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March 1, 2007
Vanton Pump & Equipment has expanded its line of ANSI B73.1 centerline discharge, rear pullout horizontal process pumps by adding two new sizes.

Centrifugal pumps

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Vanton Pump & Equipment has expanded its line of ANSI B73.1 centerline discharge, rear pullout horizontal process pumps by adding two new sizes. The new models, CGA-8X6X13 (ANSI-A90) and CGA-8X6X15 (ANSI-A110) will boost flow capacities from 1450 gpm to 3100 gpm and heads from 280’ to 350’ TDH. These sizes were developed to meet demand for higher flows that previously would have excluded thermoplastic pumps due to limited capacities. Contact with fluid being pumped is restricted to thermoplastics and other non-metallic materials. Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp., Hillside, NJ, 908-688-4216,

Vehicle safety cameras

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Vactor Manufacturing, a maker of sewer and catch basin cleaner systems such as the HXX HydroExcavator and the GRV Glycol Recovery Vehicle, introduces the Vactor® Vision Camera System to help drivers operate any Vactor truck with optimum safety to surrounding pedestrians, traffic and property. Supporting up to four exterior cameras, the new system provides clear views on a color LCD monitor to help truck personnel work more safely. Vactor Manufacturing Inc., Streator, IL, 800-627-3171,

Analytical instrumentation

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New products introduced at Pittcon by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments include: Prominence UFLC (Ultra Fast Liquid Chromatograph), LCMS-IT-TOF software (Formula Predictor, Met ID, Protein Layer Analysis), Stablo EX two-way ionizer for balances, UV-1800 spectrophotometer, EZ Test compact tabletop universal tester and AXIMA-TOF2 MALDI Mass Spectrometer (first time at PittCon). Its GCMS-QP2010 Plus, introduced at last year’s show, also continues to generate buzz with new software recently released. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc., Columbia, MD, 800-477-1227,

Pressure transducer

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Stevens’ new SDX Pressure Transducer offers accurate liquid level monitoring in a small, affordable and robust package. Fully-potted electronics encased in an EPDM rubber housing and the “wet-wet” design of the sensor make it ideal for many water and hostile fluid applications. The SDX also features a vent tube for atmospheric reference, ensuring the highest possible level of accuracy. Stevens Water Monitoring Systems Inc., Beaverton, OR, 800-452-5272,

Class A biosolids

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IMASTM (Integrated Membrane Activated Sludge) technology passed compliance for water recycling under California Title 22. A recent study at the Eastern Municipal Water District’s Perris facility confirmed its ability to meet these water quality criteria. The technology provides reliable membrane quality effluent, while minimizing capital and operating costs by individually optimizing performance of the biological and membrane filtration unit processes. Ashbrook Simon-Hartley, Houston, TX, 800-362-9041,

MBR modules

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Toray’s submerged MBR module is equipped with flat-sheet membranes which boast an exceptionally small average pore size of 0.08 μm, which makes it possible to produce an extremely high-quality effluent. Due to the very even, narrow-range distribution of the pores, these membranes ensure long-term, consistently optimal filtration capacity while simultaneously reducing the effects of clogging. With a proven track record in high-technology membrane manufacturing, the company offers a superior submerged MBR solution. Toray Membrane USA Inc., Poway, CA, 858-679-0770,

Feed systems

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Metalfab, a leading manufacturer of dry solids processing equipment and integrated systems, is offering a new four-color, 12-page brochure on its complete line of feeding equipment for a wide range of processing industry applications. Included in the brochure are sections on Metalfab’s “Better-Weigh® Batch/Continuous Weigh Feeders, MetaTechTM Volumetric Feeders, and Volumetric Belt Feeders. Each section contains a detailed product overview, features/benefits, operating characteristics, and basic product specifications inclusive of dimension drawings and feed rate charts. Metalfab Inc., Vernon, NJ, 800-764-2999,

Colorimetric trade-up

Sensicore, a developer of smart sensor systems for measuring and monitoring water quality, unveils a new program that lets users trade in their dated testing equipment for a discount on its WaterPOINT 870 handheld water testing system, which can deliver 16 test results in about 6 minutes, with many more optical measurements in just a few additional minutes. The program runs through April 30, with credit in exchange for legacy drinking water colorimetric devices from various manufacturers. Sensicore, Ann Arbor, MI, 877-528-6333,

Automatic disc filter

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Amiad Filtration Systems unveils its Automatic Disc Filter (ADF). The ADF is an automatic, self-cleaning, plastic disc filter. The ADF systems can be configured to meet any flow requirement and to handle various water qualities. The special design of the Amiad discs provides the most efficient system of its kind. Amiad Filtration Systems, Oxnard, CA, 800-969-4055,

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