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May 1, 2011
ProMation Engineering P1 Series Quarter-Turn Electric, Non-Spring Return Actuators feature a compact industrial grade design for use ...
Valve actuators

ProMation Engineering P1 Series Quarter-Turn Electric, Non-Spring Return Actuators feature a compact industrial grade design for use with all ball and butterfly valves or dampers requiring torque outputs from 135 to 445 in. lbs., have a self-locking hardened steel drive train and patented clutch-free manual override for single-handed positioning of the actuator in any situation. Available in on/off, bump/jog and proportional control (factory installed, calibrated, and tested) models, the actuator's standard features include an integrated position indicator, two auxiliary switches (rated at 3A 250V Max), an internal low-power anti-condensation heater, and cast aluminum polymer coated housing with two ½" conduit connections that is rated NEMA 4X for safe exposure to high pressure hosing and corrosion resistance.

ProMation Engineering, Brooksville, FL, 352-544-8436,

Wall penetrations

Infinity® Wall Sleeves are designed for concrete poured barriers to construct a circular penetration through walls, floors and ceilings. The Infinity wall sleeve is available in 16 sizes ranging from 2" - 25" in diameter and can accommodate wall thicknesses up to 16". With the Infinity wall sleeve and Innerlynx® combined, they can withstand pressures up to 40 psig or 96.28 feet of head pressure.

Advance Products & Systems, 337-233-6116,

Tank liner

Pocono Fabricators' Pre-Krete Tankliner-61 (T-61) was developed specifically to provide protection to steel and concrete structures from the corrosive effects of commercially hot potable water. T-61 is certified to NSF Standard 61 by CSA International. The product is a cement-based lining that will provide assurance that a hot water source, potentially operating in the vicinity of 1800 F, will not be contaminated or interrupted. In ambient water conditions, the liner provides a long term solution to corrosion issues as compared to thin spray-applied polymer coatings. Pocono Fabricators, 610-400-1885,

Liquid analysis

Krohne has released its new OPTISENS MAC 100 multiparameter converter for liquid analysis in the water and wastewater industry. It is the first device standardized for both flowmeters and analytical measuring devices. The device can be adapted for the user's requirements - users specify the number and type of signal inputs and outputs, and define the complexity of the measuring point and the number of parameters. The converter is suitable for the measurement of such different analytical parameters as pH/oxygen reduction potential (ORP), free chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, conductive conductivity, inductive conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. Krohne, 800-356-9464,

Valve lockout

Providing secure lockout for all types and sizes of manual valves, Netherlocks offers the NL-H Hybrid Lock. The lock can secure valves in every position, and its universal compatibility eliminates the need for maintaining an inventory of assorted lockout products for each type of valve on-site. The universal lock uses a flexible steel cable to immobilize a valve's handwheel or lever. The unit secures to the valve with a padlock, to ensure the valve cannot be operated. It is made entirely from corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel for use in harsh environments. Netherlocks Safety Systems, Houston, TX, 713-681-1792,

pH/ORP measurement

Sensorex has introduced the new S651CD Submersible Electrode and S656CD Insertion Electrode. The S651CD is an upgrade to the original S650CD electrode and can be used in place of the S650CD and S650CDHT. The new pH glass protection feature and added performance of acrylamide reference gel add value to these flat-surface, self-cleaning pH/ORP electrodes. It is for measurements in tanks, flumes and sewer lines. The S656CD is an upgrade to the S656CD electrode and can be used in place of the S655CD, S655CDHT and 970283 models. Sensorex, Garden Grove, CA, 714-895-4344,


New Oil Eater Original cleaner/degreaser is an all-purpose, highly concentrated, alkaline based cleaner formulated to emulsify and disperse oil, grease, soil and grime. It is effective on engines, equipment, tools, concrete floors and much more. It can also be used in parts cleaning and pressure washing machines. The cleaner is a water-based, biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-flammable. It contains no acids, abrasive or petroleum solvents. The formula is a unique mixture of non-ionic surfactants, emulsifiers, water softeners and other biodegradable ingredients. Kafko International Ltd., Skokie, IL, 800-528-0334,

