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Jan. 1, 2007
JWC Environmental introduces the MonsterTrack control system which tracks septic receiving system use, controls receiving machinery and records data.

Septage controller

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JWC Environmental introduces the MonsterTrack control system which tracks septic receiving system use, controls receiving machinery and records data. This high-tech controller helps make JWC’s Honey MonsterTM Septage Receiving System - an automated septage receiving system which grinds, screens and cleans flow before it enters the treatment process - more efficient, with quick discharge times of 5-10 minutes, plus the driver can initiate the entire process with a swipe of an access card - no plant personnel needed. JWC Environmental, Costa Mesa, CA, 800-331-2277,

Standard, custom pumps

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Since 1911, multiple positive displacement pump principles have been developed by Viking to satisfy the needs of thousands of OEM clients worldwide. A complete range of universal seal capabilities and special sealing options is offered, such as packing lip seals, component or cartridge mechanical seals, and Mag Drive® (internal and external gear pump) products. With capacities from 0.1-1600 gpm, pressures up to 2,500 psi, and temperatures from 40-700°F on viscosities from 0.5 to 440,000 cSt. Viking Pump, An IDEX Company, Cedar Falls, IA, 319-266-1741,

Water distribution monitor panel

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Smaller, lighter, easier to use and able to fit down a manhole, the newly improved Hach WDMP sc Water Distribution Monitoring Panel is the ideal tool to establish baseline water quality in distribution systems and meet online monitoring requirements of federal and state rules. The flexible system can be optimized using the optional Event Monitor Trigger SystemTM, astroTOC UV TOC analyzer, and/or auto-samplers. The award-winning, patented Event Monitor Trigger System is the first water distribution monitoring system to detect, alert and classify over 80 threat contaminants. Hach Company, Loveland, CO, 800-604-3493,

Mag probe insertion meters

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UFW’s MG Series insertion electromagnetic flowmeters offer reliability and convenience in monitoring wastewater in 1”-8” pipe sizes. The new flow sensors have no moving parts, are insensitive to viscosity and tolerate pulsating flows. They’re well suited for dirty water in large pipes and corrosive environments with particulates in the fluid. They can measure flows from .54 gpm, the minimum rate for 1” pipe, to 3,120 gpm, the maximum rate for 8” pipe. Special fittings are required to ensure correct depth placement in the pipe. Inserts are tee-shaped for small pipes or saddle-shaped for large pipes. Flow sensors and tee fittings are furnished wet calibrated, while saddle fittings are field-installed. Universal Flow Monitors Inc., Hazel Park, MI, 248-542-9635, www.flowmeters.comUFW, Hazel Park, MI, 248-542-9635,

High flow bag filter

The MAXILINETM MBF HD Multi-Bag Filter Housing from Eaton is designed for cost sensitive, high flow rate (up to 4,500 gpm) liquid filtration applications. It features a rugged, hand wheel operated davit cover for the most demanding industrial and commercial applications. It has unique 3-point filter bag hold downs or bayonet fittings to ensure the seal between each filter bag and the housing body protects against process media by-pass. Eaton Filtration LLC, Elizabeth, NJ, 908-787-1000,

Flow monitor, datalogger

In-Situ Inc. releases the Aqua TROLL 200, a 0.72” (18.3 mm) diameter water quality instrument designed for monitoring and logging conductivity, level/pressure and temperature in the harshest environments. Building on the successful Level TROLL® platform, it features SCADA and telemetry ready open communications. Standard output includes Modbus/RS485, SDI-12 and 4-20mA. It’s engineered to combat fouling and conserve power, allowing deployment for extended periods of time. Constructed of corrosion-resistant titanium, the sensor withstands demanding marine, ground and surface water applications. In-Situ Inc., Fort Collins, CO, 800-446-7488,

Automatic self-priming pumps

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New additions to Godwin Pumps’ Dri-Prime range on display at Power-Gen in November included the HL Series extreme high head pumps - automatic self-priming, single stage, close coupled pumps with shutoffs to 280 psi or up to 650 ft. of head. In various power plant applications, they’re utilized in water intake structure cleaning, process and storm water bypass, coal pile dust control, turbine flush, lagoon equalization and dewatering, temporary plant fire water service and temporary cooling tower pumps. Godwin Pumps, Bridgeport, NJ, 856-467-3636,

Water distribution modeling

Advantica new SynerGEE® Water 4.2 highlights advancements enabling users to generate practical, accurate water distribution network simulation results. Version 4.2 features a new Calibration Module that improves model building and maintenance efficiency to significantly reduce the time and cost required to calibrate a model. Users can now calibrate pipe friction, roughness, diameter and system demands for a user-defined group, area or entire model to perform sensitivity, calibration or leakage analysis. Area Isolation Module (AIM) interface is redesigned to better allow users to quickly determine the impact of an isolation on the rest of the network. Advantica, Mechanicsburg, PA, 717-724-1900,

Ozone air feed

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To address ozone system needs, Air Products has teamed with WEDECO, part of ITT’s Advanced Water Treatment (AWT) group and a leading manufacturer of ozone technology, to create a unique range of ozone water treatment systems. They’ve combined leading edge ozone generation with a state-of-the-art oxygen producing vacuum swing adsorber (VSA) in a containerized system for both industrial and municipal customers. Air Products, Water Systems Group, Lehigh Valley, Pa., 800-654-4567,

