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April 23, 2014
Compilation of new products for the industrial water market.
Moving bed biofilm reactors

World Water Works announced its IDEAL MBBR™ for upgrading existing industrial wastewater treatment facilities for overloaded, non-performing and/or undersized systems. The system can enhance existing performance and increase capacity of existing treatment plants by being installed in a small footprint reactor(s) upstream of the existing biological system. The IDEAL MBBR acts as a roughing reactor, unloading the existing system by 60-80%.

World Water Works Inc.

Micro drive

The ACS250 micro drive from ABB is designed to meet the production and performance needs of system integrators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and panel builders, as well as the requirements of end users in a broad range of applications. The drive offers two degrees of environmental protection, starting with the standard IP20 panel-mounted chassis. For more demanding environmental conditions, such as wash-down applications that require on-machine mounting, the IP66/UL Type 4x drive is ideal.


Static mixer

For applications involving fluids with extreme viscosity or volume ratios, the most common limiting factor in static mixer design is allowable length. The Kenics® KMX-V Static Mixer, the latest addition to the Chemineer product line, features a design that generates superior mixing per unit length for laminar flow and high/low viscosity ratio applications.

Chemineer Inc.

All-polymer dispersants

GE introduced the Solus* AP line of all-polymer dispersants for control of deposits in mid- to low-pressure boilers in a variety of industries. Solus AP technology enables greater control of iron oxide deposition and enhanced rejection of iron and hardness contaminants. Products are based on GE's patented boiler terpolymer (BTP) chemistry and are designed for use in boilers operating at pressures up to 900 psig. The technology helps maintain cleaner, scale-free heat transfer surfaces within boilers.


Tower press filter

WesTech Engineering introduced its Tower Press Filter to the industrial and minerals markets. The WesTech Tower Press Filter delivers optimum production performance and availability for maximum dewatering in a wide range of industrial and minerals applications, including fine iron ore concentrates, leach residues, metallurgical precipitates, and more. Other key benefits include low maintenance and operational costs, as well as fully-automatic operation.

WesTech Engineering Inc.

Pipe renovation system

The self-driven Schwalm Robotic pipe renovation system from LMK Technologies is now compatible with Sewer Pipeline Inspection Camera Systems, resulting in increased pipe renovation capabilities. The Schwalm Robot system cuts quickly and efficiently and can access the pipe and make renovations from a single manhole access point because it is self-driven. The robot cuts, grinds and chisels the full circumference of a pipe and operates in pipe diameters from 5.5" to 24".

LMK Technologies

Sediment filters

AXEON SDF Sediment Filters come in all standard 2.5" and 4.5" diameters, lengths and micron ratings, and are engineered to create an outside inflow that allows the outermost layers to capture larger particles and the inner layers to capture the stated micron rating of the filter. Made of FDA-listed materials, AXEON CBF-Series Carbon Cartridges have been specifically developed to reduce chlorine, sediments, color, soluble organic compounds, and volatile organic compounds.

AXEON Water Technologies

Motor control

Responding to industry demand for a smaller footprint and greater cost savings in motor control applications, Mitsubishi Electric Automation announced the release of MS-T Series contactors and motor control products ranging from 10 to 32 amps. The motor control products are ideal for panel designers and end users who are downsizing their panels. They are made of thermoplastic material branded with material identifications for easy recycling.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc.

Wireless adaptor

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has developed a multi-protocol wireless adaptor that enables wired field instruments or analytical sensors to be used as ISA100 Wireless™ devices. The company will also release models that support communications based on the HART® and RS485 Modbus standards. The adaptor can be used with any type of wired field instrument or analytical sensor commonly used in plants, including those used to monitor temperature, pressure, liquid level, or vibration, or to detect gas.

Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Self-inflating tank

CINTEC announced a new 64,000-liter addition to the Waterwall line of self-inflating tanks. The Lagoon, a portable, inflatable hexagonal tank, provides an easy-to-install, environmentally conscious alternative to digging permanent reservoirs for hydraulic fracturing. Constructed from a PVC-coated material and internally- reinforced with a specialized stitching technique, the new tank is strong enough to hold massive quantities of water and durable enough to stay intact when placed on uneven ground.


Electronic cabinet locks

CyberLock offers a wide variety of high security electronic cabinet locks, which are designed to retrofit into standard cam lock openings and are installed without power or wiring, enabling access control and auditing capabilities to any location. The CyberKey smart keys can be programmed with key-holder schedules and permissions for accessing CyberLock electronic cylinders. The electronic locks and keys record lock openings as well as unauthorized attempts to gain entry. The system's email alerts and audit reporting of each person's key and lock activity keep management updated so informed decisions can be made when potential security issues arise.

CyberLock Inc.

Cavity absorption meter

Turner Designs introduced its ICAM, an in situ integrating cavity absorption meter. Factory configured with nine wavelengths from UV (365 nm) to Red (676 nm), ICAM enables absorption measurements over a wide spectrum. The patented integrating cavity design means that little or no scattering correction is needed. Built with solid-state optics and electronics, ICAM provides excellent reliability with low power requirements in a relatively small package. The meter enables absorption measurements of water systems to generate data that are used in modeling to help with bloom predictions, water mixing or transport, and satellite imagery, as well as plant physiology, laboratory research and wastewater monitoring.

Turner Designs

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