March 1, 2011
Red Valve's Series DX slurry knife gate valve is designed especially for heavy slurry applications in the power and mining industries.
Slurry knife gate valve

Red Valve's Series DX slurry knife gate valve is designed especially for heavy slurry applications in the power and mining industries. When the valve opens, reinforced elastomer sleeves seal against each other and provide a 100% full port opening, minimizing turbulence which in turn minimizes wear. The seats isolate and protect all metal parts from coming in contact with the process. When the valve is closed, the sleeves provide a drop tight seal and shut-off in both directions. Red Valve Co., Carnegie, PA, 412-279-0044,

Pressure reducing valve

Plast-O-Matic Valves has developed a new pressure reducing valve using thermoplastic materials selected specifically for semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and other industries requiring ultra-high purity. Series PRH-U is constructed of a machined Kynar 740 PVDF body and metal-ion-free EPDM seals to provide the highest possible purity in a fused piping system. In addition to the ultra-pure materials, the company uses a three-step cleaning process. Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc., Cedar Grove, NJ, 973-256-3000,

Metal seat ball valves

New M-series metal seat ball valves from A-T Controls are engineered with specially coated matched balls and seats to stand up to high temperatures, pressures and abrasive materials encountered in the oil/gas, chemical, power generation, pulp and paper, food processing and mining industries. Valves in the M-Series have a temperature range of -20°F to 661°F, and a pressure rating up to ANSI class 600. Ball and seat materials include stainless steel, stellite welded, and hard chrome-plated steel, allowing the valves to perform well in applications involving abrasive fluids and steam. A-T Controls, Cincinnati, OH, 513-247-5465,

Diaphragm valve

The new Type 514-519 High Flow Diaphragm Valve Series from GF Piping Systems valve offers an optimized, turbulence-free flow geometry that provides significantly increased flow rate performance and lower energy consumption. These features expand the valve's suitability for applications where diaphragm valves were previously not considered due to flow restriction. Cv values range from 3.9 to 116.8, depending on size and end connection. The modified geometry provides linear flow and control characteristics that improve processing stability. GF Piping Systems, Tustin, CA, 800-854-4090,

Check valves

Val-Matic's Swing-Flex® and Surgebuster® Check Valves have received certification for to NSF/ANSI 61 for Drinking Water System Components. WQA (Water Quality Association) provided certification of the product lines after completion of all testing and verification of data. The Swing-Flex® and Surgebuster® are available in sizes 2" - 48." The short, 35° stroke provides fast closure to minimize slamming and slam related surges. They are WQA Certified lead-free and are designed and built in accordance with AWWA C508. Val-Matic,

Floating baffles

Director I Floating Baffles can improve wastewater treatment lagoon efficiency. Enhanced hydraulic flow patterns increase effective treatment area from less than 20% to over 95% of the lagoon. The extending treatment time reduces biological oxygen demand (BOD) and total suspended solids (TSS); improves aeration and allows contaminants and solids to settle. The floating baffle is designed to improve flow diversion, increase retention time and provide improved bottom anchoring and prevent short-circuiting in treatment lagoons in wastewater applications. Environetics Inc., Lockport, IL, 815 838-8331,

Check valves

Duckbill Check Valves, available through Onyx Valve, are constructed of 100% reinforced rubber and molded to the customer's application requirements. They are rust and corrosion resistant, offer silent operation, and have no mechanical parts. Flanged or Slip-On connections are available, as are many elastomers to suit the application. The valves offer low pressure drop with excellent back flow sealing capability. Onyx Valve Co., Cinnaminson, NJ, 856-829-2888,

Motorized electric valves

KZValve designs and manufactures motorized electric ball and butterfly valves from ¼" to 6". Using solid state circuit boards, its actuators are rated NEMA 6P (waterproof), NEMA 7D (ignition safe), and exceed USCG electrical system standards. The EH5 actuator is the heaviest motor for valve sizes to 6". The engineering staff will retrofit actuators to quarter turn valves and welcomes custom applications. Ball and butterfly valves are available in stainless steel, bronze, poly, or nylon. The actuator is easily removed from the valve, and the valve can stay in service with the actuator removed. KZValve, 800-288-1112,

Inline check valves

The ProFlex 750 from Proco Products is designed to answer enclosed body check valve requirements. It requires no external power sources. The valve's unique design means no mechanical parts to break down or wear, reducing maintenance costs. The inline check valve allows flow of abrasive materials such as raw sewage, sludges or slurries. The elastomer design allows media to flow through without significant head losses and will seal around solids trapped in the valve. Proco Products, Stockton, CA, 800-344-3246,

Valve actuators

Rotork all-electric, non-intrusive CVA control-valve actuators are available in linear and quarter-turn actions and eliminate the need for air supplies. They provide precise operation, advanced HMI capabilities, and fail-to-position protection as well as energy and maintenance savings. CVA actuators provide control-valve operation with repeatability and resolution performance at <0.1% of full scale. In addition, they include wireless Bluetooth communication technology that can be used for simplified actuator set-up and adjustment. Rotork Process Controls Inc., Milwaukee, WI, 585-247-2304,

