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Jan. 1, 2007
Severn Trent Services introduces the TETRA® Snap TTM Underdrain Filter Block, featuring a new design incorporating interlocking blocks...

Underdrain filter block

Severn Trent Services introduces the TETRA® Snap TTM Underdrain Filter Block, featuring a new design incorporating interlocking blocks that promote stability of the block position during backwash. In addition to filter media support, the underdrain system serves two primary purposes: to allow filtered water to pass through to the collection system and to start the distribution of backwash water and backwash air across the filter. The block features a 10-year repair and free replacement warranty. Severn Trent Services, Ft. Washington, PA, 215-283-3478,

Particle analysis system

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The new FlowCAM® particle analysis instrumentation from Fluid Imaging Technologies features a range of 23 different measurement parameters, a dramatic addition to the five core measurement parameters previously available. To be unveiled at Pittcon 2007 booth #3307 on Feb. 26th in Chicago, it now offers intensity, transparency, color, ESD volume, ABD volume, compactness, roughness, elongation and other analysis parameters for studying particle images gathered by the instrumentation, including particle length, width, aspect ratio and other traditional measurement parameters. Fluid Imaging Technologies Inc., Edgecomb, ME, 207-882-1100,

Interactive website

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Aqua-Aerobic Systems’ new “virtual” high-tech website features enhancements in design, functionality and user interaction. An Events Calendar displays Aqua Tradeshows, Technical Paper Presentations, Technical Seminars and Operator Training - users can search for an event or add one. The new Resource Library hosts a photo library, electronic literature for viewing or downloading, and video clips for Aqua’s line of products. Product pages now boast 3-D animations and online Design Request forms for quick response from its applications engineering team. Aqua-Aerobic Systems Inc., Rockford, IL, 815-639-4456,

Prestressed concrete tanks

DYK, an award-winning leader in the prestressed concrete water and wastewater storage tank industry, recently completed prestressing two 1.5 million-gallon sequencing batch reactors for the Port of Sunnyside, WA. Designed by Earth Tech’s Bellevue office, the reactors provide operational flexibility and land use efficiency by performing aeration and clarification functions sequentially in the same tank, while utilizing a smaller footprint. DYK Inc., El Cajon, CA, 800-227-8181,

Fouling resistant membranes

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The Fluid Systems® ROGA® line of cellulose acetate membranes are a widely deployed, proven solution in treating industrial and municipal wastewater where greater fouling resistance is key. The “original” spiral wound membrane remains a top performer, combining smooth surface morphology, neutral charge and chlorine tolerance. In 8” diameter and 60” length, UF elements use a low pressure membrane, particularly well-suited to NOM and color removal applications. High rejection RO elements come in 4” and 8” diameters and 40” and 60” lengths and offer chloride tolerance (98% rejection at medium pressure) as opposed to TFC membranes; and are useful for desalinating feed sources with high biofouling potential. Koch Membrane Systems, Wilmington, MA, 978-694-7000,

Automated sampling

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The Sigma all-weather refrigerated Autosamplers - configured with the Sigma 900MAX controller and paired with the Sigma 1000 wireless remote monitoring system - ensure collection regardless of operator workload, schedules, or weather conditions. The sampler compressor at the top of the unit minimizes corrosion and keeps heat away from the refrigeration unit. A sealed controller unit and thicker insulation ensure low-maintenance operation and temperature stability from -40°F to 120°F, without a secondary enclosure. A locking door secures the refrigerated unit. Hach Company, Loveland, CO, 800-227-4224,

Submersible aerator

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The MTS Multi-AspiratorTM is a versatile self-aspirating submersible aerator designed for basins up to 28 feet deep. It features efficient oxygen transfer, low installation costs, excellent mixing and minimal noise levels. A Product Selector aids in application and sizing decisions, calculating liquid process depth, SOTR and hp. A stainless steel lifting harness makes it easily accessible, and it requires no anchors. The freestanding unit optimizes aeration and mixing without aerosol formation, making it ideal for application in sludge holding tanks, aerobic digesters, storage tanks and equalization basins. Mass Transfer Systems, Walpole, MA, 508-660-9150,

Chlorine, fluoride monitor

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The SOLO XT® chemical monitoring system shows you exactly how much chemical remains in your tank or cylinder. It features keypad control, extra large display characters, 4-20mA output, bar graph display and an alarm relay. Two standard C cell batteries power the system for up to a year. Force Flow, Concord, CA, 800-893-6723,

RO systems

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The new VantageTM M83 Series RO system from Siemens is designed for a variety of industrial applications, with capacities of 30-100 gpm. It minimizes installation and start-up time, with three models available: “Economy” for simplicity and low price; “Plus” for more sophisticated control; and “Deluxe” for maximum control and functionality including VFD pump and on-board CIP capability. An HMI touch screen comes with the Plus and Deluxe models. Siemens Water Technologies, Colorado Springs, CO, 719-550-2105,

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