Sept. 1, 2007
High Wire Act: Power-Gen International showcases the best & brightest in New Orleans, Dec.

High Wire Act: Power-Gen International showcases the best & brightest in New Orleans, Dec. 11-13 - There’s a change of pace this year for the world’s premier power industry event, Power-Gen International. First off, breaking from its normal schedule of alternating between Orlando and Las Vegas, it will be held in New Orleans, which is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. As such, one of the mega-sessions involves a panel discussion on “Preparing for Disaster: Hardening Physical and Data Assets.”

Climate change also seems to be a subtheme with sessions on greenhouse gas regulation; gasification, synfuels and carbon capture; and clean, efficient locally produced power. One of the keynote speakers is from a carbon markets brokerage group, Andrew Kruger, vice president of Greenhouse Gas Services at Evolution Markets Inc. Other keynote speakers include Nicholas K. Akins, AEP’s executive vice president of Generation, and J. Wayne Leonard, chairman and CEO of Entergy Corp.

Join more than 17,000 industry professionals at the world’s largest power generation event, with attendees from 76 countries perusing the wares of 1,100 exhibiting companies. The event is co-located with Nuclear Power International, and includes a tour of Waterford 2 Nuclear Power Plant as well as the Michoud Power Plant. Other co-located events include the HRSG User’s Group Steam Plant Workshops and Gas Turbine Users Symposium

Water and wastewater related themes include: FGD wastewater treatment; cooling water quality and intake and discharge issues; heat exchange systems; condensate cooling and polishing; and boiler feedwater and corrosion control.

Filter bags

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Eaton’s LOFCLEARTM Series 100 Filter Bags are designed to make high efficiency filtration viable in applications where only standard filter bags are now used due to cost constraints. The bag’s unique three-layer construction design offers absolute, high efficiency (+99%) filtration applications over a wide range of particle sizes with dirt capacities of up to a half pound. Made from 100% pure polypropylene materials, and with no leachables or lubricants such as silicone oils that could contaminate process media, it utilizes Eaton’s patented SENTINEL sealing ring for no by-pass filtration over all pressure, temperature and micron rating ranges. Eaton Filtration LLC, Elizabeth, NJ, 908-787-1000, www.filtration.eaton.com

Temperature transmitters

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A four-page, full-color brochure, “The New HART temperature transmitters: TTH300 and TTF300,” from ABB Instrumentation describes capabilities of two new smart HART temperature transmitters with universal sensor input. Two inside brochure pages cover the head-mounted TTH300 and field-mounted TTF300, respectively. Large graphics depict sensor physical details. The TTH300 head mounted unit incorporates user-friendly sensor calibration and groundbreaking input redundancy for 2x Pt 100 3-wire connections. ABB Instrumentation, Warminster, PA, 215-674-6580, www.abb.com/temperature.

Tank cleaner

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Algae-X International introduces the TK-180 XT, a complete packaged fuel polishing system for re-circulating, cleaning and/or transferring diesel fuel and light oils. With a flow rate of 180 gph, the system efficiently removes water, sludge and sediments from diesel powered vessels, stand-by generators, trucks, buses and heavy equipment with up to 200 gallon (750 L) fuel tanks. Portable, lightweight and operating on 12 volt DC power, the unit is capable of being used almost anywhere. Algae-X International, Fort Myers, FL, 877-425-4239, www.algae-x.net

Rental power unit

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A new 1000 kW Rental Power unit from Cummins Power Generation has expanded its lineup of clean, quiet and compact rental power systems. The lightweight trailerized unit is packaged in an easy-to-operate customer interface to maximize flexibility. Certified to meet EPA Tier 2 emissions standards, they provide temporary power for construction and emergency power for commercial buildings, industrial plants and public works facilities. Cummins Power Generation, Minneapolis, MN, 763-574-5395, www.cumminspower.com/rental

DI service

Since the 1960’s, GE Water & Process Technologies has offered a full range of portable and outsourced resin (deionization) and membrane (reverse osmosis) water treatment technologies for use in commercial and industrial applications. The Service Deionization (SDI) group offers a full range of operational support services to owners of water purification systems. Regional service centers are located throughout North America. GE Water & Process Technologies, Trevose, PA, 888-898-6766, www.gewater.com

Elastomeric expansion joints

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Garlock Sealing Technologies’ 104GS General Service Elastomeric Expansion Joints are ideal for new construction projects, water and wastewater treatment plants, power generation facilities, and other industrial applications. They feature a neoprene tube and cover with excellent oil and abrasion resistance while protecting the carcass from environmental elements. The wider, single-arch design of the joints allows for greater movements and helps to reduce the effects of moderate sediment transfer. Garlock Sealing Technologies, Palmyra, NY, 315-597-3104, www.garlock.com

Gas measurement

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Orbisphere electrochemical sensors for selective gas measurement can now be matched with instrumentation. The Orbisphere 510, with data storage up to 10,000 measurements and 1,000 last user actions (and last 50 calibrations), offers powerful, practical instrumentation solutions for oxygen, ozone and hydrogen measurement in industrial environments. The Orbisphere 410, with data storage up to 1,000 measurements and 1,000 last user actions (and last 10 calibrations), offers precise, practical instrumentation solutions for oxygen and ozone measurement in industrial environments. Hach Ultra Analytics, Grants Pass, OR, 541-472-6500, www.hachultra.com.

