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Oct. 1, 2009
Canadian parent of EIMCO Water Technologies, GLV Inc. launched a friendly takeover bid to purchase Austria-based industrial and municipal water treatment company Christ Water Technology AG.

GLV to buy Christ Water Technology

Canadian parent of EIMCO Water Technologies, GLV Inc. launched a friendly takeover bid to purchase Austria-based industrial and municipal water treatment company Christ Water Technology AG. Its primary end markets are microelectronics, desalination, power generation, petrochemicals, food & beverage processing and the municipal segment. Recently, CWT suffered financially from “isolated loss making projects” in EPC contracts within its Ultrapure Power Division, since phased out, and effects of the global financial crisis. Excluded from the deal is CWT’s Pharma and Life Sciences (PLS) Division, being sold separately due to earlier restructuring efforts. Excluding these, CWT employs 900 people and had annual sales of €200 million, two-thirds of which was from industrial jobs with the rest in municipal applications. About 58% of its business is in Europe, 30% in Asia and 12% elsewhere. GLV also is strong in the pulp & paper industry.

Entex Technologies Inc. increased treatment capacity and efficiency at the Owens Corning wastewater plant in Newark, OH, thanks to 15 BioWeb™ fixed film modules – providing a significant jump of biomass in the high-rate jet aeration SBR and allowing it to vary manufacturing production levels.

Exelon presented with GE ecomagination award

GE Water helped Chicago-based Exelon Corp. implement a new cooling-lake management strategy at Illinois’ LaSalle County Generating Station. Implementing this strategy starkly reduced the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) used to treat the station’s cooling water. By implementing GE’s phosphonate scale inhibitor technology, the station significantly improved its equipment and helped soften cooling lake minerals. As a result, GE selected it for a 2009 ecomagination Leadership Award. Previously, LaSalle Station, part of the Exelon Nuclear fleet, had used CO2 to suppress pH levels. As a result, LaSalle eliminated use of 10,000 tons of CO2 a year as compared to the station’s 2001 baseline for consumptive use. This amount is equivalent to taking nearly 1,700 cars off the roads.

Siemens commissioned an onsite mobile treatment program for produced water at a major Western U.S. oil refinery involving its Veirsep system, which incorporates several technologies to separate oil and various other contaminants from the flowback stream.

Control Microsystems adds Accutech wireless line

Adaptive Instruments Corp signed deals with two significant channels to market as part of a strategic initiative to better support the global wireless marketplace – Adaptive Wireless Solutions as a dedicated supplier of engineered traditional and wireless solutions, and Control Microsystems as the company responsible for the Accutech wireless instruments business worldwide. AWS has also bought production facilities and rights to AIC traditional product lines. Control Microsystems assumes responsibility for all development, manufacturing and sales of core Accutech wireless products through a dedicated division of the company. In other news, Control Microsystems and its Russian distributor PLC Systems announced the SCADAPack 334 was picked as controller of choice for future control system modernization at TNK-BP oilfields. Lastly, Control Microsystems appointed Dale Langham as vice president of U.S. sales, Robert Ward as Accutech sales director and Victor Espinosa as Latin America regional sales manager.


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  • LA sanitation district recognizes 408 companies for good corporate citizenship
  • Siemens to provide process water system for Dr. Pepper Snapple Group bottling plant
  • EESTech JetWater system to be used in major coal seam gas contract
  • Purolite upgrades boiler feedwater DI at Puerto Rico’s Aguirre thermoelectric plant
  • EPA cites Shell again for Clean Water Act violations in Puerto Rico
  • Foster Wheeler to supply boiler at Polish power plant, engineering on Australian LNG plant
  • Capstone wins order for three microturbines at Brazilian wastewater treatment plant
  • Filmtec dual-membrane system enables blowdown reuse at Gaojing, China power plant
  • Chevron suffers further setbacks in $27 billion Ecuador environmental trial
  • CHEMICO International awarded industrial water conservation project in Turkey
  • Easter Island Hotel, Thai distilleries treat wastewater with ADI technology
  • CiDRA instruments to Chile’s Collahuasi mine
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