March 1, 2007
Hach Company announces availability of the 9245 On-Line Sodium Analyzer for boiler/steam generation and cooling water applications.

Sodium analyzer

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Hach Company announces availability of the 9245 On-Line Sodium Analyzer for boiler/steam generation and cooling water applications. Measurement of sodium concentration, recognized as an important index for water quality control, enables plant chemists and utilities managers to monitor several critical areas of their process to optimize performance. The unit provides a detection limit of 0.01 ppb and measures in the range of 0-10,000 ppb. Hach Company, Loveland, CO, 800-227-4224,

Moisture analysis

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Aspectrics Inc., an innovator of patented Encoded Photometric Infrared (EP-IR) spectroscopy technology, introduces a new application note detailing that its new MultiComponentTM 2750 EP-NIR analyzer achieves precise measurement of water in ethanol, particularly when ethanol concentrations are 90% or greater. Determining the percentage of water contained in ethanol is especially important during the purification process of ethanol when the percentage of water needs to be minimized for ethanol to be as absolute as possible. Aspectrics Inc., Pleasanton, CA, 925-931-9270,

Catalytic combustion degassing

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The catalytic exhaust-gas converter Hydrokat, from Christ Water Technologies, protects electro-chemical processes from possible damage resulting from the explosion of gas mixtures such as oxygen and hydrogen, created as a byproduct of EDI or electrolytic ozone generation in water treatment. The Steritron ozone generator series - used, for example, in the Loopo compact racks for pharmaceutical distribution systems - can be retrofitted easily with a Hydrokat converter. Tenergy Christ Water LLC, New Britain, CT, 877-912-5500,

ATEX certified gas detectors

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Detcon’s Model 700 series gas detection sensors have received ATEX certification and qualify as SIL2 devices under IEC61508, a standard for functional safety of electrical/electronic/ programmable electronic safety-related systems. The combustible gas and solid-state H2S sensor models are ATEX certified for use in Class I, Zone 1, Group IIB+H2. Detcon Inc., The Woodlands, TX, 281-367-4100,

Airborne survey system

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eField’s EMT System is a new generation of “Electro-Magnetotelluric” technology mounted on an airborne platform that makes use of advances in computer analysis and systems. Resulting maps and colorful GIS graphics provide pictures of geophysical structures deeper than commonly used technologies at much lower expense. The system detects the presence of hydrocarbons by reading patterns associated with natural electric currents known scientifically as Telluric currents. eField Exploration LLC, Yorba Linda, CA, 714-878-1978,

Liquid analysis platform

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A new Rosemount Analytical liquid analysis platform, the Model 1056 Single/Dual Input Analyzer, is described as a “cost-effective, workhorse instrument” appropriate for the widest range of both OEM and end-user liquid analysis applications. It allows the user to choose from any combination of measurements: pH/ORP/ISE, Resistivity/conductivity, Percent Concentration, Chlorine (Free, Total, Monochloramine, pH independent Free Chlorine), Oxygen, Ozone and Temperature. Rosemount Analytical, Irvine, CA, 949-757-8536,

Corrosion resistant filters

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Severn Trent De Nora partnered with International Protective Coatings, an Akzo Nobel unit, to develop a highly durable internal coating system for its OMNIPURETM marine sanitation devices. The coating, Interseal 670HS, offers excellent coverage and corrosion resistance, ideal for use with OMNIPURE units designed for operation in the severe, corrosive environment of sewage collection and treatment for the offshore oil and gas industry. It protects the inside of the devices, which continually transport a highly corrosive combination of seawater, sewage and sodium hypochlorite disinfection solution produced by the OMNIPURE process. Severn Trent Services, Fort Washington, PA, 215-283-3478,

Particle analysis instrument

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Laboratory instrumentation firm Fluid Imaging Technologies has unveiled an online video library at its website. Showcasing the company’s FlowCAM® particle analysis instrumentation in live action, the new video library demonstrates how the high speed particle analyzer automatically captures hi-res digital images of every organic and inorganic particle in the sample and reveals each particle image on screen in full color while simultaneously documenting and recording its corresponding data set for further review and analysis. Fluid Imaging Technologies Inc., Edgecomb, ME, 207-882-1100,

