Products & Services: Valves & Fluid Control

March 1, 2016
Collection of valves and fluid control related products and services.
Spring-loaded safety valve

The Alfa Laval Safety Valve is designed to protect both equipment and people, opening at a predetermined pressure during a dangerous situation. The compressed spring force, which keeps the valve closed, is forced open when pressure builds up at the inlet of the safety valve. As these forces balance out, the valve will discharge and decrease pressure, ultimately reclosing as the system returns to normal. Its hygienic design also eliminates unsanitary leaks and overflow during and after pressure peaks.

Alfa Laval

Valve positioner

Badger Meter’s Research Control® SRD991 top-mount valve positioner mounts directly to the top of a control valve with a rugged linear potentiometer. The positioner uses a linear connection, which mitigates hysteresis between the positioner and actuator by feeding back the actual position of a valve actuator, providing significantly improved flow control. The positioner is available with an LCD screen, protocols (HART, PROFIBUS-PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1) and two levels of diagnostics. All the diagnostics features can be easily configured and displayed by the positioner DTM.

Badger Meter

Valve sizing tool

A sizing tool developed specifically for GF Piping Systems’ new Pressure Control Valve family makes it easy for customers to determine the proper valve size to ensure optimum valve performance and prevent valve damage. The tool calculates the correct Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV) size to select from the company’s new line of high-purity performance PRVs. To use the tool, the customer simply enters the valve type desired (either pressure retaining or pressure reducing) along with the process parameters, and the program calculates the optimum valve size to select. Customers can access the tool from the company’s home page.

GF Piping

Valves designed to ANSI/AWWA standards

Victaulic grooved-end valves for AWWA applications offer faster, easier installation and maintenance than flanged valves. The check and plug valves are designed to ANSI/AWWA standards. The Series 365 Vic-Plug™ valve and the Series 317 check valve are easily installed with Victaulic Style 31 couplings. These valves are available in 3- to 12-inch sizes (80 to 300 millimeters) and can be used in applications with maximum working pressures of 175 psi (1,200 kPa).


High-performance flow control

The RIKO® Plunger Valve is designed to minimize cavitation and vibration by directing flow around the inner core within the valve body. It is ideal for in-line energy dissipation and free-discharge applications. The unique plunger seating profile - with a downstream profile ring and piston quad O-ring - creates a drip-tight shut-off. High-strength, ductile iron body with epoxy coating, internal stainless steel components, fully enclosed shaft bearings, and bronze overlay piston guides create long-term corrosion resistance and long life.

Rodney Hunt Company

ABS-approved product line

Hayward Flow Control has attained American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) product approvals for the majority of its range of CPVC thermoplastic flow control product lines. These product lines have been approved for marine and offshore applications for non-essential systems, including fresh water, seawater, potable water, gray water, black water, brine, hot and cold water distribution, and others in services requiring no fire endurance testing or electrical conductivity as per 4-6-3/Table 1 of the Steel Vessels Rules.

Hayward Flow Control

Control valve

V-Ball valves from Valtorc are ideal for modulating flow through a pipe and can be actuated, with the V “notch” allowing for much freer flow. The valves are made from 316 stainless steel and are configurable in almost any industry. Additional features include: sizes between 1/4” and 6”; ANSI flanged, NPT (threaded) socket weld, butt-weld and tri-clamp; V “notch” available in 30-, 60- and 90-degree options; manual or actuated mode provides precise flow control in any industry.


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