UV disinfection system

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ITT’s new Goulds Pumps brand PureBlueTM Ultraviolet Disinfection System is available in three models to safely, reliably and economically removes dangerous microorganisms from water. Chemical-free, the system uses UV lamps to destroy bacteria and viruses that can pass through filters and other water treatment processes. Easy to install, the lamps are economical, normally provide a full year of service and are easy to replace. Available in several models and configurations, it has no affect on taste, odor or clarity of the water. ITT Water Technology Inc., Auburn, NY, 315-568-7123, www.goulds.com

Multi-gas detector

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Honeywell’s BW Technologies introduces its GasAlertMicro5. It provides simultaneous monitoring of up to five gases including oxygen, combustibles and a range of toxic gases. A lightweight, compact, and water resistant design delivers cutting-edge protection and is suited for a range of applications, including hazmat response, confined space entry, search and rescue, and post-inspection fire safety. Features include high-output audible/visual/vibrator alarms; TWA and STEL alarm settings; a large alphanumeric LCD; two LEL measuring units; a built-in concussion-proof boot; optional data-logging capabilities; and a water resistant design. BW Technologies, Arlington TX, 403-248-9226 or www.gasmonitors.com

Data acquisition/logging

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The MW100 data acquisition/data logger system combines intelligent, built-in data storage for standalone applications with web-enabled Ethernet connectivity to share real-time trend monitoring using a web browser. Designed for harsh industrial environments, it can withstand temperature extremes and high vibration, with high levels of noise immunity and channel-to-channel input isolation. It’s scalable from 10 to 60 universal inputs on a single chassis with scan speeds up to 10mS, and includes Ethernet with FTP and MODBUS TCP protocols, web trending and configuration, and email messaging functions. Yokogawa Corp. of America, Newnan, GA, 800-258-2552, www.yokogawa.com/us/

Portable rental pumps

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Godwin Pumps’ Dri-Prime® range of automatic self-priming pumps include the HL Series extreme high head pumps - automatic self-priming, single-stage, close-coupled pumps with shutoffs to 280 psi or up to 650 ft. of head. Used in various power plant applications and self-priming up to 28 ft. of static suction lift, they’re used in water intake structure cleaning, process and storm water bypass, coal pile dust control, turbine flush, lagoon equalization and dewatering, temporary plant fire water service and temporary cooling tower pumps. Godwin Pumps of America, Bridgeport, NJ, 856-467-3636, www.godwinpumps.com

Ultrasonic level transmitters

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Emerson Process Management has expanded its extensive range of level measurement instrumentation with the Rosemount 3100 Series Ultrasonic level transmitter. The integral or remote mounted temperature sensor made from an inert corrosion-resistant material enables automatic corrections where temperature changes in the tank free space could otherwise result in an inaccurate reading. Available with threaded or flanged connections and suitable for the chemical, oil and gas, power, water and wastewater industries, the transmitters are easy to install and easy to configure thanks to several pre-programmed laws and strapping tables. Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Analytical, Chanhassen, MN, 952-949-5165, www.emersonprocess.com/rosemount

Aeration controller

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Philadelphia Mixing Solution’s Opti-ConTM controller offers operators control features such as touch screen input, animated GUI, secure remote Ethernet access, and full system optimization. Grand View Media sponsored a contest allowing readers and website visitors to decide which products would offer plant operators the most flow control benefit. The next generation control system enhances the ability to monitor performance of mixing and aeration equipment, manage equipment energy costs, and enable preventative maintenance. Philadelphia Mixing Solution Ltd., Palmyra, PA, 800-956-4937, www.philamixers.com.

Packaged treatment

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Aquatech International Corp. launches its WATERTRAKTM, a collection of pre-engineered products based upon all of the necessary components such as filtration, demineralization, RO and EDI. With an ISO 9001-2000 certified quality system, Aquatech assembles and inspects all systems to internationally recognized standards. This product line is derived from over 20 years of experience in the water treatment industry and delivers one of the most cost-effective and timely solutions for pure water treatment needs in the industry today. Aquatech International, Canonsburg, PA, 724-746-5300, www.aquatech.com.

Membrane prefiltration

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Amiad Filtration Systems’ MT-44 features a 45 m3h/200 gpm, 3-μm, automatic, self-cleaning, string-wound, cassette filter. It’s made of stronger construction with denser thread windings than former models which has increased the removal efficiency of the filter. The permanent cassettes, located inside the filter, are tightly wound with multiple layers of high strength polyester thread serving as both a surface strainer and in-depth filter accommodating a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar/150 psi. Amiad Filtration Systems Ltd., Oxnard, CA, 800-969-4055, www.amiad.com.

Anti-Corrosion Compressors

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Ingersoll Rand® compressors power both dry abrasive blasting pots and wet blast pots used in grit blasting/slurry blasting to Swedish SA and American SSPC standards. They are ideal to complete surface preparation operations (removal of corrosion/scale, old coatings, etc.) back to required bare metal standard, ready for re-coating work. Ingersoll Rand, Ashford, Kent, UK, +44 1257 484852, http://air.ingersollrand.com/uk

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