May 1, 2007
Parker Fluid Control Division now offers a line of high-flow Namur valves for direct mounting to pneumatic actuators.

High-flow Namur valves

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Parker Fluid Control Division now offers a line of high-flow Namur valves for direct mounting to pneumatic actuators. Process industry applications for this product line include managing larger process control valves commonly used in chemical, petrochemical, water and wastewater, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. The solenoid valve series introduces a compact, modern design suited for controlling actuators of all sizes. Models include: 3/2, 5/2 and 5/3 functions for the control of single- and double-acting pneumatic actuators, as well as 1⁄4” and 1⁄2” NTP port sizes with standard manual override. With valve life expectancy of 5 million cycles, a patented sealing system with a “swimming” O-ring design that allows valve sealing to increase proportionally to pressure. Parker Fluid Control Division, a unit of Parker Hannifin Corp., New Britain, CT, 860-827-2300,

Industrial valve portfolio

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ITT Engineered Valves, a division of ITT Industrial & BioPharm Group, has released a new Engineered Valves Product Portfolio (EVC-07) brochure available at its website. The format of the new brochure is intended to highlight both the Engineered Valves portfolio of products and the strategic markets in which they participate. The 4 page document includes the markets, services, applications, product offering and manufacturing capabilities of Engineered Valves. It is a concise top level introduction with further back-up provided by the specific Market Brochures and detailed Product documents. ITT Engineered Valves, Lancaster, PA, 717-509-2200,

Pressure regulator valve

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Plast-O-Matic Valves has introduced a new air-controlled pressure regulator, Series PRA, for highly corrosive and ultra-pure chemicals. The new design uses compressed air and two rolling diaphragms to control liquid pressure with greater accuracy than spring loaded regulators. Pressure regulators provide protection for valuable downstream instruments and filtration systems by converting fluctuating or excessive inlet pressure to a preset maximum downstream pressure. The regulator will routinely handle inlet pressure up to 150 psi and accurately maintain a downstream pressure of 5-to-125 psi. It’s available in rugged thermoplastics, including Grade 1 Type 1 PVC, Natural Polypropylene, and Kynar® PVDF. Elastomers are FKM or EPDM. Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc., Cedar Grove, NJ, 973-256-3000,

Backflow preventers

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New Apollo® 4SG Series double check valves and double-check detector assemblies combine a short lay length with low pressure loss and a flat flow curve to make them easy to design into any piping system. Sized from 2 ½” to 8”, new assemblies feature grooved-end connections to reduce weight and length. They also allow for use of lightweight grooved-end butterfly valves as shutoffs. OS&Y or NRS gate valves, with either grooved- or flanged-end connections, are also available. Conbraco Industries, Matthews, NC, 704-841-6000,

Three-valve manifold

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Setra Systems offers a low-cost 3-valve manifold for the Model 230 differential pressure transducer designed for DP measurements of liquids and gases. The manifold is rugged, lightweight and compact, weighing less than 2.5 pounds and measuring 7.05” wide x 6.25” high. Its all brass body, brass pipe fittings, copper tubing and plastic valves are ideal for high line pressures of 250 psi. Since system pressures are often higher than DP being measured, this unit eliminates the possibility of exceeding the pressure rating of the transducer. Setra Systems Inc., Boxborough, MA, 800-257-3872,

Ball valves

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Hayward Flow Control Systems, a division of Hayward Industrial Products, highlights special features and labeling designed to make identification of true union “Z-Ball” valves for sodium hypochlorite service easy for plant maintenance personnel. Available in PVC for sizes of 1/4” to 3/8” and PVC or CPVC in sizes of 1/2” to 6”, they feature a visibly identifiable black handle to makes them easy to spot and special labeling to identify use for sodium hypochlorite applications in a plant environment. Hayward Flow Control Systems, Clemmons, NC, 888-429-4635,

Ultrasonic level gauges

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Krohne introduces its OPTISOUND 3010C, 3020C and 3030C ultrasonic level gauges for level measurement during processing and storage of liquids. These sensors are well-suited for level measurement of water and wastewater in applications including open basins, sumps and sludge containers. Their non-contact measuring principle eliminates product maintenance and offers ease of service. As these sensors measure the surface of the liquid, the degree of pollution in the water or accumulation of the mud in the basin, for instance, are irrelevant to accuracy of the measurement. Krohne Inc., Peabody, MA, 800-356-9464,

