Conductivity/TDS control

Nov. 5, 2014

Automatically measure and control the concentration of flavorings and other chemical additives for superior product quality with the 750 Series II Conductivity Monitor/controller. The unit's unique circuitry guarantees accurate, reliable measurements. Drift-free performance is assured by field-proven electronics, including automatic DC offset compensation and highly accurate drive voltage. Built-in electronic calibration allows for fast quality checks without standard solutions. A push-to-test button makes setpoint checks easy, while the internal alarm set discourages unauthorized adjustments. All models feature an IP65/NEMA 4X water resistant and corrosion-proof rated enclosure. Myron L Company, Carlsbad, CA, 760-438-2021,

Low VOC coating

Sherwin-Williams' newest product line addition, FluoroKem fluoropolymer urethane is a premium, ultra-durable coating offering long lasting color and gloss retention under the most extreme exterior exposures. Ideal for water tanks, it provides a fast-drying, ambient-cured finish, is graffiti, chemical and abrasion-resistant, and meets AWWA performance standards (AWWA D102 OCS No. 4). It can be applied by brush, roll or spray, and is versatile enough to be applied to any primed steel, galvanized steel, or aluminum. This new coating is also ideal for applications requiring low VOC coatings (VOCs of less than 340 g/L). The Sherwin-Williams Company, Cleveland, OH, 800-524-5979,

UV vessel

Wedeco Inc., a division of ITT Corp., releases a new line of UV systems designed for water systems in hazardous areas (Class I Div. 2). The U.S.-made CHI-XP Series, with flow rates from 12-to-280 gpm, offers a wealth of standard features that industrial customers demand. They utilize ITT-WEDECO's Type XLR low pressure UV lamps with three times the intensity of Lo-Lo lamps to destroy microorganisms. System performance is enhanced by an electronic smart ballast and microprocessor control system combined with digital display and LED indicator lamps. Electronics are housed in a rugged compact, UL 886 remote mounted NEMA 7 enclosure. WEDECO Inc., Charlotte, NC, 704-409-9711,

Digester roof repair

Belzona® 3111 (Flexible Membrane) Product repairs the connecting joints of concrete slabs on digester roofs found at wastewater plants to offer protection from atmospheric contamination. Digesters at wastewater treatment plants are instrumental in processing waste, which contains enormous energy value when converted to a usable form. When the roof suffers from severe erosion underneath due to years of neglect, the need to stop contamination from entering is paramount. In this type of environmental emergency, the flexible membrane repairs digester roofs to avoid methane gas from seeping into the atmosphere. Belzona Inc., Miami FL, 305-594-4994,

Radar transmitter

STI Controls releases the second generation of its Eclipse Model 705 Guided Wave Radar Transmitter. Since introduced in 1998, tens of thousands of these transmitters were installed around the world. They've provided solutions to challenging level measurement applications and process conditions that thwart competing level measurement technologies. The unit is installed in wet wells, pump stations, scum pits, chemical tanks, digester level, and influent and effluent applications. It provides better accuracy, reliability, virtual immunity to process conditions and a lower total cost of ownership. STI Controls L.P., Downers Grove, IL, 630-969-4028 or

Cast iron slide gate

Cast iron slide gates are commonly used in sewage treatment, flood control and municipal applications. They are designed to control the flow of fluid through openings under a face or seating head as well as under back or unseating head. Offered in square, rectangular or round flanges, cast iron slide gates from Hydro Gate utilize vertical and horizontal ribs to provide sufficient strength to meet the required design heads. Hydro Gate, Denver, CO, 800-678-8228 or

Biogas collection cover

Gas collection floating covers collect methane gas from anaerobic process ponds later used to generate heat and/or electricity, or flared for carbon credits and/or odor control. A new prefabricated gas collection cover can be retrofitted to industrial, municipal and agricultural ponds. It uses a tough, fabric-supported, Enviro Liner 8000 for longevity and flexibility with integral stabilization weights to protect the cover from wind damage. In the field, gas collection piping is placed around the pond perimeter and the cover floated into place, with weight tubes not filled until the cover is anchored around the perimeter. Layfield Environmental Systems Ltd., El Cajon, CA, 619-562-1200 or

