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Nov. 1, 2007
Control Microsystems’ SOLARPackTM 410 offers an ultra-low power flow computer for electronic flow measurement (EFM), expandable to full SCADA with integrated radio.

Electronic flow measurement

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Control Microsystems’ SOLARPackTM 410 offers an ultra-low power flow computer for electronic flow measurement (EFM), expandable to full SCADA with integrated radio. It features a compact, all-in-one design that combines a powerful 32-bit flow computer, high accuracy temperature and pressure sensors, ultra-low power solar battery system, and wireless Bluetooth communications for retrieval of production and transmission data. Designed for use in remote locations where solar is the only power source and access by technicians is limited, the unit is ideal for use in custody transfer metering and natural gas well head measurement. Control Microsystems, Kanata, ON, Canada, 888-267-2232,

Enterprise data integration

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has announced that VisiconX, an enterprise-wide analytical and ActiveX controls tool, is now available for Proficy HMI/SCADA CIMPLICITY. It enables users to easily obtain and group data from any relational database in the operation and turn it into information that will be valuable to everyone in the organization. VisiconX controls can access data from a variety of databases, including Microsoft®’s SQL Server and Oracle®. Configuration of database access is quick and easy using the configuration dialog. GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, Charlottesville, VA, 508-698-7456,

Data collection platform

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At the core of Stevens Water’s new DL3000 (DataLogic 3000) datalogger is a 32-bit ARM Ltd. and Microchip Inc. dsPIC microprocessor for robust data collection and processing capabilities with 2 Gigabytes of onboard memory. This facilitates support of multiple vendors’ devices, and easily ports code between them in a single integrated development environment. Compared to lower data bit processors, the 32-bit ARM increases the volume and efficiency of processing I/O data tasks at very low power consumption. Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Portland, OR, 503-445-8000,

Guided wave level radar

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Emerson Process Management’s Rosemount® 5300 Series high performance guided wave radar combines technology of existing Rosemount radar products with new features that allow more users in oil & gas production, refining, petrochemical, chemical, power, and water & waste treatment to achieve improved uptime, reduced cost and enhanced safety. Applications include tanks, bridles, silos with solids, underground tanks and liquid gas. Emerson Process Management-Rosemount Division, Chanhassen, MN, 952-949-5165,

Industrial hotspot

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Field applications exposed to severe conditions, whether it be an oil rig or the wash down area of a manufacturing plant, will benefit from ProSoft Technology’s new RadioLinx Water Resistant Industrial Hotspot. It has an IP65-rated water resistant, dust-proof enclosure which permits it to be directly installed in areas which are exposed to harsh industrial or environmental conditions, including wash down areas, offshore oil rigs, and outdoor towers. The radio itself functions as an access point, repeater, or client and is designed for global installations. ProSoft Technology, Bakersfield, CA, 661-716-5100,

Risk mitigation

Building on over 1,000 worldwide deployments and over 16 years of SCADA/process control experience, Industrial Defender, formerly Verano Inc., has updated it flagship product, the Industrial Defender risk mitigation technology suite to version 3.0, which introduces support for leading third-party firewalls (such as Cisco and Secure Computing), intrusion detection for power substations and increased scalability. This is the platform on which the company’s comprehensive Cyber Risk Protection lifecycle, which includes risk assessment professional service, risk mitigation technology and risk management co-managed security service offerings. Industrial Defender, Mansfield, MA, 508-337-0305,

Intrusion prevention

Longwatch, a leader in SCADA enabled remote video surveillance for the water supply and energy infrastructure, released version 3.0 of its Video Surveillance System. It enables SCADA system operators to visually monitor their remote locations using existing communication networks. The system utilizes existing low-bandwidth or broadband communication networks to transmit video. New features include: Axis IP cameras with DVR operability, card access control video surveillance, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras and enhanced system integration. Longwatch, Norwood, MA, 781-255-7400,

Concentration meter

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The Markland Model 502 Suspended Solids Meter is used to measure slurries that are too thick for optical meters. It can be configured for open top tanks or pipelines. The meter uses safe ultrasound to measure the concentration and features easy setup and calibration. Markland offers free testing of your materials to save time and money by proving the meter will work in advance. Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd., Toronto, Canada, 416-244-4980,

Segment protectors

Phoenix Contact introduces a line of modular Fieldbus components that offer connectivity from the Fieldbus process controller to the field devices. The line includes a segment protector for use with both Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus PA and a Foundation Fieldbus power supply. Based on a T-bus connection system, the components are hot-swappable and allow easy system expansion. They serve as an interface between trunk cable and various field devices, with short-circuit protection. Phoenix Contact, Middletown, PA, 800-322-3225,

Compact HMI panels

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Wonderware has added new compact panels to its industrial computer product line as an entry point to the latest integrated and scalable Wonderware HMI and SCADA software solutions that can manage a single machine, production line, complete plant or a customer’s entire automation and information enterprise. Ideal for supervising and managing industrial and manufacturing operations, they bundle a subset of the latest HMI runtime functionality of InTouch 10.0 software with rugged, industrial touch-screen operator panels running Microsoft Windows CE v6.0 software. The panels are offered in a range of screen sizes and are manufactured to comply with various industrial environment ratings including NEMA 4X/IP 66 and Class 1, Div. 2. Wonderware, Lake Forest, CA, 949-727-3200,

USB modems

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Radicom Research’s new line of USB hardware modems are available in modular and standalone configurations for remote monitoring. These modems process data using their own hardware and don’t utilize any processing power of the host computer. They’re CDC-compliant and are supported by Microsoft CDC modem drivers and Linux CDC-ACM drivers. They work with Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems. They contain a hardware controller, a data pump and an International DAA (Data Access Arrangement) that doesn’t draw power from the telephone line, but only draws low power from the USB port. Radicom Research Inc., San Jose, CA, 408-383-9006,

Ethernet/serial server

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RS232 Legacy Devices are now IP addressable with the Lexycom Technologies software defined radio, allowing customers with several serial data devices deployed (RS232, RS422, or RS485) to connect them to an ethernet network via its wireless Ethernet-to-Serial Server. The latest version of firmware for the Tiamis-800 software defined radio transceiver (SDR), allows legacy R232 serial equipment to be connected to ethernet. System designers and network users are now able to realize the maximum benefits of their existing infrastructure by taking full advantage of the IP-based network’s capabilities. Lexycom Technologies Inc., Longmont, CO, 303-774-7822,

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