July 1, 2007
A Full Plate for WEFTEC.07 San Diego, CA, hosts WEFTEC07, the largest water and wastewater treatment industry event in North America, Oct. 13-17

A Full Plate for WEFTEC.07

San Diego, CA, hosts WEFTEC.07, the largest water and wastewater treatment industry event in North America, Oct. 13-17.

A WEF member since 1957 and pioneer in biological and chemical water treatment processes, Dr. Perry L. McCarty - the 2007 Stockholm Water Prize laureate and civil engineering professor at Stanford University - is the keynote speaker at the opening general session Oct. 14 from 4:30-6 p.m.

Scheduled Oct. 15 is the WEFTeach program for teacher training, Water Is Life, and Infrastructure Makes It HappenTM Roundtable, and AEESP/WEF Scientist’s Luncheon - with lecture by David Jenkins, a University of California-Berkeley professor who’ll speak on “From TSS to FISH - A Personal View of Biological Wastewater Treatment Population Dynamics.”

Oct. 16 highlights include the Leadership Day Workshop and Collection Systems Luncheon - featuring speaker Dr. Nicholas Pinhey, public works director for Modesto, CA, who’ll discuss a partnership of the California Water Environment Association and California State Water Resources Control Board to provide training for new California SSO reporting and Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) rules. WEF President Mohamed Dahab, of Nebraska, will be recognized and pass the gavel to incoming president Adam Zabinski, of New York. Operations Challenge ‘07, won two straight years by Texas’ Trinity River Authority CReWSers, also takes place today.

Affiliated events include the 22nd Annual EPA National Clean Water Act Recognition Awards Program, Water For People’s “A Taste of Latin America” Fundraiser, AAEE/AIDIS/WEF Breakfast and WERF/WEFTEC.07 Golf Tournament. Several site tours are planned, including at the San Diego Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant, South Bay Water Reclamation Plant and industrial wastewater facilities at the Rohr/BF Goodrich plant.

Ballcentric plug valve

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The Pratt Ballcentric Plug Valve is available in sizes ranging from 3” to 36” and is designed specifically for wastewater applications. The round port design, available on sizes 3” to 20”, offers less resistance to slurry, sludge and fluid flow, resulting in better flow characteristics and less pressure drop across the valve than other types of eccentric plug valves. The Henry Pratt Company designs, develops, manufactures and markets butterfly, rectangular, ball, nuclear, industrial, cone, sleeve and energy dissipating valves as well as valve actuators, control systems and couplings. Henry Pratt Company, Aurora, IL, 877-436-7977 or www.henrypratt.com

Multi-parameter analyzer

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Emerson Process Management-Rosemount Analytical has announced enhancements to its Model 1056 multi-parameter analyzer. These additional value-added features support a wide range of liquid analytical applications for industrial, commercial and municipal users throughout the world. New capabilities include: turbidity measurement; flow measurement; alarm relays with timers; more power supply options; 4-20mA signal input from an external device; 4-elect rode contacting conductivity sensor support; and Chinese language menus (simplified characters). Rosemount Analytical, Irvine, CA, 949-757-8536 or http://raihome.com

New water filter technology

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Eaton’s new self-cleaning filter is engineered specifically to protect industrial processing equipment from the damages of river water and well water debris. This new high-flow filter offers 100 to 1,000 micron retention with superior performance and increased efficiency. The unique design has an optimized configuration to help improve productivity and reduce costly maintenance and downtime. Eaton Filtration, LLC, Elizabeth, NJ, 800-656-3344 or www.filtration.eaton.com

Insertion flow sensor

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A rugged insertion flow sensor design allows quick, easy installation or maintenance without system shutdown to save on overall costs, the Signet 2552 Metal Magmeter permits hot-tap access to pipe streams. It can be mounted into a broad range of pipe sizes from 2”-48” (DN50 to DN1200). Outstanding performance characteristics include a wide dynamic flow range of 0.15 to 33 ft/s (0.05 to 10 m/s) with repeatability of ±0.5% of reading at 25¡C. Georg Fischer LLC, Tustin, CA, 800-854-4090 or www.gfpiping.com

Auto water quality analyzer

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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) will feature its TNP-4110 online water quality analyzer at WEFTEC. Shimadzu’s TNP-4110 simultaneously measures and monitors total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP) in water and wastewater, helping treatment facilities meet tightening U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) nutrient regulations. TOC can also be measured on the optional TNPC-4110C unit. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc., Columbia, MD, 800-477-1227 or www.ssi.shimadzu.com

Sludge pumps

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The Moyno® 2000 HS System is a cost-effective alternative to high-maintenance piston pumps and open conveyors for dewatered sludge transfer. It features an integral hopper with a twin-screw auger feeder and Moyno G4 progressing cavity pump that efficiently handles semi-dry, high solids, dewatered municipal sludge to over 50% solids. The system enables filter cake to be pumped further distances with higher volumetric efficiencies than other progressing cavity pumps. . Moyno Inc., Springfield, OH, 877-4UMOYNO or www.moyno.com

