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May 1, 2008
GF Piping Systems’ new DoubleSafe™ transition fittings – developed to address the problem of plastic pipe splitting from over-tightening metal threads ...

Metal-to-plastic transition fittings

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GF Piping Systems’ new DoubleSafe™ transition fittings – developed to address the problem of plastic pipe splitting from over-tightening metal threads into plastic fittings – are designed to provide a leak-proof seal and prevent cracking under high torque when transitioning between metal piping systems and the company’s Schedule 80 plastic piping systems. Metal-to-plastic joining is especially useful when tapping a plastic piping system to connect heat exchangers, flow meters, and other metal-ended, male-threaded instruments. GF Piping Systems, Tustin, CA, 800-854-4090,

Enhanced LIMS

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Labtronics’ upcoming new release of LimsLink CDS will include an update to its seamless, embedded LIMS interface that allows analysts to interact directly with their LIMS, from inside their Empower client. It extends functionality of the Empower interface to further reduce time and resources labs spend on setting up Sample Set Methods. New features include: existing Sample Sets can be used as templates for automatically creating new ones; samples can be automatically inserted into existing Sample Sets; CDS fields can be automatically populated with default values; and enhancements to vial auto-numbering capabilities add flexibility to setup of samples, control samples and standards. Labtronics Inc., Guelph, ON, Canada, 519-767-1061,

Data manager

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Dynotek’s new Data Manager 2000™, a portable data logger for use with water and hydromet instrumentation, allows quick setup for well testing, aquifer testing, unattended long-term resource monitoring as well as flow recording. Test types include: logarithmic, step and linear. With expanded memory (58,000 data points), keypad data display and internal power are conveniently located in a rugged and watertight ABS housing for reliable and discrete operation in all environmental conditions. Dynotek Inc., Arvada, CO, 303-234-1409,

TOC analyzer, autosampler

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The Sievers® 900 Laboratory Analyzer delivers high productivity with advanced automation and ease-of-use features, including automated calibration and validation procedures, 4-minute analysis time, 12-month calibration stability, and low maintenance requirements. It offers a 0.03 ppb to 50 ppm operating range, and has a compact, 19.2-cm wide footprint, saving bench space. The Autoreagent adjustment feature is useful for cleaning validation applications, also calculating and applying reagent flow rate for any sample without user intervention. GE Analytical Instruments Inc., Boulder, CO, 800-255-6964,

Ethernet switch

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The Lean Managed Switch (LMS) managed Ethernet switch, new from Phoenix Contact, supports SNMP, RSTP, IGMP Snooping protocols and easy web-based management capability. These features allow for the addition of network configuration capability, remote monitoring and diagnostics, and integral IT-compatible network redundancy. An “E” version is available for use in EtherNet/IP applications, where Multicast traffic is a concern. Phoenix Contact, Middletown, PA, 800-322-3225,

DP switch

The new, model 121 Indicating Differential Pressure Switch is a heavy-duty version of the Model 120 and features its rugged, field-proven piston/housing design. It also has a heavy-duty industrial type terminal strip for either one or two switches. Wiring is easy with 1/2” NPT conduit interface and a removable cover. A variety of switching configurations are available with one or two hermetically sealed switches in SPST, SPDT configuration with 240 volt, 3-Watt or 60-Watt ratings. They come in DP ranges from 0-5 PSID (0-0.3 bar) to 0-110 PSID (0-7 bar) with ± 2% accuracy. Mid-West Instrument, Sterling Heights, MI, 800-648-5778,

RO management software

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Toray Membrane USA (TMUS) has released new software via a free download from The new TorayTrak software is for the data collection, normalization and management of RO membranes in plants of any size. The graphs and output of the software provide operators with crucial information guiding their maintenance and operation plans and optimizing membrane performance for maximum membrane cost effectiveness. TorayTrak was built based upon ASTM Standard D-4516. Toray Membrane USA Inc., Poway, CA, 858-218-1510,

Wastewater gas monitoring

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Honeywell Analytics Waste Water Gas Monitoring detectors provide gas monitoring solutions for wastewater treatment plants that include standalone units, larger controller-based systems and personal portable gas detectors. Series 3000 XPIS detects common toxic wastewater gases (H2S, CI2, NH3, O2) in hazardous areas that require explosion-proof housing while Sensepoint® Pro detects %LEL of flammable gases—suitable for all wastewater processes. For larger installations, the HA71 controller provides simultaneous display and alarm functions for 2 to 16 input variables from Honeywell Analytics gas transmitters. Honeywell Analytics, Lincolnshire, IL, 800-538-0363,

