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July 1, 2009
Smith & Loveless' impellers are custom-trimmed for each S&L Pump to ensure premium pump performance.

Pump impellers

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Smith & Loveless' impellers are custom-trimmed for each S&L Pump to ensure premium pump performance. Only the vanes of the impellers are trimmed, leaving the shrouds at full diameter to prevent solids and stringy matter from accumulating around the shaft. Tight clearance between the impeller and front head minimizes recirculation, thus improving pump efficiency. Smith & Loveless, Lenexa, KS, 800-922-9048, www.smithandloveless.com

Motor control

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Schneider Electric has introduced the latest additions to its range of motor control products with TeSys® D 40A, 50A and 65A contactors featuring Everlink® termination technology. The new contactor offer provides reduced installation time, increased reliability and space savings. The termination technology saves time by providing a direct connection to TeSys D overload relays and TeSys GV3P manual motor protectors without requiring an interconnect block. It also reduces wiring errors with direct connections. Schneider Electric, Palatine, IL, 888-778-2733, www.us.schneider-electric.com

Well washing system

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The new EP-1300 Series well washing system for agitating, oxygenating and cleaning pump stations — all without the use of external power or potable water — is a “green solution” for eliminating fat, oil grease (FOG) and biofilm plus H2S and associated odors in the well. Its mechanical action increases dissolved oxygen and promotes aerobic respiration. Users can expect quick paybacks by lowering costs for well vacuuming, water cleaning and dumping of wastes. Even more savings are realized when chemicals for odor abatement are eliminated. Anue Environmental Inc., Carlsbad, CA, 800-559-7159, www.anueenv.com

Rotary actuator

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Emerson Process Management introduces the Fisher® 2052 spring-and-diaphragm rotary actuator. The compact actuator reduces valve/actuator envelope dimensions to provide greater valve installation versatility for both skids and tight processing lines where space is at a premium. The actuator can be installed on rotary-shaft valve bodies for throttling or on-off applications. The actuator linkage features a clamped shaft lever and a single pivot point to reduce lost motion between the actuator and the valve. The result is 0.5% or less typical variability for a Fisher rotary control valve assembly. Emerson Process Management - Fisher Controls, McKinney, TX, 800-558-5853, www.emersonprocess.com

Pulp and paper pump

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The SPX pulp and paper pump from Watson-Marlow Bredel allows for uninterrupted paper production by eliminating the need for seals or valves that can clog, leak or corrode to create unwanted maintenance cost and production downtime. The pump is designed so that pumped material only comes into contact with a tube, leading to longer pump life. Hose replacement also is quick and easy due to a self-loading design. The pump's longevity is unaffected by the highly abrasive nature of lime slurries. Watson-Marlow Bredel, Wilmington, MA 800-282-8823, www.watson-marlow.com

Remote access to motor drives

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ABB Low Voltage Drives has released the SREA-01 Ethernet Adapter for the company's low voltage AC drive line. The din rail-mounted adapter enables access remotely to drives. If a process alarm or fault occurs, the internal web server of the unit provides an easy-to-use user interface for accessing the drives and other process variables. Installing it in complement with ABB drives can reduce significantly downtime, costs and site visits where drives are controlling motors. ABB Low Voltage Products, New Berlin, WI, www.abb.us/drives

Intelligent pump control panel

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An easy-to-install, reliable and cost-effective approach to pump control, the Aquaworx™ Intelligent Pump Control (IPC) Panel monitors liquid levels, controls pumping time intervals, and logs events in real time, each stored with a date and time stamp. Infiltrator Systems Inc., Old Saybrook, CT, 877 278-2979, www.aquaworx.com

Motor control enclosures

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Adalet offers a line of fully populated, explosion-proof motor control enclosure systems for hazardous areas. Its standard XCE explosion-proof enclosures can be outfitted with devices such as circuit breakers and disconnects, motor starters and combination starters, and panelboards for a variety of motor control applications. Circuit breaker enclosures are equipped with a through-the-door operating handle making it unnecessary to open to operate the circuit breaker. Adalet, Cleveland, OH, 216-267-9000, www.adalet.com

Pump converter

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The new AquaPhase pump converter provides soft start operation of three-phase pumps and other motors when only single-phase service is available. Incorporating the best features of the company's award-winning Phase Perfect Digital Phase Converter with a variable frequency drive (VFD), this converter boosts 240V single-phase input to 480V three-phase, variable frequency output without using a transformer. It easily complies with IEEE 519, the standard for allowable voltage and current distortion, without adding expensive input harmonic filters. It comes in a compact, rugged wall-mount NEMA 1 enclosure that can be converted to NEMA 3R with addition of a simple, affordable rain shield. Phase Technologies LLC, Rapid City, SD, 866-250-7934, www.phaseperfect.com

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