Product Showcase

Nov. 3, 2014
Collection of new products of special interest to the industrial water and wastewater markets.
Centrifugal pumps

Vanton's Sump-Gard® SGK centrifugal pumps handle flows to 850 gallons per minute (GPM) at heads to 175 ft., making it ideal to handle corrosive, abrasive and hazardous process fluids, wastewater liquids, ultrapure fluids, and slurries across the entire pH range. The cantilevered sump pumps are suited for applications where brief or long-term stoppage of fluid flow may occur, as well as for those where regulations prohibit draining tanks from the bottom. They are available in lengths to 4 ft. (1.2 m), and construction consists of PP, PVC, CPVC, or PVDF.

Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp.

Composite access covers

Fibrelite's access covers are lightweight, durable and very strong. They are manufactured using high-technology Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) production methods to create a highly-engineered, monolithic-composite product. This offers advanced strength-to-weight ratio, allowing for maximum load bearing strength and durability while remaining lightweight and easy to handle. Fibrelite's standard manhole covers also offer watertight solutions in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

Fibrelite Composites

Air-powered mixers

GridBee® AP Air-Powered Mixers from Medora Corporation are ideal for mixing wastewater treatment basins, both aerated and anoxic, that have high mixed-liquor suspended solids (MLSS). In aerated basins, the mixers help reduce aeration intensity for significant energy savings. In anoxic basins, the mixers enhance denitrification, and the non-clog design reduces maintenance. Available in float or pedestal design, AP mixers are easy to install. A 120 V air unit in all-weather enclosure (with air hose, filter, GFI) is included.

Gridbee, a brand of Medora Corporation

Static mixer

Chemineer's Kenics™ UltraTab™ static mixer is designed for desalination applications such as brine mixing, dilution and antiscalant blending. The UltraTab provides a combination of advantages, from its compact installation space requirement to its complete blending in short distances downstream of the mixer and low pressure drop through the mixing element. The mixer offers an integral wall injector upstream of the mixing element, low pressure drop through the UltraTab element, and compact design and short mixing length. Sizes range from 2" to 60".


Air flow meter

The ST50 Air Flow Meter from Fluid Components International (FCI) helps operators more accurately measure compressed air and detect system inefficiencies or expensive leaks, and it allows them to compare compressor usage and adjust these for optimum efficiencies. Further, it provides precision flow measurement to reduce consumption of pneumatic air, helping manufacturing, assembly and process plants reduce air consumables and the energy required to support compressed air systems.

Fluid Components International LLC


Sauereisen SewerGard® Industrial No. 210 is a novolac epoxy designed for industrial wastewater environments where plants and refineries treat water they have contaminated before it is sent to a municipal wastewater treatment plant. All three formulations -- Trowelable, Sprayable, and Glaze -- provide an impermeable, high-strength, lining that's resistant to corrosion, sulfuric acid, elevated temperatures, aggressive chemicals, organic and inorganic acids, and caustics.



Wilks' InfraCal 2 Analyzer offers additional features to the established InfraCal Oil in Water Analyzers and InfraCal Biodiesel Blend Analyzers. These features include better repeatability, multiple calibrations, unlimited data storage, optional internal battery pack, touch screen display, and password protection for instrument settings. It incorporates new electronics, providing a better signal-to-noise ratio that improves stability and repeatability. It also has the capability to measure from sub-ppm to percent levels, making it suitable for wastewater, produced water or frack water measurements, as well as to check hydrocarbon levels in drilling.


Variable frequency drive

Mitsubishi Electric Automation has released the A800 Series all-in-one variable frequency drive (VFD) that is fast, dependable, easy to use, and easy to integrate and install. The A800 Series inverter combines traditional induction and permanent magnet motors into a single solution, providing high-performance response and energy-efficient motor control. It can be used in both induction motors and next-generation interior permanent motors and is suitable for both low-performance applications such as pumps and fans, as well as high-performance industrial applications.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc.

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