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Aug. 1, 2011
APTwater has redesigned its website, offering expanded content for the company's water technology and service offerings, including new case studies and product descriptions.

APTwater has redesigned its website, offering expanded content for the company’s water technology and service offerings, including new case studies and product descriptions. The site features improved navigation, an uncluttered design, and highlights content centered on the company’s mission to provide clean water for the municipal, industrial and environmental remediation markets. The aim of the new design is to provide visitors with information that is relevant, easily accessible and timely. APTWater Inc., Long Beach, CA,

Grinder systems

Moyno has published a new brochure that describes the technological innovations, features and benefits of its line of single-shaft and twin-shaft grinders, grinder systems, grinder pumps and replacement grinder cartridges. The brochure offers detailed descriptions, key performance benefits, technical information and full color photographs of the company’s line of grinders and systems. The products covered in the brochure include the Annihilator, Max-Flow Annihilator™ Grinder System, Edge™ Grinder Cartridge, Pipeliner and 500 Grinder Pump. Moyno Inc., Springfield, OH, 877-486-6966,

Level measurement

Hawk Measurement, a manufacturer of level, positioning and flow measurement technology, has launched its newly redesigned website. The site provides users an in-depth view of the company and its products for the water, mining, food, power, cement, pulp and paper, chemical, and bulk handling industries. The wide range of industries/applications presents unique challenges due to dust, mud, impact, abrasion and build-up of materials on sensors in plants. Hawk Measurement America, 978-304-3000,

Sludge treatment

Paradigm Environmental Technologies has redesigned its website, which provides updated information about the company’s sludge pre-treatment and waste-to-energy solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Also, the site provides support and information to answer customer’s most common questions regarding sludge pre-treatment. The company has also launched a new blog site,, which provides insightful views and engaging conversations on wastewater treatment, sludge pre-treatment and waste-to-energy. Paradigm Environmental Technologies, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 604-742-0360,

TOG/TPH analyzers

Wilks Enterprise has produced a new video featuring the measurement of oil and grease in water/soil with portable infrared analyzers. The 3-minute video demonstrates how on-site measurements with the InfraCal TOG/TPH Analyzers can save time and money, as they allow oil and grease levels in wastewater to be determined in under 15 minutes. The measurements help ensure compliance with governmental regulatory discharge permits. Models HATR-T2 and CVH provide on-site measurement of total oil and grease concentration levels in wastewater. Wilks Enterprise, E. Norwalk, CT, 203-855-9136,

Field instrumentation

A 16-page brochure from ABB entitled “Measurement Products Serving the World’s Water Industries” covers the company’s entire portfolio of field instrumentation for water industries: potable water, municipal wastewater, and industrial water systems. The brochure includes a 3D representation of an entire water cycle across two facing pages. Callouts within the diagram indicate the ABB instrumentation and analyzers available for the various water and wastewater operations. Pages also provide detailed information on potable water, wastewater, and industrial water systems. ABB, Warminster, PA, [email protected]

Trench Drains

The recently updated Polycast Trench Drain Catalog by Hubbell Power Systems highlights the complete Polycast drain offering. A special section shows how to correctly select drains based on hydraulic capacity, application, job specific, site conditions and more. Polycast, Lenoir City, TN, 800-346-3062,

Stormwater tanks

The Grundfos handbook “Design of Stormwater Tanks – Recommendations and Layout” covers every aspect of stormwater tank design, sizing, installation and positioning, control strategy and equipment, and shows how such measures ultimately offer savings on investments. Stormwater tanks are an effective way of reducing peak flow and equalizing flow rates during a storm. The handbook guides the reader step-by-step through every aspect of stormwater detention. Stormwater tanks can be built to almost any size and shape. The inlet and outlet can be managed by gravity, by a pump system or a combination of both, depending on hydraulic conditions in the system. Grundfos,

Stormwater filter design

A new online software program to select the proper components and design an inlet filter unit for a stormwater drainage system is now available from Advanced Drainage Systems. The step-by-step Flexstorm® Product Configurator is available free of charge and allows a filter to be configured based on drainage structure type and filtration needs. A resources section contains product details, engineering drawings, specifications, educational videos plus operation and maintenance plans. The company’s Flexstorm Inlet Filters are configurable and adjustable to fit any drainage structure. They filter silt, solids and other pollutants in stormwater. Advanced Drainage Systems Inc., Hilliard, OH, 800-821-6710,

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