Backup pump system

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A new model Dri-Prime that has evolved from Godwin Pump’s high volume CD series of pumps offers elevated heads with solids handling capabilities without sacrificing high volume pumping capacity: the 6-inch CD160M. The pump handles flows to 1,900 gpm and is used in municipal lift station applications, because of the ability to handle heads to 260’ and solids to 3” in diameter. The pump also is used in other water/wastewater applications including process or stormwater sewer bypass pumping, grit chamber and clarifier cleaning and emptying, and bypass pumping for sewer re-lining or pipe bursting jobs. In addition, two more models in the high volume/elevated head range are to be available soon. Godwin Pumps, Bridgeport, NJ, 856-467-3636,

Oil filter coil

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Your filter is doing exactly what it’s designed to do: to reach a “satisfactory” level of cleanliness without restricting flow rates. The Halex Coil is a device that enhances the performance of the existing oil filter and extends equipment life. Constructed of rare-earth neodymium magnet, it draws particles that are too small for the filter to catch, resulting in cleaner oil. The unit attaches to the outside of a filter and performs without changing flow-rate or intruding on internal systems. Halex Development Corp., Madbury, NH, 603-817-6125,

Tank level gauges

Mid-West Instrument introduces a new line of tank level gauges specifically designed for Cryogenic/Liquefied Gas for both stationary and mobile applications that works for both vertical and horizontal tanks. The new 115/116 gauges feature a dry bellows design with internal bi-directional relief valves with no liquid fill required to protect the unit from over-range. The gauges are also ideal for the He and H2 service. LHe and LH2 range gauges are 30 lbs lighter than the competition allowing more product to be transported. DP ranges from 0-10" H2O to 0-415" H2O (0-25 mbar to 0-1 bar). Mid-West Instruments, Sterling Heights, MI, 800-648-5778,

Equipment wash system

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Completely self-contained, the blue and silver powder-coated steel TyphoonTM wash system from Cyclonator®, aka Riveer Environmental, makes it easier for rental firms and plant operations to clean small equipment quickly, efficiently and at minimal cost while complying with environmental standards. Everything is automatic. Turn it on, pull the trigger and wash. The pressure washer gun (attached to an overhead boom like the local coin-op) gives easy 360° washing access from outside the wash rack. Riveer Environmental, South Haven, MI, 888.857.7304,

Disc filter

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The heart of the SpiderTM disc filter, from Siemens’ Davco Products, is a unique pleated design that captures up to 40% more solids and operates at twice the normal headloss of woven or pile media systems. Higher headloss ensures a proper flow thru pattern and twice the treatment capacity in a small footprint. The system is designed for tertiary filtration, industrial water reuse, product recovery and conventional filter retrofit applications. Because it operates from the inside-out and discharges into the tank, solids built up on the inside are easily backwashed. Siemens Water Technologies, Warrendale, PA, 866-926-8420,


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Wheaton Science Products, the U.S. agent for Socorex liquid dispensing products, has new literature detailing features of Socorex’s Acura® electro line of programmable micropipettes. These electro-microprocessor-controlled micropipettors feature intuitive based control software to enable quick, easy access to each working mode and changes in volume ranges. Control units, available in micro-, macro-, and multi-volume ranges, feature right or left side display readings. Wheaton Science Products, Millville, NJ, 800-225-1437,


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New PSR model softstarters include three physical sizes, with widths from 1.77-2.13” (45-54 mm), cover rated currents from 3 to 45 A, up to 600 VAC, and are available for control voltages of 24 VDC or 100-240 VAC. They’re popular with end-users who want to improve equipment design reliability by eliminating stress on drive train components typical with full voltage starting methods, ensuring smooth starting and/or stopping of AC motors by reducing effective voltage. ABB Automation - Low Voltage Products & Systems, Wichita, TX,

Peristaltic metering pump

Blue-White’s STAR III Metering System features the company’s FLEXFLO® A-100N Series peristaltic metering pump combined with a sturdy polyethylene tank. It’s equipped with the company’s Tube Failure Detection System; output (feed) capacity to 124 GPD (326 ML/MN); three pump tube materials are available - Norprene, Tygothane or Viton; and they’re compatible with Blue-White’s MICRO-FLOTM Flow Verification System. The pump is available in several models including units with time interval control; with pulse batching and time interval control; with percentage speed control; and with 4-20mA, 0-10Vdc and pulse input speed control. Blue-White Industries, Huntington Beach, CA, 714-893-8529,


