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March 1, 2011
Krohne has released a new level measurement product brochure.
Level measurement

Krohne has released a new level measurement product brochure. The brochure is designed to help customers choose the right level measurement device for their application. Easy to read charts provide assistance in selecting the right measuring principal for a particular application and direct users to the most appropriate products. The new brochure includes information about Krohne's FCMW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) radar, Ultrasonic, TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) radar, magnetic level gauge, displacer, and potentiometric products, as well a complete series of level switches for liquids and solids and mechanical level meters. For each category of level measurement products, the brochure provides product highlights, relevant industries, product specifications and full-color photographs. Krohne Inc., 800-356-9464,

UV technology

Aquionics has launched its new website, providing information, advice, and news on the company's UV technology, and UV water treatment generally. The new site will be a continually developing resource aimed at process engineers, plant designers, contractors, and anyone interested in discovering the benefits of UV technology in municipal, industrial, and aquatic applications. Aquionics, a Halma Co., 800-925-0440,

Pump efficiency

The Hydraulic Institute Pump Efficiency Prediction guideline (HI 20.3-2010) is now available in a separate, self-contained publication. The guideline presents a simple method that will help pump users predict normally attainable efficiency levels at the best efficiency point (BEP) for selected types of rotodynamic pumps when the rate of flow, total head per stage, net positive suction head available (NPSHA), and the service conditions are known. Graphs are used extensively to portray the relationship of pump efficiency versus different parameters. Hydraulic Institute,

Flow meters

McCrometer's new online product demo makes it easier to understand the application and cost of ownership advantages of the FPI Mag™ Flow Meter. As the successor to the company's Multi-Mag Insertion Flow Meter, the new FPI Mag is a multi-electrode, hot tap, full profile insertion flow meter delivering a continuous total flow profile similar to a full-bore mag meter. The enhanced design features additional sensing electrodes for increased sensitivity and is now packaged in a heavy-duty 316 stainless steel sensor body for maximum structural integrity. McCrometer, Hemet, CA, 800-220-2279,

Wastewater mixers

SolarBee offers a whitepaper on use of its SB10000 v18 mixers to reduce electric costs by 42 percent at the Eden, NC, activated sludge wastewater treatment plant. The solar-powered mixers take over the mixing function from brush aerators in the main reactor, cutting aeration requirements from 240 to 180 hp. The aerators are run only to provide the correct DO requirement. Additional results include precise DO levels for better control of BOD reduction, improved TSS level and sludge settling. SolarBee,

Double diaphragm pumps

Wilden®, a provider of air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump technology, has launched a new website. The site offers users the ability to search for products by brand, size, air distribution system and type. Users can also search for products by navigating through the industries served by Wilden, including water works and many more. Once users have navigated to an individual product page, new searchable product widgets are available to give users the option to further search through products. Useful tools on the new site include the Distributors and Tech info sections. Wilden, Grand Terrace, CA,

Flow, level measurement

With helpful case studies, applications notes and best practices information, the new FCI Flow/Level Measurement Product and Services Catalog CD Release 11.5 provides a wide range of instruments that increase process productivity, reduce plant maintenance and lower operating costs. The catalog can help engineers in specifying the right flow, level or temperature instrument. The new CD explains FCI's precision thermal dispersion mass flow measurement technology, as well as providing comprehensive product specifications. It also includes the company's FAQ Library. Fluid Components International, San Marcos, CA, 800-854-1993,

Moisture, humidity measurements

The Michell Instruments' website offers information on the company's moisture and humidity measurement solutions. The company's humidity calculator is a comprehensive humidity calculation program that allows users to convert from dew-point temperature or relative humidity to a wide range of humidity related parameters, with pressure conversion and enhancement factors. Users can also download Michell's new literature, datasheets, range brochures, application notes and white papers in PDF format. Michell Instruments Inc., Newburyport, MA,


Fibox Enclosures has published its new 184-page, 4.1 US Enclosure Catalog, offered in hard copy and online. The catalog features nine RoHS compliant, corrosion resistant enclosure families, available in polycarbonate, plus selected availability in aluminum, fiberglass, and ABS. All families feature UL and cUL approvals. Applications include industrial, instrumentation, process control, solar and wind energy, and hostile environments. The catalog includes the newest addition to the Fibox family, the ARCA® JIC enclosure line. The enclosures provide customization, UV and chemical resistance, and wide temperature range. Fibox Enclosures, Glen Burnie, MD, 888-342-6987,

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