Oil skimming test kit

Oil Skimmers Inc. is offering a free Oil Skimming Test Kit to companies who believe that they have a waste oil removal issue. This kit will demonstrate how efficiently its oil skimmers can work for any company looking to remove and recycle waste oil from sumps, tanks, separators, ponds, basins, or any other area that has a waste oil problem. Users simply dip the provided tube sample into the liquid that has an oil build-up and then remove. The test is positive if the tube is covered in oil when removed - a positive test means that oil skimming systems can solve the waste oil problem. Oil Skimmers Inc., Cleveland, OH, 800-200-4603,

Moisture analyzers

Michell Instruments has launched the Promet I.S. and Liquidew I.S. process moisture analyzers for gases and liquids. These new analyzers can be retrofitted into existing aluminum oxide moisture analyzer installations. The intrinsically safe ceramic moisture sensor transmitter, the basis of the new analyzers, may be installed in a hazardous area directly into existing aluminum oxide sampling systems using existing cabling. A new multi-channel format enables the control of up to four pressure compensated or temperature compensated, gas or liquid moisture measurement channels within a single 19 inch rack unit. Michell Instruments Inc., Rowley, MA, 978-484-0005,

Air/gas flowmeter

Ideal for fuel and air flow measurement to boilers, burners, chillers, furnaces, heat treating systems, turbine and co-gen power generators, the new ST75 Series flowmeter from Fluid Components International delivers high accuracy and a low-cost solution for small-line flow measurement. It measures and monitors air or gas flows in nine line size configurations from 0.25-2.0" (6-51mm) with a single instrument and provides three unique outputs: mass flow rate, totalized flow and media temperature. Fluid Components International, San Marcos, CA, 800-863-8703,

Water testing

Hach has expanded its HQd electrochemistry portfolio with four new IntelliCAL™ probes to measure ammonium, chloride, fluoride, and nitrate. Designed specifically for water applications, these smart probes minimize user errors and set-up time by automatically recognizing the testing parameter, calibration history, and method settings. The IntelliCAL™ Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) probes provide longer life at a lower cost than traditional probes because there are no membranes to replace. Hach Co., Loveland, CO, 800-227-4224,

Stormwater control

The new StormTech® chamber developed to contain and control storm water runoff in an underground system is now available from Advanced Drainage Systems. The StormTech MC-4500™ chamber is designed in accordance with AASHTO and ASTM design standards, making it a qualified choice for use in commercial and municipal projects. Manufactured using a high performance impact modified polypropylene (PP), it is rated by ADS for a 100 year service life. Advanced Drainage Systems Inc., Hilliard, OH, 888-892-2694,

Remote valve operator

The Flexi-Drive from Smith Flow Control is a cable-driven remote operator for valves in inaccessible or hard to reach locations. It can operate valves as far as 200 feet away, accommodating 540° of bends in the cable run. The flexible cable system can be passed around and through walls, bulkheads, floors and any other obstacles to reach the host valve. The system is completely submersible, operating in water up to 50 ft. It is constructed from corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel, and designed to withstand temperatures from -65 to +400 degrees Fahrenheit. Smith Flow Control, Erlanger, KY, 859-578-2395,

Pump controls

SJE-Rhombus®, a supplier of pump control systems, has announced that C-Level™ floatless technology is now available for Installer Friendly Series® Three Phase Demand/TD and Capacitor Start/Run model controllers. The C-Level™ sensor converts water pressure in a tank into a low-voltage electrical signal and sends it to the IFS panel, which displays this level in inches or centimeters for easier monitoring of the system. Pump activation and alarm levels can be adjusted using a panel touch pad, eliminating the need to go into the tank for manual adjustment. SJE-Rhombus, Detroit Lakes, MN, 888-342-5753,

Softeners, RO products

Hydrotech®, a division of WaterGroup, has announced that the majority of its softener and reverse osmosis (RO) product lines are now CSA B483.1 certified. This recent certification prepares the company for pending implementation of new regulations in various Canadian provinces, including Quebec. It ensures that the company's softeners and RO products conform to the highest standard established by CSA for drinking water. Hydrotech, Regina, SK, 877-299-5999,

Plastic valve strainer

TVI has expanded its plastic valve line with the addition of a one piece 2 ½", 3" and 4" PVC clear Y Strainer. The strainer is available in socket or threaded styles with a flanged adder and in either EPDM or Viton. The 20 mesh PVC filtration screen is easily removed for cleaning or replacement. Strainers are 100% factory tested at 150 psi. TVI Thermoplastic Valves Inc., Emmaus, PA, 610-967-6388,

