Jan. 1, 2007
Koch Knight LLC introduces Flexeramic® structured media for RTO applications.

Ceramic media

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Koch Knight LLC introduces Flexeramic® structured media for RTO applications. Designed for long-lasting performance, the corrosion-proof media elements are composed of corrugated sheets of ceramic vertically aligned in the RTO media bed, eliminating any horizontal surfaces that may create resistance to vapor flow. After replacing existing random packed RTO beds with this media, users notice a pressure drop decrease of at least 20% and improved efficiency, resulting in significantly lower operation energy costs. Koch Knight LLC, East Canton, OH, 330-488-1651,

Inline filters

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Schroeder Industries introduces its new line of inline filters for the process industry. Depending on filter element, they’re rated from 3-3,000 um. Replaceable element media types range from pleated synthetic glass fiber and Dutch weave wire mesh for finer filtrations to square hole wire mesh and slotted tube for coarser filtration applications. Many are cleanable and reusable. The filters come in simplex or duplex models with various housing materials and coatings. Schroeder Industries, Leetsdale, PA, 724-318-1100,

UF membrane

SpiraSep is the first backflushable, immersed, negative pressure, spiral wound ultrafiltration (UF) element. Ideal for RO pretreatment, IMAS MBR, landfill leachate and industrial wastewater, the design has a number of inherent advantages over fiber-based technologies. It’s a 0.05-micron absolute filter capable of removing microorganisms. Winner of the 2004 International Aquatech Innovation Award. TriSep Corp., Goleta, CA, 805-964-8003,

All-plastic bag filter

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Ideal for corrosive and ultrapure filtration applications, Eaton’s all plastic POLYLINETM bag filters can economically filter a range of extremely corrosive fluids. In many applications they can provide a cost effective alternative to filters fabricated from expensive metal alloys. Designed so the two bottom pipe connections are interchangeable as an outlet or drain, they’re available in all plastic PVC, CPVC, PPL or PVDF construction with threaded or flanged piping connections. Eaton Filtration LLC, Elizabeth, NJ, 908-787-1000,

Energy-saving membrane

With flow rates of 12,000 gpd maintaining 99.6% salt rejection and 93% boron rejection, Hydranautics’ ESPA2+ membrane are ideal for projects where high active area membrane surface results in fewer elements, generating lower capital costs to end-users. They’re available in an 8” diameter and 40” long configuration, joining a full line of Energy-Savings Polyamide membranes elements used as either standalone products or part of the Integrated Membrane Solution® (IMS).Hydranautics, Oceanside, CA, 800-272-7873,

High purity mixed-bed resin

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Lewatit® UP 1293 MD is a high purity mixed bed ion exchange resin consisting of a 1:1 chemically equivalent mixture of a gel, Type 1 strong base anion exchange resin and a gel, strong acid cation exchange resin. It’s specially treated to meet international standards for use in the semiconductor industry for non regenerable systems with high resistivity (18+ megohm quality water) and low TOC (< 5 delta ppb TOC). Applications include: mixed bed polishing - microelectronics and once-through cartridges. Sybron Chemicals Inc., A Lanxess Company, Birmingham, NJ, 800-678-0020,

FRP corrugated baffle

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MFG Water Treatment Products Company recently developed the next generation Corrugated-Density Current Baffle (C-DCB). The patent-pending advanced density baffle design features a unique corrugated shape that significantly reduces deflection of deposits from coming back up into the center of the clarifier. Comprised of FRP material, it’s also easier to install than previous designs due to the part being lighter in weight and requiring fewer fasteners then the previous designs. Stronger than standard designs despite no structural steel, the baffle is mounted on the side of the clarifier wall, below the effluent launder and scum baffle. MFG Water Treatment Products Co., Union City, PA, 814-438-3841,

Water purification

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Aries manufacturers water purification systems, replacement cartridges and steam sample coolers. Water purification systems come in a variety of styles and are used in a many applications. Units are available for the production of: ASTM reagent grade water, ultra high purity water and drinking water. Wastewater treatment and custom water treatment systems are also available. DI cartridges are compatible with systems from Barnstead, Millipore, Vaponics, USFilter, Hydrocomponents and Ion Exchange Products, to name a few. Aries, Division of ResinTech Inc., West Berlin, NJ, 856-768-9600,

Self-cleaning disc filter

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Miller-Leaman Inc. releases its automatic, self-cleaning Turbo-Disc Filter systems, targeting applications including reuse water for irrigation and industrial use, pre-filtration for membranes, stormwater, cooling tower water, well water, surface water, and other environmental applications. The 3D polypropylene disc media is available in multiple color-coded micron sizes. As dirty water passes through from the outside-in, intersecting tapered grooves molded across the surface trap particles and other fibrous contaminants in the water. Systems come complete with a micro-PLC backwash controller that monitors differential pressure across the filter system. Miller-Leaman Inc., Daytona Beach, FL, 800-881-0320,