Wireless remote monitoring

The Sensaphone® 2800 remote monitoring and alarm notification unit is the first Sensaphone system fully equipped with wireless sensing capabilities. It's an ideal solution for remote monitoring challenges, without the need for wiring. The system offers: four wireless inputs plus four traditional inputs; wireless sensors with plug-and-play technology and a range of 300 feet; and repeater modules for monitoring extended distances. Sensaphone, Aston, PA, 877-373-2700 or

Level measurement devices

New to the U.S. market, Elobau Sensor Technology introduces a line of level measurement products, including sensors for liquids and bulk solids, switches and level indicators. All are engineered and manufactured by the company for OEM applications in a variety of process industries from food and chemicals to grain silos, machine oil reservoirs and even very high-accuracy level monitoring. Elobau Sensor Technology Inc., Lake Bluff, IL, 847-615-0828,

Wastewater monitoring

The FlowCAM® WW particle imaging and analysis system, to be unveiled at WEFTEC.07, is designed to monitor the biological makeup within the secondary system of a wastewater treatment facility. The automated system enables wastewater operators and lab technicians to verify secondary treatment basins are operating with optimum level and makeup of microbes and quickly take remedial action if necessary. The stalked ciliates pictured were imaged in activated sludge by the new system from Fluid Imaging Technologies. Fluid Imaging Technologies Inc., Yarmouth, ME, 207-846-6100,

Advanced filtration systems

Highland's Advanced Filtration Systems (AFS) are used in applications where strict water quality discharge regulations are mandated. Utilizing filters with patented hydrocarbon removal technology, they're engineered to remove hydrocarbons ranging from BTEX to crude oil from water. A patented polymeric surfactant technology is used to infuse all filtration products. This treatment instantly bonds hydrocarbons to make them hydrophobic and visco-elastic – removing them virtually completely from the water. Highland Tank & Manufacturing Co. Inc., Stoystown, PA, 814-893-5701,

Carbon adsorption system

The WATERCARB liquid adsorption system is a prefabricated unit that employs adsorptive properties of activated carbon to eliminate liquid pollution problems caused by chemical contaminants. It's designed to provide an efficient, economical way to control contaminant levels in process streams, wastewater systems and other liquid pollution situations, including solvent recalculation, lab wastes, wet scrubber liquids, toxic spills and separator liquids. Supplied ready to use, they easily connects to an existing system, in series or parallel, using ¾" NPT fittings on the inlet and outlet. ICM - Industrial & Chemical Measurement, 163-M SW Freeman Ave, Hillsboro, OR, 800-552-5458,

Liquid feed control

The new Royce Model 4100 Liquid Feed Control System serves common chemical dosing needs of water and wastewater treatment markets, including for sodium hypochlorite, sodium bisulfite, aluminum sulfate, ammonium sulfate and sodium hydroxide. Introducing the ITT unit to the industry's clean water and disinfection segments, it utilizes an ejector to introduce the carrier water stream and create a vacuum to deliver feed chemicals. Other features include a reversing servo motor coupled with a V notch valve to regulate chemical flow rate, electromagnetic flow meter to monitor flow rate, and a programmable battery backed electronic controller. With feed accuracy of +2% for flow ranges up to 20,000 GPD, it includes four control modes and multiple failure mode alarms. Royce Technologies, Charlotte, NC, 800-347-3505,

'Green' tank coating

Enviroline Group's potable water coating, Enviroline 230 NSF, offers an environmentally friendly way to protect tanks from corrosion, water from coating contamination and the air from VOCs, as well as a budget friendly option to providing a quality long-lasting coating with lower application cost. It's an ultra low VOCs internal lining for steel and concrete potable water storage tanks and pipes, providing excellent adhesion as well as abrasion and impact resistance. This epoxy coating is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for direct potable water contact, including commercial hot water up to 180°F (82°C) in 500 gallon tanks or larger and 10" diameter pipes or larger. It also meets AWWA Standard C210-03 performance requirements. Enviroline Group, Pompano Beach, FL, 800-449-6525,

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