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Jan. 7, 2015
Compilation of print and digital information resources for the municipal water and wastewater markets.
Online store

Chemineer's COMPASS, an online store offering Kenics static mixers, helps customers quickly and easily purchase the proper static mixer for their specific application. Benefits include a self-managed, 24/7 order entry and payment efficiency to speed the ordering process; accuracy in proper product selection; and rapid shipment of the selected static mixer to optimize process uptime. The online configurator allows customers to input the pipe diameter, flow rate and viscosity for the application. Specifications are validated, the static mixer model is selected and the model number is displayed, eliminating guesswork or the need for additional assistance.


New whitepaper

GE has released its Digital Resource Productivity whitepaper about the use of big data to improve global resource efficiency. It indicates that productivity improvements can be doubled over the next 15 years by integrating software and hardware to optimize resource use -- and the results would have major implications for global industrial energy consumption. Through the integration of industrial hardware with Internet-enabled software, the Industrial Internet has the potential to play a key role in solving the global resource challenge and alleviating natural resource constraints.


New website

Vulcan Industries has launched a new website featuring new, interactive product selection tools, maps involving locators for representatives and products, fresh product literature, and videos of equipment in action. The company offers several types of mechanical bar screens to fit a wide array of applications, each custom-manufactured to fit specific requirements. In addition, Vulcan offers a complete line of complimentary, post-screening equipment ranging from sluiceways and conveyors to screw presses and washing.

Vulcan Industries

Web shop

Purite has opened a web shop, simplifying the product ordering process for customers in the healthcare, scientific and industrial sectors. The shop, which is accessed through Purite's website, offers a wide range of consumable water purification products, including cartridges and bacterial filters. Consumable purification products are the parts of the purification system that get replaced most often; the majority of cartridges, filters and disinfection packages have a product life of 6-12 months depending on usage. The shop makes regularly ordering consumables an easier and less time-consuming process for customers.


Mobile app

Barking for Water is a configurable mobile application designed for utilities needing greater transparency on the activity of their workers. It is built on a comprehensive platform, allowing for quick deployment -- as no code is required to adapt to specific business workflows -- and offering a wide range of feature sets for users. Features include workforce scheduling, asset history and GIS map extracts capabilities. As information is sent to the office in real-time, Barking for Water allows work managers to gain visibility into technician or subcontractor work, identify problems early on and remove reconciliation issues with subcontractor firms.

Retriever Communications

Product catalog

Bilco has released its new 2014 Colt Natural Ventilation Products Catalog, detailing Colt's line of natural ventilation and smoke and fire control products for the commercial and industrial markets. Bilco partnered with Colt, a UK-based manufacturer of smoke and natural ventilation products, earlier this year and now serves as the company's distributor of natural ventilation and smoke control products in North America. The catalog features a user-friendly layout, complete with information on the benefits and products and options available. Colt's products provide an innovative and attractive solution for design professionals and building owners.

The Bilco Company

Website update

Meissner's Green Docs have been updated and expanded on The launch of Green Docs collected previously-printed product inserts in a new section of the website for 24-hour availability. This update encompasses Meissner's entire portfolio of filter media, including its newest addition, the ALpHA® G filter capsule. Customer cooperation to access and download these e-documents has helped realize the benefit of saving over one acre of forested land annually. Green Docs provides information and guidance on product specifications, available filter configurations, effective filtration areas, filter integrity testing, and proper product installation.

Meissner Filtration Products

Safety manual

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has updated its Roller Compactor and Directional Drilling Tracking Equipment Safety Manuals with new pictorial graphics that conform to ISO and ANSI standards and are included in the AEM Pictorial Database. The manuals' updated graphics more clearly reinforce safety text and harmonize with current machine safety sign and manufacturer manual practices. The database is free with 145 pictorials that can be downloaded through a variety of graphics and computer-aided design software. AEM created it as an industry service to help companies communicate effective safety messages through consistent industry-recognized pictorial representations.

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers

Mobile app

Now available for iOS and Android devices, the PENETRON app is a mobile platform companion to the company's website -- a guide with access to a wide range of information on PENETRON products and solutions. Features include company information, product overviews, a technology summary, a QR scanner for PENETRON codes, a calculator to estimate product quantities needed for a job, contact information, and a Newsletter sign-up section. The app also provides instant access to product data sheets and a solutions guide for a vast number of issues, offering numerous advantages for operators on-site or on-the-go.


New e-book

American Sentinel University's e-book, "GIS Certificates: How They Can Work for You," provides expert insight on how earning a geospatial-specific certificate will make a professional's career, experience and education more marketable when searching for employment or growth opportunities. With this e-book, users can expect to learn more about certificate programs and their benefits, how they build on existing degree(s), and whether earning a certificate is the proper approach for them. By obtaining a GIS certificate, professionals can commensurate technical skills with business knowledge of how to help organizations become more efficient.

American Sentinel University

New website

Yaskawa has announced the launch of a new website to provide a better user experience by improving navigation, enhancing its search engine and offering more comprehensive content about its products and solutions. With new design elements optimizing functionality and improving performance, highlights include: improved navigation for quick and easy access to information; dynamic content providing up-to-date, accurate information; a redesigned partner section providing immediate exposure to important news and announcements; a modified search tool and new model number search for current and legacy model numbers; and the ability to rate content and provide feedback.

Yaskawa America Inc.

White paper

Val-Matic's white paper, "Design and Selection Criteria of Check Valves," was written to help design engineers understand basic valve principles and functions of various check valves used in pumping systems. Engineering parameters associated with valve selection, such as flow characteristics, are discussed, along with others, including headloss, reliability and cost. The combined characteristics of the pumps, check valve, air valve, control valve, and surge equipment should be considered for successful pumping system design. With this, engineers can better select check valves and understand some of the pitfalls common to valve selections.

Val-Matic Valve & Manufacturing Corp.

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