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July 1, 2009
Continental Disc released new versions of its popular STAR X® and ULTRX® rupture discs each featuring a 95% operating ratio.

Rupture disc

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Continental Disc released new versions of its popular STAR X® and ULTRX® rupture discs each featuring a 95% operating ratio. This reverse acting family of discs now utilizes a precision manufacturing technology to achieve and control burst pressures at tight tolerances. These high precision version of these products allows them to be pressurized up to 95% of the rated (marked) burst pressure under normal operating conditions for ratings above 40 psig. Continental Disc Corp., Liberty, MO, 816-792-1500,

Conveyor pulleys

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Martin now offers a complete line of heavy duty conveyor pulleys and components to service the wastewater treatment industry. Its conveyor pulleys produce maximum protection against premature failure in harsh applications. Heavy duty end discs on drum pulleys and unique end-pipe design on wing pulleys provide better protection against corrosion and hub weld fatigue. The company's line of filter press roles also are designed to withstand higher pinch pressures too. This specialty product line is available as made-to-order with exceptional delivery times. Martin Sprocket & Gear Inc., Arlington, TX, 817-258-3000,

Semiconductor filters

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W.L. Gore announced a major advancement in filtration technology with release of GORE® Filters for Semiconductor Applications. This new family of 20- to 100-nm-rated cartridge filters for chemicals, dilute chemicals and ultrapure water in wet process tools incorporates a new high-flow ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) filtration media that allows a drop-in retention upgrade from 100nm to 30nm, enabling cleaner recirculation baths, reduced processing times and significant savings in cost of ownership. W.L. Gore & Associates, Elkton, MD, 800-542-3146,

Protective coatings

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Traditionally used in the oil & gas industry to prevent erosion-corrosion damage, Belzona®1391 (Ceramic HT Metal) now includes new versions S and T, which represent sprayable and trowelable application processes respectively. Being sprayable allows 1391S to cover more area in less time, a key advantage for large scale applications. Conversely, 1391T is hand applied as it contains higher levels of abrasion resistant fillers, making it ideal in aggressive, high erosion environments. Both can be high-voltage holiday tested to ensure coating continuity. Belzona Inc., Miami, FL, 305-594-4994,

Thermal evaporator

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The environmentally friendly ENCON thermal evaporator is engineered to provide an effective, economical method of wastewater minimization. Unlike older, more costly technologies, it requires minimal labor to operate and has the ability to handle different waste streams simultaneously. These evaporators are made with high quality components, including an industry leading heat exchanger design that provides extremely efficient heat transfer, resulting in reduced fuel costs. The mist eliminator system captures unwanted contaminants before they're exhausted, enabling compliance with stringent emissions regulations.ENCON Evaporators, Manchester, NH, 603-624-5110,

Cover systems

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Environetics Tank Top™ Covers are custom manufactured from industrial grade materials to fit the profile of new or existing wastewater treatment tanks or potable water tanks. An alternative to aluminum or fiberglass roofs, the structurally supported membrane tank covers are specifically designed to prevent potable water contamination and to contain odors escaping from wastewater treatment tanks. Heavy-duty aluminum extrusions and a high strength membrane provide structural integrity for winds up to 110 mph and snow loads up to 35 lbs/ft². Environetics Inc., Lockport, IL, 815-838-8331,

Advanced oxidation system

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Siemens has introduced an effective method for removing total organic carbon (TOC) in point-of-use (POU) ultrapure water treatment systems for semiconductor applications. This proprietary advanced oxidation process, referred to as the VANOX™ POU system, will consistently reduce TOC to 0.5 ppb and can treat seasonal TOC variations in feed water. This is important, since TOC elevations above 1.0 ppb can directly affect the manufacturing process, significantly impacting product yields. Siemens Water Technologies, Warrendale, PA,

Handheld datalogger

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Turner Designs now offers the DataBank, a universal handheld datalogger for use with its Cyclops-7 submersible sensors as well as analog sensors from other manufacturers. Up to 9,999 records can be stored and downloaded to a PC. The logger has internal memory enabling unattended datalogging at intervals from 1 second to 4 days. Sensor power is provided directly from the unit, eliminating need to connect to external batteries. Its rugged, weather-proof design allows easy one-handed operation. Turner Designs, Sunnyvale, CA,

Pressure, level transducers

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Three of the most popular KPSI transducer models are now built and ready to ship in just two days: the hydrostatic submersible 700, 705 and 750 units. These transducers feature a unique water blocking cable that self-seals in the event of an accidental cut to the cable. Over-molded cabling on the transducers is more reliable than snap-in connectors that can break or wear out over time. Each transducer comes standard with the company's SuperDry vent filter that provides maintenance-free moisture protection for one year and features welded 316 SS construction, with titanium available on the 700 and 705 versions. Pressure Systems Inc., Hampton, VA, 800-328-3665,

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