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Jan. 1, 2016
Compilation of print and digital information resources for the municipal water and wastewater markets.
New product brochure

Cortec® has published a new brochure delivering information on its latest technology products and services in the chemical processing industry. The Cortec® VpCI® Water Treatment line provides continuous protection to boilers, heat exchangers, cooling towers and steam condensate lines from the harmful effects of corrosion. VpCI® inhibitors keep the system free from pitting, aggressive scaling and oxygen corrosion while preventing costly damages and reducing maintenance time plus adding extended life to equipment. VpCI® technology protects systems that have a high ratio of residual water, as well as systems exposed to halogens, sulfide, and hydrogen.


Advice for boiler operators

The Clark-Reliance Corporation has announced the all-new 2016 Edition of its Boiler Inspection Guidelines for Drum Level Instrumentation. This easy-to-understand guidebook concisely presents ASME Section I water gage inspection requirements for handy, on-the-job reference by boiler operators. It includes Code requirements for water columns, water gage valves, gage glass, remote level indicators, magnetic water level gages and water column isolation shutoff valves. The information is completely up-to-date and includes the 2015 Code changes and CSD-1 requirements as well as recommendations from Section 7. Additionally, the guidebook lists the most common non-compliant drum level equipment arrangements and recommended solutions.


Meter reading for Android phones

The first full-featured meter reading system for Android smartphones from SmartPhone Meter Reading LLC (SPMR) eliminates the need for traditional and expensive handheld field computers that require extensive user training, complicated software updates and long-term service contracts. The SPMR meter reading app is compatible with Android-based smartphones and can be easily downloaded via a texted link. Using a smartphone’s GPS technology, the app captures the coordinates of reading activity, pinpointing the exact location. As a reader records each meter’s data, SPMR automatically uploads it in real-time via the phone’s cell data network or via WiFi. All data is uploaded to a secure Cloud Server and can be accessed at any time by the SPMR web users via a password protected interface.

SmartPhone Meter Reading LLC

Stormwater treatment, design tool

Imbrium Systems has released the new on-line PCSWMM for Stormceptor®, an advanced stormwater treatment sizing and design tool. PCSWMM for Stormceptor is a fast, easy way to determine the most appropriate size hydrodynamic separator/oil grit separator for your site. The tool is based on the U.S. EPA’s SWMM (Storm Water Management Model). It uses localized rainfall data from over 1,900 NOAA weather stations across North America and allows for site-specific sizing and targeted annual sediment removal. It also provides a summary report that includes projected performance calculations. Also available online are specifications and standard drawings, all of which can be used by engineers in client meetings and regulatory approvals.

Imbrium Systems

National water quality database

The Water Environment Research Foundation and the National Corn Growers Association have completed the Agricultural Best Management Practices Database. Along with other project sponsors, such as the United Soybean Board, this database was developed to create a centralized repository of agricultural best management practice performance studies related to water quality in agricultural areas. The database includes performance data and metadata that document the many variables that affect BMP performance, including geographic area, field conditions such as soils and slopes, tillage and nutrient management practices, and the existence of buffers, constructed wetlands, and other edge-of-field practices. The database’s initial release focuses on row crops, particularly corn and soybeans, and its primary analytical focus is on phosphorus, nitrogen, and sediment.


New corporate identity

Engineered Software Inc., a leading global software provider dedicated to improving piping system design and operation, and providing superior equipment selection, recently announced the adoption of a new corporate identity. The new brand was designed as an evolution of the widely recognized ESI “purple grape” that made up ESI’s original identity into a sleeker, more modern feel. The change dictates a commitment to forward progress, while celebrating the culture of innovation built over ESI’s 34-year history.

Engineered Software Inc.

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