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Based on the Texas Instruments’ 802.15.4 System-on-Chip and Z-StackTM technology, ZB2430 ZigBeeTM Your WayTM transceiver line from AerComm Inc. targets secure, low power, mesh network applications. Designed for high volume, cost-sensitive, short-range applications where reliable battery-powered communication is paramount, they feature best-in-class output power, receive sensitivity, and line-of-sight range (up to three miles). It communicates in the 2.4GHz ISM band, making it ideal for OEMs preferring to standardize on one global platform for end product needs. AeroComm, Lenexa, KS, 913-492-2320,

Automatic transfer switches

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Cummins Power Generation’s automatic transfer switches are now certified to comply with Class C, D, E and F (previously Zone 3 and 4) seismic provisions of the International Building Code (IBC) 2000, 2003 and 2006, as well as the NFPA 5000 code published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The certificate of compliance qualifies the company’s automatic transfer switches for use in emergency power systems wherever seismically rated equipment should be considered, up to and including Classes C, D, E and F. Cummins Power Generation, Minneapolis, MN, 763-574-5942,

Pump testing software

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Schlumberger Water Services (SWS) releases the latest version of AquiferTest Pro v.4.1. This popular software package, available for graphical analysis and reporting of pumping test and slug test data, now includes more functionality and more features requested by users. Designed by hydrogeologists, it expands available solution methods and improves communication with groundwater dataloggers. It now incorporates several high-demand analysis methods along with increased functionality, allowing hydrogeologists to expand the scope of analysis, including the Theis recovery, Cooper-Jacob, and Boulton analysis methods, as well as quick direct import of .MON files from Diver dataloggers and the ability to display statistics of the automatic fit, show the quality of the fit, export to .txt or .xls file formats, and copy or print. Waterloo Hydrogeologic Inc., a Schlumberger company, Waterloo, ON, Canada, 519-746-1798,

Impulse cleaning system

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GE Energy’s new Powerwave+TM is an innovative impulse cleaning system to enhance boiler operation at power generation plants that burn coal to produce electricity and minimizes high maintenance and expenses associated with other cleaning methods. The system received GE’s ecomagination certification after completing the company’s rigorous environmental and operational evaluation. It was cited as one of a number of successful GE projects during the formal launch of GE’s ecomagination program in India. GE Energy, Atlanta, GA,

Gas detector

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The Satellite Model HVS400 gas detector monitors and reports a variety of hazardous and toxic gases to a SCADA system or other electronic monitoring equipment. Its features include an LCD status indicator, one-person calibration, magnetic tamper-free switching, and a 4-20mA analog gas level outputs. It can be connected through a SCADA system or other electronic system to emergency gas shutoff systems to immediately remedy a gas leak situation. Microprocessor-based electronics detect most toxic gases in parts per million (ppm). The gases detected include: ammonia, carbon monoxide, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone and sulfur dioxide. Halogen Valve Systems Inc., Irvine, CA, 877-476-4222,


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The cost of producing dissolved oxygen with a DynamOx Oxygenation System, new from IMECO-USA, is typically a fraction of conventional aeration technologies. The new system is a good source of DO for injection into water and wastewater to prevent and control odors, metals oxidation, remediate hydrocarbons, and to address COD and BOD deficiencies. Installation savings are due to compact design of a smaller, modular approach for larger municipal and industrial units. IMECO-USA, Ware, MA, 413-967-0188,

Dewatering pumps

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ITT Flygt’s latest generation of stainless steel submersible dewatering and solids-handling pumps join its Model BS-2750, yielding a full line of corrosive handling pumps. The entire line of dewatering pumps operate in the pH range of 2-10, making them ideal for acid mine drainage, wash water sumps in pickling bath processes in the steel industry and many other corrosive environments. Designed for corrosive liquid pumping, Model BS-2740 operates on three-phase 230/460/575 V, and is rated at 9 HP with heads up to 150’ of head, and versions that deliver up to 250 gpm or 600 gpm. ITT Flygt Corp., Trumbull, CT, 203-380-4700,

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