Power-Gen Preview

Sept. 1, 2008
• Power-Gen International returns to Orlando for its 20th anniversary conference & exhibition.

• Power-Gen International returns to Orlando for its 20th anniversary conference & exhibition. Power-Gen will be December 2-4, 2008.

Control valve actuators

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New Rotork electric, non-intrusive CVA control-valve actuators provide an advance in precise operation, HMI capabilities and fail-to-position protection as well as energy savings. Available in linear and quarter-turn actions for a range of applications and challenging working environments associated with industrial water and wastewater treatment plants, the new actuators eliminate need for costly air supplies and are easily integrated into most process control environments, including those that use Hart and Foundation Fieldbus protocols. Incorporating a datalogger, they also include, as a standard feature, wireless Bluetooth communication that can be used for quick, easy set-up and adjustment. Rotork Process Controls, Rochester, NY, 585-247-2304, www.rotork.com

Groundwater remediation

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ZV-Iron Microspheres from BASF are small particles of carbonyl iron powder that can be used alone or with other technologies to facilitate remediation of contaminated groundwater. The microspheres, which are non-toxic, react with various types of contaminants and decompose them to less toxic by-products. BASF Corp., Evans City, PA, 724-538-1374, www.basf.com

Keeping level simple

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The Sitrans LG200 is a guided wave radar transmitter which is designed for tank level, level interface and volume measurement within the water and wastewater industries. It's designed to be unaffected by changes in process conditioning, high temperatures, pressure and steam, ensuring accurate measurement in level, volume and interface applications. The unit can automatically ignore obstructions and is able to apply algorithms to raw echoes to produce accurate and reliable measurements. Siemens Process Instrumentation, Frimley, Surrey, UK, +44 161 446 5975, www.siemens.co.uk

Engineering audits

Eaton now provides its Engineering Service & Solutions (EESS) audits for water and wastewater customers. These customers are eligible to receive complimentary EESS studies based on qualifying aftermarket purchases made between March 1 and Oct. 1, 2008. The EESS audit must be redeemed by Dec. 31, 2008. An EESS audit can diagnose problems, identify ways to improve performance, or transform concepts into flexible, practical solutions to improve productivity and capital utilization. Eaton Corp., Pittsburgh, PA, 801-238-4507, www.eaton.com.

Heat exchanger

Unifin's new ForZair™ HeatSink auxiliary transformer cooler allows increased overload and extends transformer life. The portable cooler can be installed on a transformer quickly to reduce the temperature of dielectric cooling oil. With its small footprint, low profile and quick-connect hoses, this cooler can be transferred easily from one overloaded substation to another, providing quick relief wherever needed most. Unifin International - A Koch Chemical Technology Group Company, London, ONT, Canada, 888-451-0310, www.unifin.com

Chemical gaskets brochure

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A six-page brochure is now available on Garlock's new Sage GYLON® gaskets for severe chemical services. Supplied in discrete-cut form, this high-performance PTFE gasket provides superior load retention, permeability, sealability and resistance to a range of hazardous chemicals. The brochure covers compatibility with over 500 different chemicals and test data including hot compression, HOBT2 test results and bolt torque values. Garlock Sealing Technologies, An EnPro Industries Company, Palmyra, NY, 315-597-3104, www.garlock.com

Digester gas flowmeter

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For plant engineers responsible for improving digester processes or utilizing resulting biogas as a fuel source, FCI's new Model ST51 mass flowmeter is designed specifically to measure digester gas, biogas and other methane composition biofuel gases as well as natural gas. It's calibrated in FCI's NIST-traceable flow lab to match the gas composition of the user's digester system and under specific flow conditions of the user's digester system. Operating over a wide turndown range of 100:1 – essential due to variable gas flows in wastewater treatment, the flowmeter features a thermal mass flow element with flow accuracy to +1% of reading over a flow range from 0.3-400 SFPS, and repeatability of +0.5%. Fluid Components International, San Marcos, CA, 800-854-1993, www.fluidcomponents.com

Power measurement module

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WAGO's 750-493 3-Phase Power Measurement Module directly measures voltage, current, while calculating energy consumption and power factor (cosø) to determine effective power and track energy consumption. Data provided can be utilized to ensure economical operation and equipment safety. This intelligent module is versatile and can function as a component of a remote I/O or distributed control system, as well as a stand-alone unit. WAGO Corp., Germantown, WI, 800-346-7245, www.wago.us/powermeasurement

Pump optimization services

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Process plants with a number of pumps can save millions in energy, operation and maintenance costs with new suite of pump-optimization services from ITT. ProActivitySM provides a three-phased approach to reduce the total cost of pump ownership, involving a one or two day review, a three-month in-depth assessment and analysis, and an embedded on-site pump reliability specialist. ITT Corp. - Goulds Pumps, Seneca Falls, NY, 800-734-7867, www.ittrem.com

Fluid connectors

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Parker Instrumentation's new Phastite fluid connector has simplified construction of a state-of-the-art facility for testing dry gas compressor seals at John Crane's new turbomachinery facility in Slough, UK. The new connector's combination of high pressure operation and push-fit assembly allowed John Crane to make considerable time savings compared with a system built using conventional cone-and-thread and welded tube connection options. They were used to provide high pressure connections in two areas: for permanent flow connections inside each of the facility's five test rigs, and for permanent flow connections on the large-bore gas service tubes that supply compressed air and helium gases to the test cells. Parker Instrumentation - A Division of Parker Hannifin, Huntsville, AL, 256 881-2040, www.parker.com

Natural gas generator set

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Caterpillar introduces a new G3516C 50 Hz high-efficiency natural gas generator set available now with optional air and fuel system controls designed for island mode applications for generating power independently from the power grid. Driven by an electronically controlled, lean-burn gaseous-fueled reciprocating Cat engine, the generator set was designed to offer a high power density and excellent fuel efficiency while maintaining tight NOx control. It offers flexibility to operate on pipeline natural gas with the same Methane Number range as Caterpillar's current natural gas packages and delivers an ISO electrical efficiency of up to 40.4% at 50 Hz – even with use of two engine-driven water pumps. Caterpillar Inc. - Electric Power Division, Mossville, IL, 800-321-7332, www.cat.com

Multi-point flowmeter system

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Accusonic's new Model 7700-7720™ Networked Flowmeter System offers 7th generation ultrasonic transit-time flow measurement technology for reliable, high-accuracy flow monitoring in large pipes and open channels. The Model 7700™ Master Control Unit provides integrated flow monitoring capability with centralized control and enhanced real-time connectivity to multiple pipes and/or channels within a single plant or network of plants. The networked flowmeter system uses the Model 7720™ Transit-Time Flowmeter to measure flow rates in more than one pipe or channel. The system can be expanded with more flowmeters to simultaneously monitor flow rates in up to 64 separate locations. Accusonic Technologies - A Division of ADS LLC, West Wareham, MA,508-273-9600, www.accusonic.com

Corrosion/lockup lubricant

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To free seized or corroded assemblies, Henkel Corporation has introduced Loctite® Freeze & Release, a low viscosity, spray-on lubricant designed to shock-freeze metal parts, allowing lubricating oils to penetrate into rust layers. As product instantly freezes seized and rusted parts to -45°F, hairline cracks form in the rust layer as the metal contracts. These cracks allow the product's lubricating oil to penetrate by capillary action quickly and efficiently into the rust layer. After one to two minutes, the assembly is easy to dismantle. Available in a 400-ml aerosol can, this lubricant eliminates the need for cutting torches and die grinders. Henkel Corp., Rocky Hill, CT, 800-562-8483, www.henkelna.com/mronew

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