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July 1, 2008
Ashcroft® digital pressure gauge attributes – a backlit LCD, selectable engineering units and min/max recall – provide capabilities once requiring several instruments to achieve.

Digital pressure gauges

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Ashcroft® digital pressure gauge attributes – a backlit LCD, selectable engineering units and min/max recall – provide capabilities once requiring several instruments to achieve. They're available in multiple sizes, accuracies and price ranges to suit a range of applications. The commercial Type D1005PS is a 2½" gauge with ±0.5%FS accuracy, while industrial Types 2074, 2174 and 2274 3" and 4½" gauges are rated at ±0.25%FS and are available with 4-20 mA output and on-board SPDT switches. Ashcroft Inc., Stratford, CT, 800-328-8258,

Anti-corrosion coatings

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Two new power generation-focused products, Belzona® 5831 (ST-Barrier) and 1831 (Super UW-Metal), were formulated to provide solutions primarily for prolonged prevention against corrosion under insulation. They're able to displace moisture and hydrocarbons from a substrate thus freeing it for bonding. This allows both products to bond to substrates that can't be dried or cleaned such as leaking transformer flanges. Belzona Inc., Miami, FL, 305-594-4994,

Membrane cartridge filter

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Graver Technologies recently won acceptance by the state of Colorado for use of certain Graver cartridge filter models as a filtration technology that meets Surface Water Treatment Rule requirements for Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium removal. The acceptance addresses Graver Technologies QCR pleated, calendared melt blown media cartridge filter (1.0 µm); QMA pleated, calendared melt blown media cartridge filter (0.2 and 0.45 µm); and ZTEC-B membrane cartridge filters (0.2, 0.45, and 0.65 µm). These products also can be sourced through Industrial Process Technologies of Lakewood, CO. Graver Technologies LLC, Glasgow, DE, 800-249-1990,

Cathodic protection

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For steel reservoir or water tank owners, Farwest Corrosion Control's new POWERMAG 1000 is an innovative, environmentally friendly, cathodic protection controller designed to automatically provide a constant, IR free, potential to internal surfaces using magnesium anodes without need for external AC or battery power. It uses water in the tanks themselves to generate current needed to power the entire system. Simple to install and easy to use, it enables full control over low maintenance sacrificial magnesium anode systems, with no "over voltage" issues. Farwest Corrosion Control Co., Gardena, CA, 310-532-9524,

Blower packages

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Quiet, compact and featuring the Omega Plus tri-lobe blower, Kaeser Compressors award-winning Com-paK Plus series blower packages deliver up to 2,585 cfm. Each model comes assembled with blower, motor and silencers in a space-saving cabinet to minimize installation costs. All maintenance points, including automatic belt tensioning device, oil drains and filter elements, are accessible via a wide-opening canopy in front. Power and process connections are at the rear allowing multiple units to be mounted side-by-side with no need for added access clearance. Kaeser Compressors Inc., Fredericksburg, VA, 800-777-7873,

Plastic ball valves

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Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc. has expanded its line of thermoplastic ball valves to include new, larger pipe sizes. The new valves are designed for 3" and 4" piping. These rugged, true-union valves are available in PVC, CPVC, PVDF and polypropylene. Standard seals are EPDM or FKM (Viton), and PTFE seats. The new sizes complement the original True Blue Ball Valve line of ½" through 2" valves. Piping connections are offered for socket or threaded installation. Plast-O-Matic Valves, Cedar Grove, NJ, 973-256-3000,

Wastewater aeration

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The Qube blower package from Tuthill, featuring the new Qx blower, is the perfect quiet, low-cost, quick delivery solution for pneumatic conveying, wastewater aeration and more. Benefits include high efficiency with low noise (< 75 dBA); up to 18 PSI; a compact footprint; and a powder coated steel enclosure (24 dBA attenuation). Additional features include integral check valve; discharge from back; and discharge flexible connector. The company also recently unveiled a Spanish version of its website available via a hyperlink from its homepage. Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems, Springfield, MO, 800-825-6937,

Ratchet wrenches

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Lowell Corp. added new 1½" comfort grips to its Model 151 Double Shot dedicated ratchet wrenches and its 151T socket ratchet wrenches. They promise greater comfort and improved performance for workers in the water, sewer and electrical utilities. Both wrenches incorporate Lowell's Bolt-Thru design, which allows bolts to pass entirely through the socket so nuts can be secured on any threaded length, eliminating need for deep sockets or open-end wrenches. Lowell Corp., Worcester, MA, 800-456-9355,

Commercial water treatment

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Whether a restaurant, hotel, resort or manufacturer, Culligan's new Aqua-Cleer® advanced drinking water system allows businesses to treat specific water quality issues tailored to their needs to protect customers and employees. With up to 13 interchangeable filters – the most options on the market today – the system is completely customizable. It's also one of the most sanitary drinking water systems available, designed to deliver clean, healthy water right from the tap. Culligan International Co., Rosemont, IL, 800-285-5442, www.

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