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Nov. 1, 2008
A new full-color Guide to Gas/Liquid Separators, from Eaton Filtration, details how this product removes potential damage-causing moisture...

Gas/liquid separators

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A new full-color Guide to Gas/Liquid Separators, from Eaton Filtration, details how this product removes potential damage-causing moisture and particulate matter from steam, compressed air and compressed gas lines to protect turbines, heat exchangers and other expensive equipment. Application examples in the guide, downloadable from Eaton's website, clearly show how they pay for themselves over time via removal of over 99% liquid and particulate matter that can cause damage to expensive components. The guide also features a full color, cut-away illustration that shows how Eaton's exclusive Vortex Containment Plate works to improve separator efficiency by shielding removed liquid from turbulence of the swirling gas passing through the separator to prevent it from being re-entrained. Eaton Filtration, 800-859-9212,

Cooling water treatment

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VRTX Technologies is now offering the VRTX Full Service Agreement (FSA) at a fixed price for a minimum of five years for customers in North America and Europe. The FSA provides all necessary equipment and filtration, installation, monthly service, periodic mechanical service and a continuing mechanical warranty. With a fixed cost, chemical-free service facilities with cooling towers and evaporative condensers can eliminate surcharges and container fees added to already doubled chemical prices. Facilities also can eliminate need for environmental safeguarding, employee training programs and special permits, while also improving the employee work environment. VRTX Technologies, Schertz, TX, 800-722-0476,

Acrylic polyurethane coating

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Sherwin-Williams' Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAPS) free Waterbased Acrolon 100, an environmentally friendly acrylic polyurethane coating, is well within Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) guidelines with a VOC level <100 g/L. Advanced technology allows the coating to compare favorably in performance to premium quality solvent-based urethanes. It retains appearances over a range of chemical, weather and mechanical conditions and is competitive in cost to solvent-based urethanes. It's an excellent choice for USDA-inspected facilities, steel tank exteriors, structural steel, rail cars, paper mills, power plants, bridges, conveyors, refineries, nuclear power facilities, marine applications, chemical processing equipment, and industrial machinery and equipment. Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings, Cleveland, OH, 800-524-5979,

Chemical metering

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Pulsafeeder's Pre-Engineered Metering Systems provide complete chemical feed solutions for all electronic metering applications. Offering turnkey simplicity that ranges from economical, Basic packages for inhibitor feed to more full-featured Standard packages for redundant disinfection applications, these rugged fabricated assemblies are built with industrial-grade durability in mind. Pulsafeeder Inc., Punta Gorda, FL, 800-333-6677,

Workflow modeling integration

Bentley Systems has two new software additions. Compatible with Bentley Map and Haestad Methods' WaterGEMS, WaterCAD and HAMMER suites, Bentley Water V8 XM Edition helps engineers and GIS professionals for utilities and municipalities to more efficiently integrate workflow between hydraulic modeling, asset management and GIS as they design, document and manage potable water distribution networks. OpenPlant PDx Manager, a new tool built on ISO 15926, makes existing plant design system data, such as PDS data, open and interoperable with other applications. EPC firms, owner-operators and suppliers can connect to a live PDS project and open up the entire database without affecting underlying models or data, which are extractable to ProjectWise to support globally distributed workflows. Bentley Systems Inc., Baltimore, MD, 800-236-8539,

Water quality instrumentation

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The TechPro II TPH1 by Myron L delivers instant, lab-accurate conductivity, TDS, pH and temperature measurements that help protect structures and equipment from scaling and corrosion; optimize industrial processes; control product quality; and check against feed water and effluent contaminants. TPH1 features easy TDS/pH keypad calibration and stores up to 20 date-time-stamped readings in memory. Myron L Company, Carlsbad, CA, 760-438-2021,

Hydrocarbon detection products

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Based on PetroSense's Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor (FOCS) technology, PetroSentry and PetroCheck PHA Plus provide facility managers with continuous and on-demand real-time monitoring of potential hydrocarbon intrusions in industrial process and produced water flows. PetroSentry incorporates self-diagnostic software to provide continuous in-situ monitoring for any water stream or source. It's capable of sending signal alarms to managers and technicians before process-critical or sensitive areas are affected. The portable PetroCheck PHA Plus allows users flexibility to "spot-check" any part of their water systems for hydrocarbon intrusions at-will. Fast, accurate quantitative hydrocarbon data mean no more hauling samples to labs and long delays for results. PetroSense, Dallas, TX, 214-575-7600,

Dissolved oxygen sensor

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In-Situ's next generation Rugged Dissolved Oxygen (RDO®) sensor uses advanced optical technology for DO measurement. For long-term and ambient water quality monitoring, it features a rugged, wiper-free design that excels in demanding environments. The sensor's abrasion-resistant foil withstands fouling, high sediment loads, and rapid flow rates. The sensor cap's pre-loaded calibration coefficients simplify set-up and eliminate errors that can occur with manually programming. This sensor is ideal for vertical profiling and applications with dynamically changing conditions. In-Situ Inc., Fort Collins, CO, 800-446-7488,

Ultra-mobile handheld PC

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Responding to demand for full-function handheld PCs for the mobile field worker, Panasonic has released the Toughbook® CF-U1, the first ultra mobile PC (UMPC) to integrate the new low-power Intel® Atom™ processor in a rugged handheld computer for use in the field. With introduction of the extremely portable wireless unit, remote workers are able to connect to critical information and applications in real time, thus improving organizational efficiency, increasing information accuracy, and enabling field-based decision-making. Panasonic Computer Solutions Co., Secaucus, NJ, 800-662-3537,

