Product Showcase

March 1, 2016
Collection of new products of special interest to the industrial water and wastewater markets.
Degaification technology

DIC Corporation recently introduced its proprietary SEPAREL® hollow fiber membrane modules for wastewater and drinking water degasification. The SEPAREL hollow fiber membrane modules remove dissolved gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, in water to prevent the formation of rust and bacteria in water treatment systems. SEPAREL modules can be installed in series within the same water treatment system to ensure sufficient degasification and achieve the desired ppb (parts-per-billion) level for various water treatment applications. The size of the SEPAREL module is directly related to the flow rate and vacuum pressure of the water treatment system.

DIC Corporation

Spring-loaded safety valve

The Alfa Laval safety valve is a true spring-loaded safety valve designed to protect both equipment and people. The compressed spring keeps the valve closed and is forced open when pressure builds up at the inlet of the safety valve. As these forces balance out, the valve will discharge and decrease pressure, ultimately reclosing as the system returns to normal. These valves protect against overpressure in tanks and pipelines caused by overfilling or fermentation processes. They also protect against implosion due to vacuum caused by cold rinsing after hot cleaning or blocking of gas supply during emptying.

Alfa Laval

Next-generation flow meters

Sierra Instruments’ InnovaMass 240i and 241i vortex mass flow meters are an addition to the company’s iSeries line, which has been specifically designed for precise flow energy management in multiple applications. Capable of measuring five process variables with one instrument, the InnovaMass flow meters now feature the revolutionary Raptor II operating system, providing end-users with flow measurement precision that promises to reduce energy costs and increase productivity. The new InnovaMass 240i/241i iSeries is ideal for saturated or superheated steam, gas, and liquid applications and measures mass and/or volumetric flow rate.

Sierra Instruments

Low NPSHr, high-flow pump

The Sundyne LMV-803Lr is an API 610 compliant pump available in either OH3 or OH5 motor mounting configuration that provides ultra-low NPSHr performance - approximately 5 ft (1.5 m) across the entire performance range, for flows to 800 GPM (180 m3/hr) and heads to 1,000 ft (305 m). The ultra-low NPSHr allows the pump to be installed at grade level, eliminating the expense of installation in a pit and performing maintenance in a confined space. The vertical design is ideal for use in refineries, NGL, petrochemical and chemical plants, as well as light hydrocarbon handling services, such as bottom pumps for de-ethanizers.


Flowmeter with improved accuracy, performance

Blue-White’s engineers have taken the iconic F-300 Series flowmeters for pipe sizes 1 1/2” and 2”, and enhanced both the features and accuracy (+/- 5%). The F-300 models now require far shorter pipe runs, making them more suited to installation in cramped equipment rooms. Float “bounce” has been eliminated, and a new, high-contrast red float comes standard with a magnet for use with alarm accessory, which detects flow/no flow. The NSF listing is in progress. Additional features include an easy-to-read dual scale (SCH40 GPM/SCH80 GPM for U.S. PVC models), and a screen printed on both sides of the meter body. Acceptable for outdoor installations (direct sunlight okay), the one piece, machined acrylic meter body comes annealed for added strength and chemical resistance.

Blue-White Industries

Ride-on trencher

Ready for tough and tight utility jobs, the redesigned RT80 ride-on trencher from Ditch Witch®, a Charles Machine Works Company, is a midsize powerhouse. Its enhanced features include a compact profile, high-load axle capacity and turbocharged Tier 4 Deutz® diesel engine for improved productivity. The compact design and extensive axle capacity give the machine a best-in-class static load rating of 39,000 lbs (17,690 kg). Further advancing versatility and productivity, the machine features a standard cruise control system that senses changing load conditions and automatically adjusts for uninterrupted performance. Versatile attachment selections include a centerline trencher, sliding trencher, vibratory plow, earth saw, combination trencher/plow, microtrencher, backhoe and reel carrier.

Ditch Witch

Maintenance-free flowmeter

The OPTISONIC 8300 ultrasonic flowmeter from KROHNE delivers 1% measuring accuracy, high repeatability and a large dynamic measuring range with maintenance-free operation. The two-beam ultrasonic flowmeter is capable of handling high flow rates of superheated steam, making it ideal for power plant boiler and plant efficiency monitoring, energy balancing, and inter-company steam billing. It features a full bore flow sensor without moving parts or obstructions, and an overall sturdy and robust construction with no cables or sensitive parts exposed. The highly accurate flow meter can maintain its measuring accuracy without maintenance or subsequent calibration for up to 20 years, while keeping operating costs at a minimum.


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