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March 1, 2009
With a partially sloped bottom to improve draining from top suction, Assmann introduces the Base Container BC450 ...

Coating thickness gauge

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A datasheet is available for the new version of the Elcometer 456 coating thickness gauge, which now benefits from a larger display for easy data viewing and a simple calibration feature to make testing even quicker. It also now features Bluetooth® wireless technology for fast data transfer to the new ElcoMaster™ Software, ideal for easy report generation and archiving of readings. The wireless feature also allows the unit to connect to PDA's and mobile phones for instant reporting and emailing from the field. Elcometer Inc., Rochester Hills, MI, 800-521-0635,

Check valves

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A new four-color bulletin is available covering new additions to the growing Flo-Flex™ family of rubber disc swing check valves. The Model 745 provides the water and wastewater industry one of the broadest line in this category. The flange-to-flange lay length is according to ANSI/AWWA C508-01. The new Model 745BF features a back flush device used to manually operate the valve in the field. Common applications include backflushing, system testing, pump priming, draining the lines and system testing. And the Model 745PI provides a valve disc position indicator and a 45° seat with a steel/ductile iron valve reinforced rubber disc. Danfoss Flomatic Corp., Glens Falls, NY, 800-833-2040,

Zero liquid discharge

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A factsheet and brochure are available on Aquatech's website about its zero liquid discharge (ZLD) water and wastewater treatment capabilities. These technologies, which eliminate liquid waste discharge and recover water for reuse, include falling film brine concentrators, forced circulation crystallizers, horizontal spray evaporators and hybrid systems with membrane pre-concentrators. With facilities in 45 countries and over 700 installations, the company received the 2007 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Excellence in Technology in Water Recycling/Reuse Systems. Aquatech International Corp., Canonsburg, PA, 724-746-5300,

Liquid analysis sensors

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A new four-page brochure discussing “Fit for Purpose” sensors designed specifically for the biopharmaceutical and food and beverage industries was released by Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Analytical Liquid Division. The PUR-Sense Sensors brochure outlines use of individual sensor types in specific highly regulated applications. Notable is a brief discussion of pH sensor technologies expressly designed to provide exceptional stability after high heat sterilization cycles. These sensors are optimized for utilization in buffers, media prep, bioreactors, cell culture, fermentation and purification. Emerson Process Management, Irvine, CA, 800-854-8257,

Magnetic flowmeter

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A three-page brochure is available from Shenitech on its new magnetic flowmeter, the Digital Mag888, which offers high accuracy and robust performance in wastewater, reclaimed water, sewage and even muddy flow applications. The unit's chief advantage is its ability to monitor difficult flow such as raw waste, sludge, river water, pulp, and even dredging flow, with a 0.3~0.5% degree of accuracy. Particle size does not matter with this meter, making it ideal for a wide variety of industries and applications, including irrigation, water treatment plants, power station, open-channel measurement, energy production/delivery and process control at chemical plants in applications where ultrasonic flowmeters can't work reliably. Shenitech, Woburn, MA, 978-499-2299,

Valves & expansion joints

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Red Valve's 28-page condensed catalog includes all of the latest information on its pinch valves, Tideflex® Check Valves, non-clogging air diffusers, Redflex® Expansion Joints and other flow control products. Product dimensions and applications are featured. This catalog is a must-have for anyone involved in flow control. Red Valve Co. Inc., Carnegie, PA, 412-279-0044,

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