Multi-gas detector

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The G450 multi-gas detector from GfG Instrumentation offers exceptional confined space performance. Its compact and robust, with 1-to-4 sensor design, includes interchangeable battery packs provide for up to 25 hours of continuous operation and a motorized pump operable in diffusion or sample-draw mode. All sensors come with a full 3-year warranty. GfG Instrumentation Inc., Ann Arbor, MI, 734-761-5168 or www.gfg-inc.com

Wireless transducers

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Pressure Systems Inc. adds a wireless compatible model to its comprehensive waterMONITOR line of KPSI Transducers. The rugged unit, used for high accuracy measurement of water resources, is configured for remote, difficult-to-access environments where the transducer is permanently installed and used with wireless transmitters to broadcast data. It’s designed to meet trends toward remote configuration and wireless broadcast of data, such as water level (or pressure), temperature and atmospheric pressure, more common now with advancements in wireless and broadband technology. Pressure Systems Inc., Hampton, VA, 800-328-3665 or www.pressuresystems.com

Water quality sampling

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This Water Quality Sampling System includes an easy-to-use lightweight triggered composite water sampler, a water quality process controller with dual output relays, and a Windows-compatible data recorder. It’s portable for field installation and fully customizable to meet your monitoring needs. The controller has two independent relays, one triggering the sampler and the other for controlling all types of external devices including alarms, mixers, pumps, control valves, floodgates and telemetry systems. Global Water Instrumentation, Gold River, CA, 800-876-1172 or www.globalw.com

Compact VFD

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The VLT® Micro Drive is a general purpose drive from Danfoss designed for out-of-the-box plug-and-play control of AC motors up to 3 HP. Offering IP20 protection even without the terminal cover, it’s available in cabinet sizes as small as 2.75” wide X 6” tall X 6” deep, and can be commissioned in minutes to perform even complex operations with up to 100 parameters to optimize energy efficiency and operation. A “flying start” feature provides more uptime while an electronic thermal relay eliminates need for external motor protection. Danfoss Drives, Milwaukee, WI, 800-621-8806 or www.namc.danfoss.com

Rugged chopper pump

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With the push for more conditioning of sewage, sludges and other pumped material containing potentially troublesome materials that could damage process equipment, or plug pipes and other equipment downstream, Fairbanks Morse introduces the 5300 Chopper pump. Using an enclosed impeller with a rugged cutting profile, it delivers pump efficiencies 20-30% beyond current chopper pump designs. Powered by a proven shaft-bearing system of the 5400 solids-handling pump, this unit is available in horizontal and vertical close-coupled configurations. Fairbanks Morse, Kansas City, KS, 913-371-5000 or www.fmpump.com

MBR system

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The Aqua-Aerobic® MBR process utilizes a unique time-managed, sequential aeration process to promote biological nutrient removal within a simplified unit. The integration of PURON® submerged membranes, from Koch Membrane Systems, provides direct filtration of high-level MLSS. Compared to conventional MBR technologies, this process offers advantages by addressing equalization, nitrification and denitrification in a single reactor while minimizing power costs through reduced energy needed for mixing, pumping and aeration. Aqua-Aerobic Systems Inc., Rockford, IL, 815-639-4456 or www.aqua-aerobic.com

Pipeline inspection system

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The K2 portable Base Station from CUES can be mounted in a wide range of vehicles, trailers, or used as a stand-alone system. The compact system is supplied with an ergonomic handheld control that operates all CUES transporters and pan and tilt/zoom cameras. It features built-in diagnostics for the entire system, including a video cable reel with automatic payout, variable speed control, automatic level wind, and an emergency shutoff to minimize cable drag on the self propelled transporter/camera and maximize pull distance in the pipe. CUES Inc., Orlando, FL, 800-327-7791 or www.cuesinc.com

Leak detection

Hurco offers a full line of products for testing and repairing aging sewer and water systems, including the Ripcord Liquid Smoker to help identify leaks via Liqui-Smoke, a safe, clean and inexpensive solution. The Ripcord Ventilator creates a safe, unobstructed work area by removing dangerous gases, not diluting them. The Ripcord is also one of the fastest ways to string a sewer line for video equipment, slip-lining, and deflection testing gauges - the last of which Hurco also manufactures in aluminum and steel. Hurco Technologies Inc., Harrisburg, SD, 800-888-1436 or www.gethurco.com

Electrical enclosures

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ARCA enclosures from Fibox are manufactured using injection-molded polycarbonate, a high performance plastic. These stylized electrical enclosures offer ease of customization, robustness, superior chemical resistance, and wide temperature range. Available NEMA 4X rated with screw or hinged covers plus latch options, standard interior enclosure sizes range from 6”X6”X4” D up to 14”X12”X8” D. The cover features an overlapping design providing superior protection of the formed-in-place polyurethane (PUR) gasket. Mounting plates plus fixed and hinged inner panels are available in either metal or non-metallic versions. Fibox Enclosures, Glen Burnie, MD, 888-342-6987 or www.fiboxusa.com

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