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Nov. 1, 2008
Moore Industries' new service — SNAP, or Special Needs and Products — provides customized solutions to meet unusual signal interface needs ...

Industrial process control

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Moore Industries' new service — SNAP, or Special Needs and Products — provides customized solutions to meet unusual signal interface needs in industrial process control, systems integration and factory automation applications. It's meant to solve problems customers sometimes face when they need something specific to their operation. Typical modifications include special instrument functions, such as non-standard signal inputs and outputs, non-standard power ranges, computing and math functions, alarm trip modifications, and more. SNAP engineers also will work with customers to develop special and OEM instrument housings and enclosures and custom mounts, connectors, temperature sensors and thermowells. Moore Industries-International Inc., North Hills, CA, 818-830-5501,

Pipeline corrosion monitoring

With corrosion costing the pipeline industry $5.4-to-8.6 billion a year, a new service from Space Data Corp. — the Cathodic Protection Rectifier Monitoring Service, which takes advantage of its high altitude, balloon-borne SkySite® mobile communications platform — provides 24/7 M2M communications for the energy industry to assess pipeline conditions in remote and inaccessible areas. The low-cost alternative to erecting towers or using satellites has flown over 15,000 successful flights for the oil and gas industry. Space Data Corp., Chandler, AZ, 877-773-4155,

Low temperature, fast-cure coatings

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Enviroline Group has introduced four new products to its existing line of low temperature, fast-cure coatings and linings. Each is ultra high solids, VOC compliant and cures without heat in temperatures as low as 20-30°F (-7°C to 0°C). Total cure time is typically half the time of other low temperature coatings, saving tank and pipe owners in downtime and/or heating costs. Enviroline Group, Pompano Beach, FL, 954-978-9355,

Optical DO sensors

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The RDO Pro DO Sensor from Thermo Scientific-AquaSensors represents the latest in rugged luminescent dissolved oxygen technology for wastewater monitoring. RDO Pro employs ‘smart sensor' technology and complements the company's full range of online liquid analytical sensors. The unique ‘direct-to-SCADA' product design reduces equipment and installation costs while improving reliability in a wide variety of municipal and industrial water treatment applications. Thermo Scientific-AquaSensors, Menomonee Falls, WI, 262-255-4459,

Oil, grease measurement

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To ensure compliance with regulations and avoid fines for exceeding permit discharge levels, more frequent wastewater measurements are necessary to determine total oil/grease concentrations. Portable infrared analyzers from Wilks Enterprise are designed for easy, on-site measurement of oil/grease concentrations. The InfraCal TOG/TPH Analyzer, Model HATR-T2 or the Model CVH — depending on the solvent selected for the extraction process — provides on-site measurement of total oil/grease concentration in wastewater in 10-15 minutes. Wilks Enterprise Inc., South Norwalk, CT, 203-855-9136,

Submersible motors

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ITT has expanded its line of CentriPro® 4" Submersible Motors to include models from 1/2-HP to 3-HP in single- and three-phase models. The motors feature all stainless construction and built-in lightning and surge protection. Both the two- and three-wire models feature on-winding thermal overloads; precision machined, one-piece, stainless steel castings used for upper and lower end bells; improved welds; and water-filled design with non-toxic propylene glycol solution to protect the motor during shipping and storage. ITT Residential & Commercial Water, Morton Grove, IL, 847-966-3700,

Sludge blanket level probe

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The Hach SONATAX sc Sludge Blanket Level Probe is an ideal tool to optimize sludge extraction, manage recirculation, warn of potential solids washouts, or process upset by continuously measuring the depth from the surface or height from the tank floor. The probe's wiper design reduces maintenance, and automatic frequency adjustment provides superior accuracy. Hach Company, Loveland, CO,

Desalination membrane elements

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Dow Water Solutions offers two new FILMTEC™ 8-inch SWRO membrane elements for improved performance and energy efficiency in desalination applications. At 99.80%, the SW30XHR-400i has the highest salt rejection consistently demonstrated in the industry. It also effectively removes boron and other dissolved solids. The SW30ULE-400i elements have a flow rate of 11,000 gpd with 99.70% salt rejection, offering flow twice that of the original sea water element introduced in 1985, without having to sacrifice salt rejection. They're especially suited for seawater desalination at low temperatures, in addition to high TDS brackish water systems. Dow Water Solutions, Edina, MN,

Turbine agitator

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Chemineer's HT Turbine Agitator is capable of handling almost any process from aeration and sludge conditioning to chemical make-up and disinfection. With a compact, right-angle gear drive, it has output speeds of 5-350 rpm and 13 standard drive sizes from 1-1,000+ hp. It's ideal in harsh, demanding water and wastewater treatment operating environments, having logged years of dependable, field performance in blending, agitation, solids suspension and gas dispersion applications, among others. With a variety of mountings, shaft seals and impellers, the design results in high strength, low wear, quiet operation and minimal maintenance. Tapered roller bearings are service rated to over 100,000 hours (L-10) life. Chemineer Inc., Dayton, OH, 800-643-0641,

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