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Sept. 1, 2007
GE Water and Process Technologies’ alliance with Varitech Equipment Co. provides emergency 24-hour industrial and commercial support...

Temporary cooling solution

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GE Water and Process Technologies’ alliance with Varitech Equipment Co. provides emergency 24-hour industrial and commercial support to companies in need of temporary cooling tower water systems throughout North America with expertise in such industries as Power Generation, Refinery, Chemical Processing, Steel, Pulp & Paper, and Commercial markets. Examples include: environmental compliance, supplemental cooling, plant maintenance/outages and emergency response or contingency planning. Varitech Equipment Co. Inc., Cedartown, GA, 800-445-6085,

Anti-cavitation butterfly valve

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With a nominal diameter of 8” to 60”, the toothed surface of the disc on Kubota’s Model BT-AD Anti-Cavitation Butterfly Valve disperses the flow and divides the vortexes raised around the disc, controlling development of cavitation. All surfaces exposed to water are coated with fusion bonded epoxy to improve cavitation resistant properties and protect the valve in severe service. As the original disc shape disperses flow and prevents cavitations, it achieves a lower noise level than a conventional valve. Kubota Corp. Valve Division, Tokyo, Japan, +81 3 3245 3507,

Odor control brochure

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Learn about all of the many vapor phase and liquid phase options available to you in this comprehensive roundup of odor control technologies. The answers to your odor control challenges lie within these pages and are presented in a direct and graphic style for your convenience. Ask for the brochure: “Working To Keep The Air Fresh: Siemens Odor Control and Corrosion Protection.”Siemens Water Technologies Corp., Thomasville, GA, 800-841-1550,

Desalinating produced water

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A fact sheet is available from Altela Inc. on its newest product, the AltelaRainTM System ARS-4000, a mobile, fully integrated water desalination/decontamination solution for highly challenged produced water. The system is built and contained in standard 40’ shipping containers. Individual AltelaRain towers are approximately the size of a residential water heater and capable of processing about 330 gpd of water with salt concentration over 150,000 ppm. Altela Inc., Albuquerque, NM, 505-843-4197,

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