Book outlines industrial water treatment techniques

July 1, 2002
A book just added to PennWell's water line, Procedures of Industrial Water Treatment, is a comprehensive reference and educational resource for the industrial, institutional, utility, and municipal water treatment professional.

A book just added to PennWell's water line, Procedures of Industrial Water Treatment, is a comprehensive reference and an educational resource for the industrial, institutional and utility water treatment professional.

The book covers regularly used and performed field methods that involve the evaluation of chemical treatment systems. It was written over a three-year period and consists of 61 chapters, with each chapter placed into one of five main sections: General Concepts, Boiler Water Procedures, Cooling Water Procedures, Miscellaneous, and Analytical Field Test Procedures.

Nearly all of the procedures discussed have been performed by the author, Jim Tanis, throughout his career. Tanis provides case studies and analyses as addendums to the actual procedures, allowing him the ability to explain and educate owners, operators, consultants and insurance personnel with hands-on and easily understandable approaches. Tanis presents the material in a manner that offers the reader the opportunity to study the book chapter-by-chapter or as a quick-glance reference.

Throughout Procedures of Industrial Water Treatment, Tanis presents the reader with valuable and informative "How Tos" regarding the industrial water treatment industry. Here are just a few of the topics he discusses: Evaluating water treatment service companies, inspecting boilers, understanding the actions of condensate corrosion inhibitors, measuring the fouling of heat transfer surfaces, and cleaning ion exchange resins.

Tanis began his professional career as a water treatment service engineer in 1966 and has since worked directly in industrial water systems all over the world. With nearly 40 years of global water systems experience, Tanis has proven himself valuable in almost every aspect of the industry. He has been employed as a technical representative, salesman, consultant, business owner, and most recently a division head of a chemical manufacturing company.

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