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Nov. 1, 2009
ADS LLC offers a full line of advanced water loss control products for leak detection and flow measurement.
Water loss control

ADS LLC offers a full line of advanced water loss control products for leak detection and flow measurement. These instruments form an integrated approach to system monitoring and leakage control for water distribution networks. They include leak locaters, flow measurement, and data logging systems. The products include the ADS Enigma, a digital logging correlation system for determining the location of leaks in buried pipes. Noise logging and noise correlation are combined into one operation.ADS LLC, Huntsville, AL, 800-633-7246,

Mag meter

Krohne has introduced the Waterflux 3070, a new electromagnetic meter with a 15-year battery life for applications in the water and wastewater industry. The new meter includes an optional GSM module for remote transmission of measurement data and status information. Thanks to extremely short inlet and outlet installation requirements, the meter can be installed in very narrow wells and chambers. A magnetic-inductive meter, it is accurate and stable, and features a lower pressure drop than comparable mechanical water meters. Krohne Inc., 800-356-9464,

Progressing cavity pump

The Moyno® 2000 Model G2 Progressing Cavity Pump features an open throat hopper design with an auger for positive product feed when handling semi-dry or high solids content sludges. The pump’s crown gear-type universal joint is capable of accommodating exceptionally high torsional and thrust loads. Patented joint seals protect the gear joints from pumpage contamination. The pump offers flow rates to 400 gpm and pressure capabilities to 350 psi. Moyno Inc., Springfield, OH, 877-486-6966,

Level monitoring

Pressure Systems, manufacturer of KPSI™ Level and Pressure Transducers, now offers lightning protection for its Series 300 small bore submersible level transducers. The series features protection against fast rising voltage transients with the use of two surge protection components, one located in the 0.75” OD 316 SS housing of the transducer and one located at the surface, grounded via DIN-rail or ground wire. The series is specifically designed for small-bore applications. Pressure Systems, Hampton, VA, 800-328-3665,

Power supplies

WAGO has added a UPS Controller (and batteries), as well as Buffer and Redundancy modules to the 787 Series Advanced Power Supply line. The 787 Series modules minimize downtime by shielding complex automation systems and components from common disturbances (e.g., voltage fluctuations, harmonic distortion and outages). Encapsulated in a DIN-rail mount metal housing, every module includes three LEDs, and at least one signal output status LED (varies per model). To ensure reliability, the modules use Cage Clamp® Spring Pressure Connection Technology for simplified terminations. WAGO Corp., Germantown, WI, 800-346-7245,

Valve actuators

Val-Matic produces a variety of manual and power actuators that include traveling nut actuators, worm gears, cylinders and motors. The traveling nut manual actuator is designed to specifically match the torque characteristics of Val-Matic Ener•G™ Ball Valves and American-BFV® Butterfly Valves. The company’s worm gear actuators provide quarter turn actuation in accordance with AWWA Standards and are standard on Plug Valves and optional on Ball and Butterfly Valves. Its traveling nut cylinder actuators provide reliable characterized closure while featuring externally adjustable closed stops to control end of valve travel. Val-Matic, 630-941-7600,

Submersible sewage pumps

The new ABS EffeX is a range of submersible sewage pumps driven by premium-efficiency motors that reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. The advanced technology offers higher pump reliability, less clogs and lower operational costs. The new pump range features the use of premium-efficiency IE3 motors designed and tested in accordance with IEC 60034-30. The new pump range matches anticipated forthcoming legislation in many countries regarding higher motor efficiency for submersible pumping. ABS Group, 203-238-2700,

UV disinfection

Aquionics recently launched its new AF-3 Series of closed-vessel UV systems, which employ a new type of low pressure, high output (LPHO) amalgam lamp that possesses a more stable output. Lamps are available with a maximum output of 500W, one of the largest ever deployed in a UV system. Validation work for the AF-3 in accordance with the USEPA UV Disinfection Guidance Manual (UVDGM) has been completed. Aquionics Inc., Erlanger, KY, 859-341-0710,

Level monitoring

The Nanolevel from Keller America is designed for use in level measurement applications where full scale ranges are less than 10 feet of water column. The transmitter’s ceramic capacitive sensor technology provides excellent resolution and long-term stability in full scale pressure ranges as low as 4” of water. Perfectly suited for pump control applications and monitoring levels in wells, tanks, weirs, and cooling towers, the device is compatible with any standard 2-wire, 4-20 mA current loop that supplies a minimum of 8 but no more than 30 vDC to the transmitter. Keller America, Newport News, VA, 877-253-5537,

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