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Dec. 1, 2017
Collection of Detectors, monitors, recorders related products and services.

Non-contact flow meter

Geolux’s new RSS-2-300WL non-contact flow meter combines radar technology for surface velocity measurement with an ultrasonic sensor for reliable water level monitoring. Surface velocity measurement is improved by using Kalman filtering and tracing algorithms based on energy movement modeling to assure precise and reliable measurements even in the most challenging applications. The ultrasonic sensor can measure water level ranging in distance from the sensor from 0.3 m up to 15 m.

Geolux Radars

Drain valve technology with Wi-Fi

Spartan Scientific’s new condensate removal drain valve technology with Wi-Fi capabilities saves time and money with preventative maintenance. The CRDV/S and CRDV/S Wi-Fi Series keeps pneumatic systems, air compressor tanks and air lines free of moisture. Features include: exclusive closed-loop compressor drain system with secure Wi-Fi connection and free app for iOS and Android; reliable water sensing; efficient monitoring that saves on expensive utility compressed air; and timely notification of drain hits through text and email alerts.

Spartan Scientific

Level monitor for overflow prevention

The ADS ECHO™ offers early overflow detection, surface installation, and low cost of ownership. The self-contained, wireless sewer level monitoring solution alerts operators via text or email messages when flow levels exceed critical thresholds. The monitor features ultrasonic sensing technology, providing high-accuracy, focused level measurement from the top of the manhole into the pipe invert at distances up to 20 feet. ECHO is designed for ultra-low power consumption, yielding up to a five-year battery life, and integrates with ADS’s intuitive FlowView web-based interface for data collection and analysis.


Cloud-based monitoring, control

The new SeaConnect 370 IoT edge device allows users to monitor and control real-world processes and trigger actions with SeaCloud, a cloud-based, built-in event engine. Ideal for a variety of applications including asset management, data acquisition, environmental monitoring and facility management, the SeaConnect 370 offers an all-inclusive Internet of Things (IoT) solution that enhances existing systems. Benefits include: ability to configure trigger actions, web configuration accessible by mobile device, and integrated WiFi or cellular connectivity. For data logging, the 370 interfaces with Sealevel’s optional SeaCloud service, designed to monitor, track, analyze and control data from Sealevel I/O devices.

Sealevel Systems

Multi-parameter fluorometer

The V-Lux from Chelsea Technologies Group is a miniature multi-­parameter fluorometer configured to provide high-quality, in-situ detection of either algae, aromatic hydrocarbons or tryptophan-like fluorescence. Fluorescence is automatically corrected for turbidity, absorbance and temperature to provide robust data collection over extended deployments. Applications include algal monitoring, sewage, oil spills including road and airport runoff, and point source pollution, among others. Features include: high sensitivity; temperature, turbidity and absorbance correction; extended linear dynamic range; turbidity measurement ISO 7027:1999 compliant; long-term calibration stability; and 6,000-meter depth rating.

Chelsea Technologies Group

Water level datalogger

The Solinst AquaVent water level datalogger uses a vented pressure transducer for reliable, accurate datalogging of water levels that are automatically barometrically compensated. The AquaVent features a robust, low-maintenance design. Hydrophobic filters and permanent desiccants provide moisture protection for the lifetime of the instrument. Batteries are user-replaceable, conveniently located in the well head at surface. Use with Solinst Levelogger Software or in your SCADA network using SDI-12 or MODBUS protocol.

Solinst Canada Ltd.

Measurement and control datalogger

The CR1000X measurement and control datalogger from Campbell Scientific is designed for remote environmental applications, including hydrological systems, water-quality monitoring, and hydrometeorological stations. This new datalogger operates in extreme environments, with a standard operating range of -40°C to +70°C and an available extended operating range of -55°C to +85°C. It captures quickly changing data values with faster analog measurement capabilities. It differentiates even slight changes in data values by way of its higher-­resolution measurements.

Campbell Scientific

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