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Sept. 1, 2011
Envirogen has published a new whitepaper describing the use of its ‘fixed-film fluidized bed reactor’ (FBR) technology for the treatment of ...
Mining wastewater treatment

Envirogen has published a new whitepaper describing the use of its ‘fixed-film fluidized bed reactor’ (FBR) technology for the treatment of selenium-containing coal mining wastewaters. The report details the features of the company’s FBR technology that make it ideally suited for selenium and nitrate treatment in the coal mining industry. It describes the design and installation of systems with capital, operating and lifecycle costs that are significantly lower than competitive fixed-film biological systems – particularly packed bed bioreactors. Envirogen Technologies,

Renewable energy, biosolids

Synagro Technologies had redesigned its corporate website to reflect the company’s experience in the renewable energy markets and biosolids management. The new site offers simplified and intuitive navigation with interactive menu roll-over functionality and cross-service linking throughout the website; integration with social media networks, allowing visitors to easily join Synagro in deeper conversation; and new case studies and sales sheets, which can be viewed and downloaded. Synagro,

Valve products

Val-Matic has released an expanded version of its full product line brochure. The brochure includes details of the company’s air valves, check valves, shut-off valves, VaultSafe® products, actuators and control systems. The brochure also contains information about product applications and features as well as Val-Matic’s manufacturing capabilities and quality assurance program. The brochure is currently available on the company website. Val-Matic Valve & Mfg. Corp.,

RO design software

NanoH2O has released its new Q+ Projection Software, which enables customers to optimize seawater reverse osmosis system design with the company’s nanocomposite high flux and high salt rejection QuantumFlux product line. By reducing energy consumption and increasing freshwater production, the membranes significantly lower the cost of seawater desalination. The software is available for download on the company’s website. NanoH2O Inc.,

Pipe flow calculator

CertainTeed has developed a new online pipe flow calculator. The calculator compares PVC and HDPE pipe across several different factors that influence the cost of owning and operating a water distribution network. These factors include pipeline material cost, installation cost, pipe flow, pressure, pumping energy requirements and pumping energy costs. The pumping energy costs are calculated, by state, based on electrical rates provided by the U.S. Department of Energy, to determine the net present value of a water distribution system’s future energy consumption. CertainTeed,

Trenchless rehab

RS Technik recently launched a new website to promote epoxy cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) and other trenchless technologies. The new website features a complete line of environmentally friendly solutions featuring Dow® specially formulated epoxy resins. Responding to the demand for sustainable, styrene-free CIPP solutions, the company offers RS BlueLine®, for municipal and industrial pressure pipe repairs, RS CityLiner® for main line sewer rehabilitation, and RS MaxLiner® for lateral lines. RS Technik,

Valve systems

Onyx Valve has developed a new website that makes it easier for customers to obtain timely information on the company’s check valves, pinch valves, pressure sensors, and expansion joints. Articles and videos of projects and new industry developments are also available on the new website. Experts will take visitors through the process of how valves are made, and give them an understanding of materials, compatibility, and important factors to consider when placing valve, expansion joints and pressure sensor orders. There is even a technical specifications upload center, so customers can upload their project documents for Onyx to evaluate, and help provide expert guidance and consulting. Onyx Valve Co.,

Tank graphics

An interactive tool that allows users to customize elevated and ground water storage tanks with a wide palette of colors, graphics, text and even logos is now available on the Tnemec website. With Tank3D, it is possible to visualize how a water tank will appear using variable design elements and Tnemec coatings. More than 100 color options and countless graphic enhancements can be explored in minutes. In addition to its color selection and graphic functionality, the software users the ability to zoom and pan around their customized tank, as well as view a pre-programmed “fly-by” that shows the tank from different perspectives. Printer-friendly PDFs and color swatches are also available using the new technology.Tnemec Co.,

Gasket selection app

Triangle Fluid Controls has released iGasket™, a gasket selection app for BlackBerry® Smartphones. The self-contained mobile app will allow the user to input six key application parameters and obtain descriptions of all the acceptable Durlon® gasketing products that can be used, regardless of having a wireless connection or not. Visit the company website or BlackBerry® App World for a free copy. Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd.,

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