Differential pressure

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While traditional orifice-based DP flowmeters have only been able to maintain accuracy over a narrow 3:1 operating window, Emerson’s Rosemount® 3051S Ultra for Flow can support up to 14:1 flow turndown with better than a 0.5% of reading accuracy. Performance with the meter is specified as a % of reading, instead of the traditional % of span. This specification method eliminates degradation inherent in the nonlinear relationship between flow and DP. Emerson Process Management,Rosemount, Chanhassen, MN, 952-949-5165,

Submersible pressure sensors

American Sensor Technologies’ new line of Media Isolated Submersible Pressure Sensors - Models AST4500 and AST4510 - are intended for use in intrinsically safe IS areas when used with an approved entity barrier. The all SS sensors are approved to UL/cUL 913 (CSA) Class 1 Div 1, Groups C and D. In addition, each sensor holds a CE Approval of EN 61326. American Sensor Technologies Inc., Mt. Olive, NJ, 973-448-1901,

NSF-approved coatings

Belzona recently received NSF approval for Belzona® 5811 (DW Immersion Grade). The NSF Standard 61 approval makes it an appropriate coating for fittings, pipes, tanks, valves and other drinking water system components where potable water approval is required. The two component coating solution is available in either beige or haze gray and can be applied by either brush or spray. Designed specifically for the water industry, this NSF approved coating is yet another addition to the other NSF approved solutions provided by Belzona, including Belzona® 1341 (Supermetalglide), a coating system which has been proven to increase efficiency in pumps. Belzona Inc., Miami, FL, 800-238-3280,

Large diameter ball valve

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In sizes 2 ½”, 3” and 4” and recently NSF 14 and NSF 61 approved, the new large diameter Type 546 ball valves from GFPiping offers modularity and versatility through its multifunctional module, pneumatic or electric actuation, and a wide range of accessories, from simple to complex. The new valve features sophisticated actuation and feedback capabilities and is available in five materials. It’s suitable across a range of applications including industrial water treatment, swimming pools, aquariums, water parks, wastewater and potable water treatment, chemical distribution, electroplating and power plants. GF Piping Systems, Tustin, CA, 800-854-4090,

Condition manager

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The new InFusion Condition Manager, a component of Invensys’ InFusion enterprise control system (ECS), collects and analyzes real-time diagnostics from all plant production assets and drives the appropriate actions to help improve overall asset performance management. These can include intelligent field devices such as sensors and actuators; rotating and non-rotating equipment such as pumps, motors, compressors, turbines, dryers, and heat exchangers; and even entire process units. Invensys, Foxboro, MA, 866-746-6477,

Antimicrobial floor coatings

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AgION Technologies, a provider of silver-based antimicrobial solutions, has expanded its partnership with Bostik Inc., a manufacturer of adhesives and sealants. Bostik is now incorporating the AgION® antimicrobial into its Durabond D250TM Moisture Vapor Barrier Coating and Durabond D261TM Extreme Moisture Vapor Barrier Coating. Bostik began its partnership with AgION in 2004 and recently expanded its product line to include the Durabond D1400TM Epoxy for adhering resilient and rubber flooring materials. Bostik Inc., Construction & Distribution Division, Middleton, MA, 888-592-8558,

Vortex blowers

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Taking advantage of 37 years of vortex blower experience and nearly 100 years of compressed air experience, Hitachi America introduces to North America its E-series High Capacity and G-series High Pressure Vortex Blowers, featuring but not limited to: Flexible application for both air discharge and suction; sound levels as low 49 dB(A), UL listing, an oil-less design, patented 3D impeller for high discharge pressures, and Hitachi inverters for optimum energy efficiency. Hitachi America Ltd., Industrial Systems Division, Tarrytown, NY, 914-524-6615,

RH/temperature monitor

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Control Company’s new Traceable® Remote Alarm RH/Temperature Monitor (see Pittcon Booth #4843) features a remote temp/humidity sensor with a 7-ft. cable. Lab uses include coolers, hoods, clean rooms, incubators, environmental chambers, desiccators and chemical storage areas. Ideal for routine measurements, 24/7 monitoring, quality-control, and critical experiments, a triple display simultaneously shows high, low, current humidity or temperature. Humidity range is 20-99% with a resolution of 1%. Temperature range is from -58°F to 158°F. Resolution is 0.1°. Alarm may be set in 1% RH and 1° increments. Calibration lab accredited by A2LA to NIST standards. Control Company, Friendswood, TX, 281-482-1714,

Corrosion resistant valve

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Plast-O-Matic Valves’ Series TRVDT three-port in-line valve meets increasing demand for smaller footprint thermoplastic relief valves. It’s ideal for systems where use of a piping tee isn’t practical. When closed, the valve has a straight-through flow pattern. The pressure set-point is adjustable from 50-100 psi, with 150 psi maximum inlet pressure. A PTFE diaphragm seal with no wetted metals or elastomers allows for compatibility with highly aggressive, corrosive liquids. Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc., Cedar Grove, NJ, 973-256-3000,

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