Multiparameter transmitter

Mettler-Toledo Process Analytics Division has announced the introduction of the Thornton model M800 multiparameter transmitter for monitoring water purity in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and beverage, microelectronics, power generation, chemical and industrial process industries. Multiparameter measurement is ideally suited for facilities where precise measurement of conductivity/resistivity, pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), dissolved ozone, flow and temperature of ultrapure water are critical. A full-color, high-resolution touch screen and exclusive integral predictive maintenance diagnostics provide instantaneous real-time monitoring of pure water processes. Mettler-Toledo Thornton Inc., Bedford, MA, 781-301-8626,

Pressure control

SJE-Rhombus® has introduced the VARIOspeed® variable frequency drive (VFD) for constant pressure control applications. As the flow and head conditions change in the pumping system, the VFD is able to automatically control the pump speed and maintain a constant discharge pressure. A pressure transducer measures the pump discharge pressure. The system is available from 5-150 hp at 208-240V and 5-250 hp at 380-480V, single phase or three phase supply voltage. Built-in features include PID control, energy optimization control, adjustable electronic overload, automatic system restart, high and low pressure alarms, and more. SJE-Rhombus, 888-342-5753,

PTFE membranes

Standard and custom die-cut microporous PTFE membranes that require no lamination for support and are suitable for filtering liquids and gasses in a variety of laboratory and industrial instruments and equipment are available from Interstate Specialty Products. The company's Mupor PTFE membranes feature tensile strength up to 20N/mm2, are USP23 approved, non-cytotoxic, and can be sterilized by steam and EtO. Ideally suited for filtering aggressive organic solvents, concentrated acids, alkalis, and cryogenic fluids, these robust membranes incorporate a three-dimensional pore structure that resists closure under pressure. Interstate Specialty Products, Sutton, MA, 800-984-1811,

Grinder system

The new Moyno® Max-Flow Annihilator™ Grinder System is a custom engineered headworks debris handling system that protects down stream pumps, valves and process equipment in water treatment plants and lift stations. The system can be used in place of bar rakes and screens as well as drum screen grinders. It contains two or more Annihilator grinders mounted side-by-side in a stainless steel retrieval frame in the headworks of a waste treatment system. They can be installed in an in-line or a staggered or offset design to accommodate a variety of channel widths. Moyno Inc., Springfield, OH, 937-327-3017,

Chemical dosing

A new weatherable Solar Powered Chemical Dosing System from Vanton features a non-metallic, peristaltic pump for corrosion-free transfer of caustic and acidic treatment chemicals from an integral thermoplastic storage tank to water and wastewater containment facilities in remote locations. The pump, Flex-I-Liner® model 12, uses a rotor mounted on an eccentric shaft to push fluid trapped between a flexible elastomer liner and a solid plastic body block. The self-priming design has no seals to leak or valves to clog and can run dry without damage. Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp., Hillside, NJ, 908-688-4216,

Ditch lining system

Penda has added the new MegaDitch to its SmartDitch™ line of HDPE channel ditch lining products and accessories. The expandable system of modular overlapping, ribbed, HDPE base and wall sections is engineered to manage extremely large water flow applications such as those found in mining drainage pathways and industrial site containment systems, as well as many other sites where erosion is occurring on a large scale. The system is engineered with adjustable side-walls to conform to the variety of slopes and grades that are typically found in the construction or rehabilitation of large concrete-lined and earthen ditches. Penda Corp., Portage, WI,

Progressing cavity pumps

The Smart Rotor (SRT) design from Seepex allows rotor geometry to be changed using a plug-in connection, with no need to dismantle the suction casing, suction pipe or rotor-sided joint. The rotor can only be used in conjunction with the Smart Stator (SST). It is available for new pumps and as a retrofit for all SST ranges. Technical features include a two-part pluggable rotor comprising rotor and rotor head. For clockwise pumps, the rotor is axially secured in the rotor head using a locking plate. seepex Inc., Enon, OH, 937-864-7150,

Groundwater remediation

Abanaki has added six new Groundwater Remediation Systems specially designed for a variety of groundwater contamination applications with specific site requirements. Solar powered and explosion proof options are available. The company's systems use belt oil skimmers to remove hydrocarbons from groundwater. Systems include a PetroXtractor belt oil skimmer and an oil transfer package. The key components are an oleophilic belt, motor, belt wipers and discharge trough. Abanaki Corp., Chagrin Falls, OH, 800-358- 7546,

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