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Nov. 1, 2007
Hach Company now offers SPE Filters for EPA Method 1664A (oil and grease) which provide high recovery and low blank values ...

Lab analysis filters

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Hach Company now offers SPE Filters for EPA Method 1664A (oil and grease) which provide high recovery and low blank values when used in Horizon® SPE-DEX® automated equipment, SPE manifold and Xenosep® Starter Kit applications. Available in 90 mm and 47 mm sizes, ValuSepTM SPE Filters offer better performance and are designed to be fully compatible with existing SPE equipment. Each Starter Kit contains a complete set of leakproof glassware and a variety of related supplies for performing EPA Method 1664A including, SPE Filters, Sodium Sulfate Columns, Aluminum Weighing Pans, Transfer Pipets, and EPA Method 1664A Standard. The Hach Company, Loveland, CO, 800-227-4224,

EDR desalination

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With its new Electrodialysis Reversal (EDR) platform, GE Water & Process Technologies enhances its portfolio of advanced water and wastewater treatment solutions. EDR desalination technology offers up to 94% recovery, removing salt, radium, arsenic, perchlorates and other potentially harmful contaminants from tough-to-treat well and surface waters. Using an electrochemical chlorine-resistant, silica-tolerant membrane separation process that allows selective passage of ions in solutions, it produces high-quality water for a variety of industrial applications, such as cooling and boiler make-up water, and its rugged membranes and high chlorine tolerance make it ideal for a variety of wastewater reuse projects. Adjustable electricity enables salts removal control and energy optimization. GE Water & Process Technologies, Trevose, PA, 905-465-3030,

Wastewater separation

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JWC Environmental’s Monster Separation System can now incorporate a highly-reliable vortex grit removal system named Grit MonsterTM, or a robust bar screen called Catenary MonsterTM. JWC signed an agreement earlier this year with Mabarex Inc. of Montreal, Canada, to license the technologies. The Monster Separation System consists of a fine screen with 2, 3 or 6mm openings for solids removal followed by the award-winning Screenings Washer Monster® for washing and compacting. The Grit Monster incorporates a proven vortex swirl concentrator and choice of an air-lift pump or a specialized grit pump to remove fine particulate. The Catenary Monster is a mechanically raked bar screen that’s custom made for each site and can fit in large channels up to 16’ wide (5m) and almost any depth. JWC Environmental, Contra Mesa, CA, 800-331-2277,

Swing check valves

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Danfoss Flomatic Corp. introduces additions to its growing Flo-FlexTM family of rubber disc swing check valves. The model 745 series has a flange-to-flange lay length that meets ANSI/AWWA C508-01 for the water and wastewater industry. The new Model 745BF features a backflush device to manually operate the valve in the field. Common applications for this would be backflushing, system testing, priming of the pump, draining the lines and system testing. The new Model 745PI provides a valve disc position indicator that gives a distinct indication of disc position during operation in the field. It features a 45° seat with a steel/ductile iron valve reinforced rubber disc. The Ductile Iron 125# Flanged Body is Fusion Epoxy coated and can be used as pipe line cleanout. Danfoss Flomatic Corp., Glen Falls, NY, 800-833-2040,

Wireless pipeline inspection

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The patented QuickView® pipeline zoom camera can now transmit real-time inspection footage wirelessly to any truck-mounted video monitor display or recorder. A new wireless option allows convenient remote viewing during inspection, multiple viewers, and the collection of easement inspection video directly into data collection software. Video can be transmitted up to 1000 ft line-of-sight (300 ft otherwise) using one of 8 user-selectable channels in the 5.725-5.875 GHz range. This functionality adds only minimal weight and power consumption to the system. Envirosight LLC, Randolph, NJ, 973-993-1570,

Multiparameter measurement

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Myron L’s TechPro II instruments have all the functionality of the previous TechPro line but have been completely redesigned to include improved features with greater performance. The TP1, TPH1, and TH1 deliver repeatable results in critical water quality parameter measurements of conductivity and TDS (TP1 and TPH1), pH (TPH1 and TH1) and temperature. The instruments are waterproof, buoyant and easy to calibrate. Myron L Co., Carlsbad, CA, 760-438-2021,

Pipeline strainer

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The Eaton Model 50 Duplex Basket Strainer protects piping system components like meters, pumps, and instrumentation from damage and reduces expensive unscheduled downtime. Dual strainer baskets operate independently within a single housing to remove unwanted particulate matter from system flow. Switching flow from one basket to the other, so the dirty basket can be cleaned, is accomplished by moving the operating handle through a 90° arc. Eaton Filtration LLC, Elizabeth, NJ, 908-787-1000,

Self-anchoring pipe fittings

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Viking Johnson has added a DN300 (12”) size to its patented FlexLock range of self-anchoring pipe couplings and flange adapters – an alternative to on-site welding, harnessing or thrust blocks. Suitable for ductile iron or steel pipes, FlexLock has stainless steel teeth molded into the gasket that grip the outer surface of the pipe as the bolts are tightened. This prevents pipe pullout under pressure yet still allows for angular deflection, making the fittings ideal for pipes installed above ground level or in soft ground. Viking Johnson, Hitchin, England, +44 (0)7770 380790,

Septic system recovery

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Failing wastewater drainfields are rejuvenated in as little as two weeks with the Aquaworx Remediator. It uses a fine bubble air diffuser to introduce oxygen into the bacterial growth media column so the bacteria can begin to thrive and consume organic matter. Installed with minimal landscape disruption, this simple, unique solution is inserted into the existing septic tank and reverses the biological clogging process causing the failure. With odors and wet areas in yards are eliminated in as little as two weeks, it’s inexpensive to install, operate and maintain. Aquaworx, Old Saybrook, CT, 877-278-2979,

Overflow alarm system

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The new ADS FlowAlertTM, Nova Technologies unit ADS LLC, is a depth-based alarm system offering an economical alternative for wastewater collection system monitoring. This new wireless alarming system supports both float switches and a depth sensor. It can be deployed as a stand-alone unit or as part of a comprehensive flow monitoring network and does not require a confined space entry. Two float switches provide date-and time-stamped depth notification. An optional depth sensor logs actual depth readings for use in depth trending and flow calculation. ADS LLC, Huntsville, AL, 800-633-7246,

Industrial switches

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Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, Ashcroft® pressure and temperature switches can be provided with NEMA 4 watertight and NEMA 7 explosion proof housings, adjustable deadband, dual set points, a stainless steel housing and a digital display. Temperature switches are available in ranges spanning -40ºF to +750ºF with a choice of stem lengths. Pressure switches are offered in ranges from 0/10 InH2O to 0/5,000 psi and in D/P ranges to 600 psid, accommodating up to 1,500 psi static (line) pressure. Each pressure switch can be configured with a variety of diaphragm materials, sanitary connections or with external media isolators for specialized installations. Approved by FM, CE, ATEX, UL and CSA, Ashcroft pressure and temperature switches will provide years of dependable service. Ashcroft Inc., Stratford, CT, 800-328-8258,

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