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Sept. 1, 2008
Cues has introduced its self contained K2 Base Station portable CCTV inspection system.

CCTV pipe inspection

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Cues has introduced its self contained K2 Base Station portable CCTV inspection system. The system is mounted in a lightweight, weatherproof enclosure and can fit into an ATV, van, or pick-up truck to access easements and hard-to-reach areas. The unit operates all the company's wheeled/tracked transporters and pan and tilt zoom cameras to accommodate 6"- 200" pipe inspection. Camera options include a built in inclinometer, sonde, or a laser diode system to measure cracks and offsets. Cues Inc., 800-327-7791,

Tubular filter system

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Eaton's new AFR Series Tubular Backwash Filter System is designed for continuous, high flow filtration (single system flow rates up to 2,000 gpm) with flexibility to meet current and future system capacity requirements. The system is designed to replace a much larger eight station tubular multiplex system in a compact, one square meter footprint. A single, rotating flow diverter replaces multiple valves, actuators, linkages, and seals required by other systems - minimizing the number of moving parts. Eaton Filtration, Minotola, NJ, 800-859-9212,

Railing systems

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Kee Safety had introduced its new Kee Access safety railing systems to build smooth handrails for stairs, ramps, walkways and other areas where it is necessary to conform to the "barrier-free" requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other applicable state and local building codes. Built using the company's Kee Klamp® structural, slip-on railing components, Kee Access railings provide a smooth, contiguous gripping surface throughout its entire length. Kee Safety Inc., Buffalo, NY, 716-896-4949,

pH electrodes

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Thermo Fisher Scientific has released the Orion ROSS Ultra Triode line of pH electrodes. The Ultra Triode measures pH and temperature while offering the convenience to users of being able to perform both measurements with one premium electrode. The epoxy body, refillable electrodes offer unmatched response in samples at different temperatures and have an accuracy within 0.03 pH units when using automatic temperature compensation. They offer the precision of 0.01pH units and a fast temperature response within 1°C. The electrodes are compatible with samples containing TRIS, proteins and sulfides. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Beverly, MA, 978-232-6102,

RO system software

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Toray Membrane has released new software, called TorayTrak, for the data collection, normalization and management of Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes in plants of any size. The graphs and output of the software will provide operators with crucial information guiding their maintenance and operation plans and optimizing membrane performance. The software is available via a free download from Data collection can be done automatically by integration with existing plant SCADA instrumentation or can be done with a combination of automatic and manual entries. There are user defined fields to customize unique data collection requirements such as cartridge filter differential pressure or for raw water quality data (SDI and Turbidity). Toray Membrane USA Inc., Poway, CA, 858-218-1506

Ion exchange system

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Orica Watercare's MIEX® Technology is an innovative ion exchange process developed for dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and color removal. This technology has application as membrane pre-treatment for high purity water applications or for treating effluents from the pulp & paper, dairy, and textile industries. MIEX is derived from ‘Magnetic Ion EXchange' as the resin beads have a magnetic property and form rapidly settling agglomerates. The 200 µm resin bead size provides a large surface area, facilitating rapid kinetics. The resin is used in a continuous process including contacting, separation, and regeneration. Orica Watercare Inc., Denver, CO, 877-414-6439,

Mixing systems

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For biofuel processes applications, Chemineer gear-driven top- and side-entering, rotating agitators, Prochem® belt-driven, side-entering, rotating agitators and Kenics static mixers have all demonstrated cost-effective performance advantages. In addition, the company's Greerco® high-shear mixers are being used to accelerate the reaction, decrease processing time in the main reaction vessel and keep undesirable chemicals that would otherwise require further processing, out of the final mix, saving time and money. A major advantage of Chemineer rotating agitators is the advanced, high-efficiency impeller technology that helps to reduce operating costs by lowering energy requirements. Chemineer Inc., Dayton, OH, 937-454-3200,

Phosphate analyzer

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The new Navigator 600 Phosphate analyzer from ABB Instrumentation cuts the cost of phosphate monitoring while improving ease of use. The new process analyzer reduces the amount of reagents and maintenance generally associated with phosphate analysis. Aimed at the power generation industry and other large-scale steam raising industrial applications, the analyzer uses 10% of the reagents typically consumed by units from other manufacturers. Comprehensive on-board diagnostics and predictive maintenance functions minimize unscheduled downtime. ABB Inc., Warminster, PA, 215-674-6580,

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