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July 1, 2007
The Markland Model 602 Sludge Level Meter can automate sludge level detection. The meter can be used in clarifiers, tanks, inclined plate clarifiers (Lamellas), SBRs and dissolved air flotation tanks.

Sludge level sensor

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The Markland Model 602 Sludge Level Meter can automate sludge level detection. The meter can be used in clarifiers, tanks, inclined plate clarifiers (Lamellas), SBRs and dissolved air flotation tanks. Corrosion is not a problem with its all PVC probe. Analog, digital and relay outputs are available. Markland Specialty Engineering, Toronto, ON, Canada, 416-244-4980,

Clearing FOG naturally

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Available directly to the food service industry - as well as consumers - Drainbo is a 10-year-old natural drain cleaner brand comprised of a seven-strain bacterial formula that uses the same natural process of biological decomposition that has kept our environment in perfect equilibrium since the dawn of time. All-natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, and formulated without any chemicals that could damage or destroy pipes, the FOG (fats, oil & grease) prevention solution is the perfect solution for any business owner who’s thinking green -in terms of the environment and the considerable money they may save by keeping their pipes healthy. Drainbo, Livermore, CA, 510-581-8728,

Grease recovery systems

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Lowe Engineering’s Automatic Grease Interceptors are designed to keep large amounts of pipe-clogging fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from entering the city’s sanitary sewer system. These high performance units help full service and quick service restaurants comply with city sewer pretreatment regulations. Maintenance is easy. A removable screen basket separates and contains food scraps and solids. Grease is skimmed from the interceptor surface and drained into a bucket or barrel. well as custom designs to meet specific needs. Lowe Engineering, Friedens, PA, 814-443-6800,

On-line sodium monitor

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The new Thermo Scientific Orion 2111XP Sodium Monitor is designed for ease-of-use and reliability for customers in the power generation market. The rugged and affordable unit expands the full breadth of the company’s On-line Sodium Monitor series offering a new standard in quality and flexible capabilities in the ultra-pure steam loop for power generation. It’s ideally suited for sodium measurements in a variety of applications around the plant, including low-range boiler feedwater analysis, monitoring ion exchange breakthrough or high acid measurements. Thermo Fisher Scientific, Beverly, MA, 617-275-6540,

FOG tracking software

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Linko Data Systems LinkoFOGTM Version 9, a software package for tracking fats, oils & grease (FOG), focuses on components of successful FOG programs around the country, helping reduce SSOs and sewer line maintenance issues. It easily inventories Food Service Establishments (FSEs) and grease traps/interceptors. Inspections and grease trap maintenance requirements are automatically scheduled and managed. Linko Data Systems Inc., Wheat Ridge, CO, 877-546-6599,

Submerged membrane modules

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Koch Membrane Systems (KMS) offers the PuronTM submerged membrane modules for membrane bioreactor (MBR) treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater. These technologically advanced membrane modules remove solids and meet stringent effluent requirements, while using less space than conventional alternatives. The Puron aeration system from KMS ensures optimal solids management, high flow rate and reliable operation, while using up to 50% less energy than other MBR systems. Koch Membrane Systems Inc., Wilmington, MA, 888-677-5624,

Chlorine dioxide generator

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Severn Trent Services has introduced a new mini chlorine dioxide generator, the Capital ControlsTM T70GS4000, which is ideal for applications such as Legionella control in cooling water and building services industries. With a generating range of 2g/day to 10g/hour, the equipment can be used for safe, on-demand production of chlorine dioxide where very low dosage rates are required. The unit also can be used for primary water disinfection, THM reduction, iron and manganese removal in potable water treatment, wastewater treatment, and in the food and beverage industry for microbiological control.

Severn Trent Services, Fort Washington, PA, 215-283-3478,

Diaphragm seals

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Plast-O-Matic Valves’ improved plastic Gauge Guard for liquid processes to 250 PSI is 15 PSI higher than any previously published plastic pressure rating. Gauge guards, also known as diaphragm seals or instrument isolators, are designed to protect gauges and other instruments from corrosive liquids by the flexible, durable diaphragm in the guard, which serves as a barrier between process fluid and the instrument. Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc., Cedar Grove, NJ, 973-256-3000,

Energy management

Itron has commercially released a new version of Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) SuiteTM v3.6, with many new features to manage the real-world business process of understanding and analyzing energy consumption and risk, and to help companies gain control over their energy costs. The suite combines a set of powerful software tools to help large enterprises manage energy and water usage in a single Internet-based solution that can be shared across multiple facilities. Itron Inc., Liberty Lake, WA, 509-891-3268,

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