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July 1, 2008
Recently added to Flygt's banana blade mixer line, first developed in 1984, is the 4460 mixer.

Banana blade mixer

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Recently added to Flygt's banana blade mixer line, first developed in 1984, is the 4460 mixer. With an 8.4 HP drive, it's capable of producing up to a third more thrust per machine than the next most powerful mixer, the 4430 model. This higher capacity mixer provides customers a more cost effective solution for large flow applications, as fewer machines can be used. Motors are squirrel-cage design, using Class H insulation, applied by trickle impregnation for a winding fill of more than 95%. ITT Flygt Corp., Lansdale, PA, 215-361-3630,

Made in the USA

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Wilo has added an important new innovation to its German-engineered EMU pumps. It's the "Made in the USA" label. Now, pumps (up to 12" discharge) are being cast, machined, assembled and tested in the USA. The Thomasville, GA, submersible technology facility uses advanced CNC machining technology and a hydraulic test pit to verify tolerances. This means the company's heavy-duty municipal and industrial pumps and mixers can be delivered in less time. Wilo EMU USA LLC, Thomasville, GA, 866-476-0323,

Air-cooled pumps

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A new, 6-page Dean Pump Full Line Bulletin is now available in PDF Format from the Met-Pro division's website. Among products highlighted are the new Series RWA pumps, designed specifically for use with hot water, ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. The line includes eight pumps sizes (ductile iron construction), capacities to 1,100 GPM, heads to 425 ft., operating pressures to 450 psig, and maximum pumping temperatures to 400°F. The pump is a heavy-duty, horizontal end-suction, centerline supported (yoke mount), back pullout design to permit ease of maintenance. It includes a shaft-mounted fan to provide airflow over cooling fins, which means no external water cooling for the bearings and mechanical seal. Dean Pump Division, Met-Pro Corp., Indianapolis, IN, 317-293-2930,

Integrated pump & vector drive

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seepex's new drive for its popular line of MD and BW progressive cavity pumps integrates the pumps with a single reduction gear reducer, a four-pole, TEFC, inverter-rated ½ HP electric induction motor and a "vector" type, VFD in a NEMA 4 enclosure. The pump and drive combination can cover a performance band of 0.08 gph to 4.7 gpm and pressures to 360 psi. It operates from standard 1x120 VAC, 15 amp circuits with a 5-15p grounded plug. The drive has an H-O-A switch with a 10-turn potentiometer for manual control and will accept a 4-20mA process signal through a standard ½" UNF-connector. Other ½" UNF connectors are installed for external high pressure, low-flow or run-dry protection. seepex Inc., Enon, OH, 937-864-7150,

Pump controller

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The 5-500hp iQpump controller from Yaskawa offers ease of setup and comprehensive pump and motor protection features. The integrated pump specific software and setup parameters, allow the operator to setup specific control values for a range of applications. The controller automatically adjusts pump operating conditions as the process variables change while still maintaining optimum pump performance and protection. It can also replace phase converters when converting from a single phase to a three phase pump motor. Yaskawa Electric America Inc., Waukegan, IL, 800-927-5292,

Leak detection relay

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The new Series DLD Dual Channel Leak Detection Relay monitors the shaft seal of two submersible pumps to detect a leak before pump failure. When resistance drops below a set sensitivity on a float or conductivity switch installed in the seal cavity, an output relay energizes and an LED indicator illuminates. A normally open relay contacts to energize an alarm and de-energize the pump in the event of a leak. When the seal failure condition clears, the relay automatically resets. It's available in two different sensitivities: 10 k to 25 k ohm adjustable and 4.7 k to 100 k ohm adjustable. Dwyer Instruments Inc., Michigan City, IN, 800-872-9141,

Electronic metering pump

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A 10-page brochure on Neptune Chemical Pump's Tacmina PZ Series electronic pulse metering pumps is now available. It details their control options and range of sizes and pressures (1 to 1,300 ml/min up to 220 psi). This pump is ideal for accurate, reliable injection of a variety of liquids including chemicals, nutrients and disinfectants. Operating on any single-phase voltage from 94 to 264 VAC, flow rate and accuracy are unaffected by fluctuations in voltage. Available in manual control, external input and programmable models, Models PZD-32/52 and all PZiG Models also have built-in calibration and allow accurate direct entry of feed rate in ml/min. Neptune Chemical Pump Co. Inc., Lansdale, PA,

Drive configuration software

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A new drive configuration software package called Drive System Explorer (DSE) Lite 2.02 is available to customers for free at the Parker Hannifin SSD Drives Division website. It's easy to use, with straightforward block programming and an intuitive user interface. In addition to supporting user-defined configurations, it offers real-time monitoring and charting. An on-line help function is available for various drive function blocks. Parker SSD Drives, Charlotte, NC,

Static mixer

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Chemineer's Kenics® HEV high-efficiency static mixer offers pressure losses up to 75% lower than other conventional static mixers, and can handle any turbulent flow-mixing process regardless of size or shape. Mixing is accomplished by controlled vortex structures generated by the patented low-profile tab geometry, providing uniform blending while limiting mixer length to less than 1-½ pipe diameters. Typical applications include all low-viscosity liquid-liquid blending processes and gas-gas mixing. Chemineer Inc., A Robbins & Myers Company, Dayton, OH, 800-643-0641,

Peristaltic pumps

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Watson-Marlow Bredel announces the 720 Series peristaltic pump backed by its standard 5-year warranty. This peristaltic pump eliminates ancillary equipment while allowing for increased capacity, tighter flow control, and accurate metering and dosing of corrosive, abrasive and sensitive fluids. Additionally, the pump is SCADA ready, offers flow up to 17.6 GPM and pressures up to 30 psi. Watson-Marlow Bredel, 800-282-8823,

Sealless pump drive

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Viking Pumps' line of Universal Mag Drive series adds a sealless option to its Universal Series product line. Dimensionally interchangeable footprint with Viking's most popular Heavy Duty Bracketed packed and sealed pumps, this drive series provides a proven, simple solution for upgrading existing pumps. This sealless pump features a thrust-controlled design that allows short-term run-dry capabilities and bi-directional pump operation for enhanced application flexibility. Viking Pump Inc., A Unit of IDEX Corp., Cedar Falls, IA, 319-266-1741,

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