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July 1, 2007
Chlorinators Inc. has released a flyer on the gold medal won for the third time by the Village of Montpelier, OH, for “The World’s Best Tasting Municipal Drinking Water.

Award-winning water

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Chlorinators Inc. has released a flyer on the gold medal won for the third time by the Village of Montpelier, OH, for “The World’s Best Tasting Municipal Drinking Water.” This award is given by the International Water Tasting Event in Berkeley Springs, WV. The village uses the Regal gas chlorinator to disinfect their drinking water. Chlorinators Inc., Stuart, FL, 800-327-9761,

Boiler water treatment

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With over 200 clients worldwide and 20 years experience in Europe, Servivap Canada specializes in industrial water treatment. Its products, mainly purified tannin-based, are used as additives for the following systems: steam, cooling towers; hot water, superheated water and closed-circuit systems; hot and cold sanitary water systems; elimination of deposit buildups and encrustations; bottle washers; RO membranes, and pools. Areas include instrumentation and control; boiler and steam system equipment, and lab services. ings in boiler energy costs and 25% savings in feed water consumption. Servivap Canada Inc., Montreal, QC, Canada, 877-525-8118,

Food & beverage brochure

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In a new brochure, Siemens Water Technologies highlights one of the most complete line of water and wastewater treatment equipment and technologies for the food and beverage industry. Featured technologies include: HOT Series CT carbon towers, RO, OMNIFLO® sequencing batch reactors and the Cannibal solids reduction process. The company’s water treatment processes include membrane filtration, pretreatment, disinfection and oxygen removal systems. Its wastewater treatment technologies include chemical/physical, biological, evaporation and recovery, providing you with the tools you need to meet compliance issues, minimize waste and reduce BOD levels. Siemens Water Technologies, Edwardsville, KS, 913-422-7600,

Easy wastewater math

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Lumpy Water Math: Basic Problem Solving for the Wastewater Operator, a new guide by Jerry Grant (a former Kansas Department of Health & Environment district engineer and EPA trainer), is full of tips, tricks and design standards to help wastewater workers solve problems - putting basic math they need to know at their fingertips for analyzing treatment facility performance. In this handy guide, readers learn how to calculate clarifier and tank volumes, evaluate plant units for adequacy, and handle organic loading and activated sludge issues. BookSurge LLC, an company, Charleston, SC,

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