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Feb. 27, 2014
GridBee® AP series air-powered mixers efficiently mix basins of all types with high total suspended solids (TSS).
Air-powered mixers

GridBee® AP series air-powered mixers efficiently mix basins of all types with high total suspended solids (TSS). Designed with high flow rates in a small footprint, GridBee mixers are clog-free, with no moving parts to maintain. Lightweight and easy to install, the mixers can be purchased with or without a blower. The large unit requires just 1.5 hp of air at 3 psi to achieve full-rated performance. Rental and lease-purchase options are available.

Gridbee, a brand of Medora Company


McElroy's DataLogger® 5 includes new software known as the DataLogger Vault™ to provide users the most up-to-date tools to ensure pipe fusion quality. The Vault provides joint-data analysis and storage and is compatible on the DataLogger 3, 4 and 5. The free online application allows users to view and analyze their joint data from almost any device and location. The new DataLogger comes with several new features including a camera for attaching photos to joint records, a barcode scanner and full support for Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

McElroy Manufacturing

PVDF diaphragm

Blue-White Industries introduces the first single layer injection molded PVDF diaphragm for the Chem-Pro® Series C2 and C3 Metering Pumps. Manufactured 100% in-house, this new single-piece, longer-lasting diaphragm design does not consist of multiple layers like traditional diaphragms. With zero breakdown or delamination, field maintenance and downtime due to failure are reduced.

Blue-White Industries

Fluoride monitoring

The Carboy-Scale™ from Force Flow allows operators to accurately monitor how much chemical is being used in their treatment process. The scale platform is 100% PVC plastic, making it immune to corrosion. The SOLO G2® digital weight indicator displays the remaining chemical in increments as small as 1/10 lb. Three platform sizes are available to accommodate drums from 5 to 55 gallons.

Force Flow


Adalet offers Division 1/Zone 1 explosion-proof enclosures constructed from stainless steel 316L. Designed for use in highly-corrosive areas, the new enclosures provide the perfect construction material for volatile areas where environmental conditions require additional corrosion protection. The XCESX series of enclosures provide an alternative to traditional cast aluminum explosion-proof enclosures which may become compromised or could break down over time in highly-corrosive areas. Features include a watertight gasket and cover bolts for Type 4X/IP66 ratings, stainless steel hinge kit, mounting panel, removable lifting eye bolts, cover alignment device, cast-on mounting lugs, and internal/external ground screws.


Treatment controller

Walchem announces the release of its new W100W Controller. The W100W features a large icon-based display and multiple-language support to allow simple setup; a universal sensor input that provides flexibility for almost any type of sensor needed; and a relay that allows the controller to be used in more places than the average low-end model. The cooling tower/boiler model has an optional analog (4-20 mA) output for recording, data-logging or connection to energy management systems.

Walchem, an Iwaki America Co.

Free-flow totalizer software

Sierra Instruments' free-flow totalizer software module for its QuadraTherm® 640i/780i mass flow meter offers an efficient management tool to totalize and monetize all gases with one instrument. The flow totalizer software module leverages QuadraTherm's high accuracy (± 0.5% of full scale) to give end users the most accurate totalization of multiple gases from an industrial flow meter. Key software benefits allow users to view the totalized value of multiple gases, reset or turn on/off the totalizers, set units per pulse and pulse width, and totalize up to four gases with one device and software package.

Sierra Instruments

Oil, grease level measurement

InfraCal Analyzers from Wilks provide easy, accurate, on-site analysis to help users reduce excessive oil/grease discharges and comply with permit requirements. Both the InfraCal Model HATR-T2 and new InfraCal 2 ATR-SP, use hexane, pentane or Vertrel MCA for the extraction process. Measurement data from either model will correlate to EPA Method 1664, as both procedures are based on evaporation techniques and measure the residual oil and grease. They are equipped with an exposed, easy-to-clean cubic zirconia horizontal attenuated total reflection (HATR) stainless-steel sample stage on which the extract is deposited for analysis.

Wilks Enterprise Inc.

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