Insertion valve

Team's InsertValve™ installs under pressure, eliminating the need for line shut downs. Designed for a wide range of line sizes and types, the valve's wedge gate seats on the valve body, not the pipe bottom. This feature prevents the seat from coming into contact with the cut pipe edges and significantly extends valve life. The valve can be repaired under pressure. Team offers professional installation services by trained technicians or packaged solutions ready for line cut-in. This valve meets or exceeds ANSI/AWWA C515 valve specs and complies with all health and safety regulations. Team Industrial Services, Alvin, TX, 800-662-8326,

Backflow preventers
The new Wilkins 300AR Series Backflow Preventers include an integral spacer spool, pre-assembled from the factory, ready to drop-in. They are fully approved in 2½" - 10" sizes and available in four models: 350AR Double Check Valve Assembly, 350ADAR Double Check Detector Assembly, 375AR Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly and 375ADAR Reduced Pressure Detector Assembly. The series is designed for drop-in replacement of existing longer lay length assemblies without the need for additional external spools or spacers. Wilkins, A Zurn Company, 805-226-6287,

Butterfly valve

The Henry Pratt HP350 butterfly valve is rated to handle line pressures of up to 350 psi and is offered in both flanged and mechanical joint end connections. Actuation options include buried service nut or handwheel. The valve is available in sizes of 6" through 48" for flanged end connections and 6" through 24" for mechanical joint connections. The valve disc uses a flow through design and seals using the Henry Pratt patented E-LOK seating system. Henry Pratt Co., Aurora, IL, 877-436-7977

Valve products

APCO Valve & Primer produces a complete line of Air Release / Air Vacuum Valves. The company also manufactures the following valves: Silent Check, Slanting Disc Check, Cushioned Swing Check, Rubber Flapper Check, Automatic Control, Double Door Check, Metal Seated Ball and Cone Valves. The company recently added Eccentric Plug valves to its product line. It also offers engineering and technical help for all of its products. APCO Valve & Primer Corp., 800-323-6969,

Valve control

Bernard Controls' Master Station is a turnkey system designed to ease the command and control of many motor operated valves using fieldbus. Compared to traditional point-to-point connection, fieldbus gathers more information while optimizing on-site wiring and reducing the overall cost of installation. In many cases, the control architecture integrates a "Master Station" located between the DCS and the actuators. Combining PLC technology, full redundancy and bus continuity, the station has been designed as a reliable system to protect an installation. Digital communication allows the user to retrieve a large quantity of information from the field units. Bernard Controls,

Electric actuators

Industrial designed EPM, EPS, and EPL Series Electric Actuators from Hayward are available in a variety of quarter-turn reversing spring return and non-spring return designs as well as Linear Drive models. EPM Series Non-Spring Return Electric Actuators are designed for use with all ball and butterfly valves up to 24", provide torque outputs from 300 to 13,500 in. lbs., offer integrated manual override, auxiliary switches and internal heater, and are available in either 2 position (on/off), jog (Floating Point) or modulating control configurations. EPS Series Spring Return Electric Actuators are designed for use with all ball and butterfly valves up to 8", provide torque outputs from 450 to 2300 in.lbs. and include auxiliary switches and internal heater as standard. Hayward Flow Control Systems, Clemmons, NC, 888-429-4635,

Automatic valves

Ooval Valves, distributed by Amiad Filtration, now offers oval-diaphragm automatic valves in 2" and 3" plastic sizes. The company also offers a metal valve line in 2" through 8" sizes. The gentle curves of the valve chamber dramatically reduce cavitation and water hammer, and lowers pressure loss by as much as 300 percent compared to conventional valve designs. The design also improves Cv values by 44 percent over standard valves, nearly doubling flow. The valves feature a unique, flexible oval diaphragm that delivers drip-tight sealing and effective pressure regulation down to 5.8 psi at high or low flow rates. The company's pressure-reducing valves, pressure sustaining valves and quick pressure release valves are all available in polyester-coated metal or plastic construction. Amiad Filtration Systems, 800-969-4055,

Electronic flow measurement

The OCV ValveMeter Lite is an electronic flow measurement system that can be added to any OCV control valve, ranging from 4" to 24". By adding this system, the electronic unit will give the ability to measure flow through the adapted valve. The user may access the information via digital display on the front of the electronic unit; a 4-20 mA analog output; or an RS232 digital output for the flow rate, totalizer count, measurement scale, and other information. OCV also offers other electronic units for more complex applications. The ValveMeter Ultra measures flow and also controls the valve and allows for frequent variable changes through RS232, RS485, and intranet communications. OCV Control Valves, Tulsa, OK, 888-628-8258,

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