrosion, and ultrapure fluids with no contamination. All fluid contact surfaces of the tank, base plate, and secondary containment chamber are of solid polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC or other inert thermoplastic, precluding chemical attack across the entire pH range. The pump, a Flex-I-Liner® model CC-PY12B, uses a rotor mounted on an eccentric shaft to push fluid trapped between a flexible elastomer liner and a solid thermoplastic body block at flows to 2 gpm, pressures to 25 psig and temperatures to 185°F. Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp.,

Plastic valves

Flush valve assemblies designed, molded and assembled by Minnesota Rubber and Plastics ensure exact flow rate while resisting water degradation and component swell. Molded of a custom thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and Acetal formulation, these valve assemblies have the physical properties to meet demanding pressure flex requirements and product life expectations. The multi-component assembly is produced in large quantities, eliminating the need for multiple components from multiple suppliers. Minnesota Rubber and Plastics,

Treatment technologies

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies offers a wide range of products for the power and industrial markets. It offers complete water solutions for process and cooling water, boiler feedwater, condensate polishing and wastewater applications. Core technologies include ACTIFLO® clarification and softening, filtration, ion exchange, membrane separation and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). The company offers a full range of services including engineering, project management, design-build and maintenance services. Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies,

Construction services

Garney specializes in the construction of water and wastewater pipelines, treatment facilities, pumping stations, water storage tanks, and industrial/heavy civil projects. Garney was established in Kansas City in 1961 and has regional offices in Nashville, Orlando, Atlanta, Denver, and Phoenix. The company is 100 percent employee owned with approximately 720 current employee-owners. The company’s website includes a sampling of projects in the power industry, food & beverage and pulp & paper. The company can construct treatment facilities including clarifiers, plate settlers, coagulant and disinfecting chemical feed systems, conventional filters, membranes, air systems, pumps, UV, and concrete and steel tanks. Garney Construction,

TOC analyzer

LAR’s QuickTOCcondensate is an on-line measurement system for the determination of TOC in low ranges up to 2000 ppb with optional multi-stream operation. The patented and ready-at-anytime calibration and validation method prevents any contaminations in contrast to liquid standards, simplifies the handling considerably and works via remote control. Basis of this innovative method is the catalyst-free high-temperature method at 1,200°C, whereby the total carbon is oxidized completely. LAR Process Analysers,

Dosing, transfer pumps

The Moyno® 500 Series 301 Pumps offer versatility in corrosive chemical dosing and transfer applications. The
pumps feature a reverse covered seal design between the rotor and shaft which eliminates metal exposure to fluids. Phenolic housings and rotors offer corrosion resistance. Hose connections, resilient cushion, and cradle mounting provide easy installation, maintenance, and replacement. Suitable for direct or belt drive, the pumps offer capacities ranging from .45 to 13 gpm and pressures up to 25 psi. Moyno, Inc.,

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