Products & Services: Membranes

April 2, 2017
Collection of membrane related products and services.
Membrane filtration technology

Water Planet’s PolyCera® membranes extend the range of polymeric membrane filtration to the most challenging applications. Water Planet’s spiral monolith elements leverage PolyCera’s benefits in a ceramic-like cross-flow, back-washable filtration module. Testing to date shows OpEx savings up to 40% relative to commodity polymer membranes and 80% relative to ceramic membranes. The result is the first commercial membrane product with ceramic-like performance and polymer-like economics. Available as flat sheets or in Water Planet’s proprietary spiral monolith elements.

Water Planet

Anti-fouling membrane

LG Water Solutions, part of LG Chem, offers its anti-fouling (AF) brackish water RO membrane, the LG BW 400 AFR, which boasts a proprietary chemistry that reduces performance deterioration due to organic and biological fouling, a common problem in various water treatment applications. The AF formulation obtains anti-fouling performance without losing the highly permeable nature of the membrane’s surface. This makes the LG BW 400 AFR ideally suited for applications with high fouling potential such as wastewater reuse and reclamation, industrial wastewater treatment, and RO brine recovery.

LG Chem

Polymeric and ceramic membranes

No-break Aqua MultiBore® membranes from Aqua-Aerobic® Systems are available in both polymeric and ceramic options. Each system is designed to effectively remove suspended solids, particulate phosphorus, viruses and other harmful impurities, resulting in safe, high-quality water. Every membrane system is designed specifically for the application. The type of membrane used, polymeric or ceramic, is dependent on attributes such as waste characteristics, treatment objectives and the best economic solution for the plant. Compact and expandable membranes are made from one material in a single process, and are suitable for industrial water treatment operations.

Aqua-Aerobic Systems

Ceramic hollow fiber membrane

CERA~DUR from i2m is a ceramic hollow fiber membrane filter with true 30 nm pore size and narrow distribution, making ultrafiltration possible at a new level. CERA~DUR separates aggressive solids, organics, and emulsified oils from many different industrial wastewater applications. Along with the typical benefits of higher temperatures and chemical resistance that ceramics offer, CERA~DUR can handle up to 100,000 ppm TSS, 20,000 ppm COD and 5,000 ppm oil. CERA~DUR delivers stable flux and high-quality product water for disposal/reuse with <1 ppm TSS, <500 ppm COD and <5 ppm oil.

i2m LLC

Hollow fiber membrane

DIC Corporation’s proprietary SEPAREL® hollow fiber membrane modules for wastewater and drinking water degasification are hollow fiber membrane modules that remove dissolved gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, in water to prevent the formation of rust and bacteria in water treatment systems. SEPAREL modules can be installed in series within the same water treatment system to ensure sufficient degasification and achieve the desired parts-per-billion level for various water treatment applications. The size of the SEPAREL module is directly related to the flow rate and vacuum pressure of the water treatment system.

DIC Corporation

Silicon carbide flat-sheet membrane

RODI Systems Corp. is now the exclusive North American distributor for the Cembrane SiC (silicon carbide) ceramic flat sheet membrane. The Cembrane technology provides high flux, low fouling, oil resistance, long life and tolerance to pH and temperature extremes. The Cembrane SiC membrane is chemically inert, oleophobic and has a low pH isoelectric point. These characteristics make it an ideal choice for applications such as high TSS and temperature/pH extremes. With features like outside-in filtration, compact design, high flux rate, and superior fouling resistance, the Cembrane product greatly reduces OPEX and required footprint versus other MF/UF filtration systems.

RODI Systems Corp.

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