Butterfly valve

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GF Piping Systems’ new corrosion-resistant Type 568 lug-style butterfly valve is intended for dead-end service and fully pressure rated at 150 psi to allow for easy system expansion to the pipeline without system shutdown. Applications include potable water treatment, swimming pools, water parks and wastewater systems as well as industries such as chemical, chemical distribution, electroplating and power plants. The valve, available in sizes 2” to 8”, offers a modular design with epoxy coated iron lug body. George Fischer Inc., Tustin, CA, 800-854-4090,

Valve actuator interface

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ProSoft Technology enables Allen-Bradley ControlLogix platforms to interface with Limitorque protocol-compatible devices with the Limitorque Valve Actuator Master Module. The MVI56-LTQ module is a single-slot solution allowing asynchronous data transfer between the network and Limitorque valves. With support for up to 150 actuators on a Limitorque redundant loop network and up to 28 actuators on a single multi-drop network, the MVI56-LTQ is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective option for integrating Limitorque valve control into a ControlLogix network. ProSoft Technology, Bakersfield, CA, 661-716-5100,

UHP valve

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NLB has introduced the first field-repairable Bi-ModeTM valve for rotating ultra-high-pressure (UHP) water jet lances. The NLB 8488 minimizes downtime with two disposable cartridges that can be replaced in just 60 seconds. The cartridges are similar to those used in NLB lances and foot controls. This latest valve, rated at up to 40,000 psi (2,800 bar), is a companion to the NCG8400A-3 rotating UHP lance. It facilitates use of a rotating lance at ultra-high pressure and lets users operate two lances (with two valves) simultaneously from a single UHP pump unit. NLB Corp., Wixom, MI, 248-624-5555,

Actuators, setting tool

Rotork Controls’ IQ PRO intelligent electric valve actuators, as well as a compatible IQ PRO setting tool with advanced downloading capabilities, provide enhanced text displays, performance monitoring information and data logging with valve torque signature profiles. The setting tool enables a safe, convenient way to quickly download actuator data without the need to carry a laptop or PDA into the field. Standard features include: Multilingual text capabilities, datalogger valve torque signature profiling, less than 30 seconds data downloads, and retrofittable to any IQ Mk2 on site. Rotork Controls Inc., Rochester, NY, 585-247-2304,

Plastic control valves

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A new 12-page, full-color brochure detailing the company’s line of plastic control valves is now available from Collins Instrument, complete with a Valve Specification Form. “Plastic Control Valves” details the company’s range of control valves, all designed primarily for corrosive applications. Body materials include polypropylene, PVDF (Kynar), PVC and Halar. The valves are available with globe, angle or corner configurations and come furnished with a positioner for throttling control or without a positioner for ON/OFF service. Collins Instrument Company Inc., Angleton, TX, 979-849-8266,

Cold sampling system

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Are you ready for the IDSE and Stage 2 DBPR? The Kor-Cold Water Quality Station with Freeze Protection for cold weather climates features the same sleek, simple low maintenance design of Koraleen’s popular Station Guard XLT warm weather unit. This unit employs a dry barrel system, is 3’ above grade and is secured by a padlock hasp. The housing and hinge-free lid is constructed of durable aluminum. Valves are brass, and piping is hard copper or brass. The shutoff rod is stainless steel. It accommodates bury depths up to 8’. Dedicated, purveyor owned sampling stations assure the water being sampled is a true representative. Koraleen Enterprises, Escondido, CA, 760-743-0407,

Calibration pump

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East Hills Instruments, the manufacturer of the Magnum Pro line of calibration equipment, launches the newest addition to its family of pumps, the MVP-600, a pneumatic hand pump. Its range is from vacuum to 600 psi. The Magnum Pro Pumps all use a rugged Schrader valve which simply slides up and down to release the pressure or vacuum. A major design advantage of this unit over existing calibration pumps on the market is a patented Vernier and Vent knob that protects and prevents it from being susceptible to damage during usage. Comes with 2-year warranty. East Hills Instruments, East Hills, NY, 516-621-6664,

Seat wedge valve

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Avoid system shutdown and stay in control with Insta-Valve® Plus, a resilient seat wedge valve introduced by ADS LLC and its Hydra-Stop division that offers trouble-free operation, easy insertion and high reliability. The new design consists of a compression molded hyperbolic parabola seating surface joined to the radial axis sealing area to optimize the seal at both pipe and coupon removed locations. It also adds a new centering plate for improved positioning control. The unit includes an industry standard bronze stem collar and a heavy duty valve stem. It stops flow in all types of pipe (4” to 12”) including potable water mains, wastewater force and gravity mains, and industrial applications. It can be installed using existing Hydra-Stop equipment or as a stand alone system. Hydra-Stop, Huntsville, AL, 800-538-7867,

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