Condensate polishing

In condensate polishing, two main types of impurities are to be removed: suspended corrosion products and dissolved ionic impurities. Resin attributes have to adhere to strict norms in terms of physical strength, density, size and kinetics to avoid high pressure drop during operation and reduction in quality and output. T-50 resin from Thermax features controlled particle size for better separation of cation/anion in mixed-bed operation in high flow condensate polishing. T-52 high capacity resin features high cross linking, excellent resistance to oxidizing agents for use in multiple beds & mixed bed demineralization operating under rigorous conditions. Thermax USA, Novi, MI, 248-474-3050,

Microfiber filter

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Amiad Filtration Systems’ AMF2 microfiber filter offers innovative self-cleaning water filtration for treatment as fine as 2 μm for TSS, NTU and SDI reduction for potable and wastewater applications, as well as effective removal of Giardia and Cryptosporidium. The filter offers cartridge performance without cartridge replacement. It outperforms traditional sand media systems. Suitable as pre-filtration for RO and other submicron systems, they’re environmentally friendly, with no chemical treatment required for self-cleaning process. Amiad Filtration Systems, Oxnard, CA, 800-969-4055,

Packed bed ion exchange

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The Puropack design package from Purolite provides extensive detail to allow an engineering company to design, manufacture and commission a superior packed bed system. The packed bed ion exchange system is based on upflow exhaustion with downflow regeneration. The Purolite Company, Bala Cynwyd, PA, 800-343-1500,

Membrane filtration system

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Ultrastil, from Christ Water Technology Group, features a compact, ready to connect membrane filtration module which ensures effective, economical removal of colloidal matter from raw water. It may be used upstream of membrane demineralization processes (RO, EDI) for ultrapure water production. It’s suitable for the filtration of raw water capacities up to 8 m3/h and ensures an SDI of <3. Christ Water Technology Group, Aesch, Switzerland, +41-61-755 83 64,

Ultrapure water resins

Dowex Monosphere UPW grade resins are polymerized to meet the evolving, stringent performance requirements for ultrapure water used by the semiconductor and microelectronics industry. Significant product properties of UPW grade resins that influence performance are: high conversion to ionic form, lowest ionic and metallic residuals characteristic of the manufacturing process, lowest TOC extractables; 18.3 (0.055 μs/cm) water quality in less than four bed volumes of rinse (mixed-bed UPW grade resins), >95% WUB (whole uncracked bead) count. Dow Water Solutions, Midland, MI, 800-447-4369,

MF, UF, RO systems

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Seprotech provides custom engineered solutions to industrial water and wastewater problems wherever they occur. Its AKB® line of products is designed for use in alkaline baths such as in the paint preparation cycle in an automotive plant. By replacing conventional chemical treatment, the equipment pays for itself in less than two years. More importantly, this system provides the customer with the ability to maintain consistent alkaline bath quality. Other applications include food & beverage, oil & gas, power generation and desalination. Seprotech Systems Inc., Ottawa, ON, Canada, 613-523-1641,

High-loading membrane

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A patent-pending pore structure gives Membrana’s DuraPES® filtration membrane higher loading capacity than other commercially available membranes. Its dual asymmetric membrane wall offers protected separation layer that’s demonstrated its effectiveness with excellent retention characteristics. Targeted at pharmaceutical, biotech and food & beverage markets, the sulfonated polyethersulfone (PES) flat sheet membrane offers permanent hydrophilicity due to its polymer blend, 80% porosity and large pore diameter, which provides a high flux rate for superior filtration performance. Higher water permeability results in increased throughput, contributing to longer service life and lower operating costs. Membrana, Charlotte, NC, 704-587-8596,

Industrial membranes

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Industrial customers need water treatment products that can perform in a range of conditions and multiple process applications. Membrane elements from GE Water & Process Technologies serve a broad spectrum of applications, including: Electro-deposition of paint, industrial dye purification, metal processing, wastewater treatment, glycol concentration and purification. GE custom designs membrane elements to operate effectively in challenging environments that include: Very low or very high pH, temperatures from 0-90°C and clear water to highly viscous solutions. GE Water & Process Technologies, Trevose, PA, 215-355-3300,

Tubular membranes

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Aquious, which incorporates PCI Membranes, is the membrane filtration solutions provider within the ITT group. Aquious continues to offer the PCI Membranes range of cross-flow tubular membranes and modules, the origins of which date back over 35 years. Tubular membranes are particularly suited to fluids with high viscosity and/or suspended solids as their wide flow paths make them highly resistant to blocking. Pre-treatment requirements are minimal, and often completely avoided - a benefit that renders them the most cost effective choice for many small systems. ITT Aquious - PCI Membrane Systems Inc., Milford, OH, 513-575-3500,

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