Mass spectrometers

Agilent is expanding its MassHunter Workstation software with many new functionalities and new modules to support all Agilent mass spectrometers (MS). Its MS portfolio now includes four single quadrupole liquid chromatograph/mass spectrometers (LC/MS), two Accurate-Mass Time-of- flight (TOF) LC/MS, three Accurate Mass Quadrupole TOF (Q-TOF) LC/MS, four Ion Trap LC/MS, two triple quadrupole LC/MS, a gas chromatograph/MS (GC/MS), a GC triple quadrupole MS and two inductively coupled plasma MS (ICP-MS) models. Agilent Technologies Inc., Santa Clara, CA, 408-553-7191,

High purity water

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Siemens Water Technologies has developed the Vantage™ Quick Systems line of water treatment equipment — a comprehensive water treatment system offering to meet the demands for high purity make-up water requirements up to 10 gpm. The Make-Up Series consists of a softener and optional carbon pretreatment units, and a reverse osmosis (RO) system, all fully assembled on a steel skid. It also comes with many additional features, making it cost-effective to install and operate. Systems are fully designed, configured and engineered for fast assembly and delivery. Siemens Water Technologies, Warrendale, PA, 719-570-9600,

Magnesium hydroxide slurry

FloMag®H Magnesium Hydroxide Slurry from Martin Marietta can effectively neutralize wet ESP effluent by providing more alkalinity per pound than other alkalis. The slurry can be injected at the wet ESP discharge to adjust the pH within permitted discharge limits. Since it buffers to pH 9.0, it maintains a controlled pH even with an over-addition of magnesium hydroxide. Unlike hydrated lime that forms insoluble calcium sulfate solids, this forms soluble salts, resulting in lower sludge volume. Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties LLC, Baltimore, MD, 800-648-7400,

Filter housings

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Hayward Flow Control Systems offers its Simplex Bag Filter Housings in single or double length PVC or Corzan® CPVC to accept most standard filter bags. These all-plastic housings won't rust, corrode or contaminate process media, have a cover vent connection and FPM seals, and feature rugged, thick wall construction rated to 150 PSI for years of trouble-free service. Built-in True Union piping and drain connections make operation and installation easy, and the housing's hand-removable, spin-off cover makes filter bag changes quick and easy. Two bottom outlet connectors that can be used as a drain connection make both in-line or loop piping installation possible. Hayward Flow Control Systems, Clemmons, NC, 888-429-4635,

General machinery drives

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ABB's ACS350 general machinery drives are designed and built to make it easy for volume machine builders to increase average throughput time via an average two-second programming time per unit. ABB has just extended ratings of the drives to 20 and 25 HP, at 480 volts. The units are RoHS-compliant, with coated boards, and ideal for a range of machinery applications in the food processing, material handling, textiles, printing, rubber and plastics, semiconductor, automotive and woodworking industries. ABB Automation Products - Low Voltage Drives, New Berlin, WI,

Mixer drives

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Philadelphia Mixing Solutions has introduced the RAVEN 3800 series mixer drives, designed specifically for mixing heavy-duty concentrations of water and wastewater. The mixer drive provides superior efficiency when mixing large solid concentrations in caustic and corrosive environments. These environments include high temperatures, harsh weather, and fluctuating loads. Its features include a cast-iron housing with open tank mounting configurations; input and intermediate shaft designs for reduced deflections; and C-Face motors with piloted motor adapters to eliminate shimming at installation. This mixer drive also features dry wells and special end covers to minimize leaks and reduce environmental risk. Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Palmyra, PA,

Cooling water biocide system

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Aseptrol® CW technology from BASF is a new delivery form of the BASF Cooling Water Biocide. Registered with the U.S. EPA, it's a reliable, easy-to-use delivery system that regulates precise feed of chlorine dioxide into small-to-medium size cooling water systems. The system consists of a low-maintenance feeder and pre-packaged tablets that deliver chlorine dioxide when and where it's needed. Aseptrol technology helps manage all microbial species and prevents biofilm formation. It also removes previously formed biofilm deposits, while eliminating the capital cost and inconvenience of on-site chlorine dioxide generators. BASF Corp., Florham Park, NJ,

Hydrogen flow meter

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The ST75V Hydrogen Flow Meter from Fluid Components International features a precision thermal mass flow sensor, no-moving parts construction and space-saving design. It provides highly accurate and repeatable gas flow measurement in hazardous small line gas process applications where agency safety approvals are required. Built-in precision Vortab® flow conditioning delivers +1% of reading accuracy (+0.5% full scale) in line sizes from 0.25 to 2.0 inches (6 to 51mm). Fluid Components International, San Marcos, CA, 800-854-1993,

‘Smart' concept pumps

Colfax has announced development of an intelligent concept pump with an ability to monitor its performance, adjust to changing conditions and order its own replacement parts — all without human supervision. The Imo® TX2020 concept pump continually monitors flow rate, pressure, liquid viscosity (thickness) and energy consumption. If it determines adjustment is necessary to maintain flow, it can change speed or heat the liquid to lower its viscosity. The concept pump was designed for a variety of configurations and includes a preventive maintenance calendar. Colfax Corp., Richmond, VA,

Magnetically actuated level switch

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K-TEK has announced the MS41, a durable, magnetically actuated electric switch featuring a compact, dual-compartment design that isolates the 10 A DPDT (double pole, double throw) switching mechanism from the environment. Electrical connection is made through a hermetic seal within the enclosure that protects the internal mechanism from moisture and heat damage over an extended period of time. The rugged, NEMA 4X, stainless steel enclosure ensures the MS41 can be used in even the most corrosive, offshore environments and can handle a wide range of demanding uses, including high temperature (up to 1000°F/538°C) and high vibration applications, such as pump and compressor skids. K-TEK Corp., Prairieville, LA,