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April 23, 2014
Compilation of print and digital information resources for the industrial water market.
Online presentation

With the online digital HX Competence Presentation from GEA Heat Exchangers, it is now possible to explore the world of heat exchangers. The presentation is quick and intuitive with large icons, clear illustrations and short textual information that draw the user into various applications such as cooling towers for power plants, industrial heat exchangers, systems for comfort climate control, and products for water and wastewater treatment. More than 300 different heat exchangers and over 2,000 filter systems support crucial processes in markets such as oil and gas, energy and power, climate and environment, chemistry and petrochemistry, water supply and disposal, and food and beverage.

GEA Group

White paper

Revere Control Systems is making available its latest white paper, "DCS Versus PLC: A User's Guide to Selecting the Most Effective Control Platform for Your Application." While distributed control systems (DCS) and programmable logic controllers (PLC) have traditionally been viewed as competing platforms, they are not necessarily mutually-exclusive technologies. When the end-use application serves as the basis for making a sound decision, the selection process becomes more efficient, and a more effective outcome results. This white paper provides general guidelines and a comparison chart and highlights key considerations when choosing a control system platform.

Revere Control Systems

Monthly webinars

Data West Utility Technologies knows that utilities and natural resources companies have specialized needs for geographical information systems (GIS). To meet these needs, Data West's new Geospatial Services Department now presents free monthly webinars demoing its products and offers participants the opportunity to talk one-on-one with expert geospatial services consultants about GIS strategies. Further, the Data West geospatial team offers products and services that enhance a company's existing GIS.

Data West Utility Technologies

Pump software program

Armstrong Fluid Technology has unveiled a pump selection software program that is easy-to-use, highly visual, and is available on multiple devices and platforms. Based on extensive Voice-of-the-Customer research, ADEPT makes it easy for users to select a wide range of equipment as well as organize schedules, source submittals and specifications. Intuitive screen designs allow users to view line drawings, multi-curves, photos, voltage, motor size, inlets, outlets, accessories, seal operating limits, seal options, construction options, and more than a dozen motor options. ADEPT then lists the pumps that meet users' specific criteria, as well as the key characteristics of each selection, such as efficiency at average load, operating costs and motor size.

Armstrong Fluid Technology

Mobile app

The Lubrizol Corporation's CPVC mobile app is a handy, useful jobsite resource for building and construction professionals. The mobile app features the Lubrizol CPVC FBC™ System Compatible product finder -- a tool that helps identify the chemical compatibility between Lubrizol CPVC piping systems and other common construction materials. This tool supports project success, taking the guesswork out of chemical compatibility. The app also includes the latest news from Lubrizol CPVC, as well as regional contact information for training and support in the field.

Lubrizol Corporation

New website

Mitsubishi Electric Automation launched a new website to address the energy challenges faced by the manufacturing sector. The site provides tools, white papers and energy-reduction solutions for a variety of industries, where visitors can gain insight into energy awareness and challenges; monitoring hardware and software; key performance indicators, energy vs. production, and environmental dashboards; and how to achieve energy certification goals (ENERGY STAR, ISO 50001, LEED). Further, the site also includes an energy-saving calculator and blog, and provides information on energy utilization in the facility layer, plant floor production equipment and processes.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation

New website

North American Specialty Products (NASP) launched a new website offering easy access to information on its complete line of products and project benefits. The website is organized into sections of PVC pipe products and foundation building products, making it easy to quickly find relevant information. For each application, the site offers useful information and content in digital product brochures, engineering specification sheets and detailed product information. The website also offers illustrations, photos, installation guides, and technical specifications.

North American Specialty Products

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