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July 1, 2002
PennWell Publishing, the publisher of Industrial WaterWorld, has updated its water-oriented website, www.industrialww.com to include a host of new features and information for the worldwide water market.

By James Laughlin, Editor

PennWell Publishing, the publisher of Industrial WaterWorld, has updated its water-oriented website, www.industrialww.com to include a host of new features and information for the worldwide water market.

The site features current issues and archives for Industrial WaterWorld. It also serves as the Home Page for WaterWorld, which targets the municipal water/wastewater market in the United States and Canada, and Water & Wastewater International, which serves the water market outside the United States.

The newly redesigned industrialww.com is an online resource that provides daily international business and water industry-related news, current issue articles, and access to years of searchable editorial archives. Visitors to the site can check the calendar of events for the next industry-related conference, or refer to the Product Guide for vendor, product and service information.

Along with daily news and archives, the site also includes Case Studies that highlight the use of equipment and technologies to solve operating challenges for water/wastewater system operators.

A new feature is the site's Discussion Forums. The forums, which are open to registered users, include Industrial Water Topics, Drinking Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Security Issues, Distribution System Issues, Collection System Issues, and International Water Topics.

A For Sale/Trade Forum has also been established for users who have surplus water treatment equipment for sale. Postings are free, but the forum is only open to private sales of water-related equipment -- no equipment vendors, please.

Registering to use the industrialww.com site is a one-time, free process that allows users to take advantage of all aspects of the site, including archive searches and downloads.

If you're reading this article, you probably already have a subscription to Industrial Waterworld. However, you can renew your subscription at industrialww.com (or sign up for a free subscription if you've borrowed this copy of IWW!). The site also offers subscription information for both WaterWorld and Water & Wastewater International.

If you're interested in trying your hand at writing an article, the site offers editorial guidelines and an editorial calendar for Industrial WaterWorld and its sister publications. All three publications rely heavily on professionals in the industry to provide by-lined feature articles and case studies. The magazines publish annual editorial calendars that list topics to be discussed in each issue.

Industrialww.com also offers advertising information and an on-line media kits for the three publications.

A link is provided to the PennWell Bookstore, which includes books from a variety of industries, including the power market, oil & gas industry, and others. A sampling of water books at the site include "Power Plant Water Chemistry: A Practical Guide," "Fundamentals of Steam Generation Chemistry," and "Practical Manual of Wastewater Chemistry."

The goal of industrialww.com is to serve as a resource for the global water community. To that end, a links page provides a quick reference for finding and contacting organizations active in the water industry.

If you're confronting a water treatment challenge or researching new technologies for your water treatment system, industrialww.com may just provide the information you need. Stop by today.

James Laughlin, Editor

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