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▲ April 10-12 -- Disinfection 2011, Cincinnati, OH:

April 11-13 -- BevTech '11, Fort Lauderdale, FL:

April 13-15 - AMI International, Chicago, IL:

April 19-21 -- WWEMA Washington Forum, Washington, DC.:

MAY 2011

May 8-11 -- 2011 National Environmental Policy Forum, Washington, D.C.:

May 22-25 -- Residuals and Biosolids 2011, Sacramento, CA:

JUNE 2011

June 12-16 -- AWWA 2011 Annual Conference & Exhibition, Washington, D.C.:


August 21-25 -- StormCon 2011, Anaheim:


Sept. 14-17 -- AWT Annual Convention & Exposition 2011, Atlanta, GA:


Oct. 16-19 - WEFTEC.11, Los Angeles, CA:


Nov. 1-3 -- 2011 Chem Show, New York, NY:

Nov. 1-4 - Process Expo, Chicago, IL:

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Company Launches Pre-Validated Pharmaceutical Water Distribution Systems

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies has launched a new system to deliver water faster and safer for the pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetics & veterinary industries.

Until now, storage and distribution systems have been always custom designed for each application, with long engineering lead times and validation procedures. The company's new NEXUS® system changes all that by offering a standardized system.

NEXUS® is a range of standard, packaged, pre-validated distribution systems for Purified Water and Water For Injection for flow rates up to 132 gpm. Each package is complete with a booster pump, 316L stainless steel pipe work (ASME BPE as optional), double tube sheet heat exchanger and control panel.

The hygienic design and fabrication in 316L stainless steel are fully compliant with GAMP, ISPE, cGMP and FDA requirements. To ensure continuous water quality and quantity, the system comes with conductivity monitoring, temperature control and loop flow meter (options for TOC and ozone monitoring).

The system offers a choice of sanitization methods by either using electrolytically generated ozone with UV ozone destruction, or hot water at 121°C/249°F for WFI. Both sanitization solutions are recommended within the pharmaceutical industry for their sanitizing effect efficiency and consistency throughout time.

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