Top-loading electronic balances

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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces the TX/TXB series of top-loading electronic balances. The new line of 12 precision balances includes TX electromagnetic force restoration balances equipped with the UniBloc aluminum integral mass sensor and TXB electronic balances with a load-cell function. The TX series with UniBloc offers reliable and reproducible results, which are critical to precision balances. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc., Columbia, MD,

Chlorine gas vent arrestor

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Severn Trent Services has introduced the Capital Controls® Type VEGA™, a disposable chlorinator vacuum regular vent gas arrestor designed to treat occasional chlorine gas vent releases that normally accompany chlorine container changeovers. The field-tested VEGA prevents nuisance tripping of chlorine room air sensor alarms; helps compliance with local, state and federal code restrictions against exhausting chlorine fumes outside of a building; and keeps the building free from chlorine-related acid corrosion. Severn Trent Services, Fort Washington, PA, 215-283-3478,

Softener sanitization

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Water softeners necessary in pretreatment stages for pure-water generation systems, but they also harbor a risk: ion exchange resins offer a large surface area for the growth of microorganisms that could contaminate water and endanger production processes. Christ Water Technology Group has developed a simple and safe method for sanitizing water softener resins and brine tanks. Christ Water Technology Americas LLC, New Britain, CT, 860-223-0623,

Weather data monitoring

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The new Weather MicroServer from Columbia Weather Systems has a built-in Modbus TCP/IP interface for communication with industrial automation systems and OPC servers. This feature comes standard along with XML, SNMP and FTP communication protocols. The environmental monitor interfaces with any of CWS’s weather stations to provide a range of weather sensor and monitoring options. Columbia Weather Systems Inc., Hillsboro, OR, 888-508-7375,

Epoxy coatings

Carboline has released two new products: Carboguard 690 and Phenoline 341, which extend the company’s line of phenalkamine epoxies (635, 691, and 615HS). The first is a versatile epoxy with outstanding wetting and adhesion properties, quick-cure capabilities, and extreme tolerance of high moisture conditions both during and after application. It has low-temperature curing (20°F) capability, extending the painting season. Carboline Co., St. Louis, MO, 800-848-4645,

Stormwater manifold system

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CULTEC offers the HVLV™ 180 and V8™ Header Systems designed to work seamlessly with its line of Recharger® 180, 280, 330 and V8™ plastic stormwater chambers. These systems are a combination of interlocking plastic chamber-type sections. As stormwater run-off travels through the HVLV™ system, side portals make the necessary tee connections and convey the water into CULTEC’s plastic stormwater chambers. Run-off is then stored until it can be either infiltrated or dispelled. CULTEC Inc., Brookfield, CT, 800-4-CULTEC,

Fluid mixing system

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A new fluid mixing system, the Ditch Witch® FM25, is a reliable, low-maintenance system for mixing the drilling fluid in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operations. The unit’s design simplicity and multiple configuration options accommodate a variety of setups and make transport easy, and its 25 hp (18.7 kW) Kubota diesel engine provides sufficient power to support even the largest Ditch Witch HDD systems. The Charles Machine Works Inc., Perry, OK, 800-654-6481,

Wireless video pipeline inspection

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The patented QuickView pipeline zoom camera can now transmit real-time inspection footage wirelessly to any truck-mounted video monitor or recorder. A new wireless option allows convenient remote viewing during inspection, multiple viewers, and collection of easement inspection video directly into data collection software. The wireless equipment consists of a compact transmitter that’s part of the QuickView operator vest, and a receiver that connects to a remote viewing or recording device. Video can be transmitted up to 1,000 ft line-of-sight (300 ft otherwise) using one of 8 user-selectable channels in the 5.725–5.875 GHz range. Envirosight LLC, Randolph, NJ, 866-936-8476,

Protection from weather

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Fast Shelter, a division of Sky Signs Balloons Ltd., added two new models, the 950 and 950XT, to its inflatable structures line. The model 950 is 25-ft long by 16-ft wide by 8.5-ft tall. When not in use, it packs into a canvas duffle bag 30” in diameter. From duffle bag to fully inflated takes less than two minutes. Designed for easy portability, all models are perfect for workers who are subject to the whims of Mother Nature. The shelters are finding wide acceptance in industrial applications such as new construction and plant maintenance. Fast Shelter, Phoenixville, PA, 610-415-0225,

Submerged MBR module

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Koch Membrane Systems offers the 1500 square meter PURON™ module for large-scale membrane bioreactor (MBR) applications. The module has greater membrane packing density, lower energy costs for aeration, and simplified installation while providing even greater compatibility with other commercially available systems. Features such as an optimized permeate extraction manifold and air supply lines reduce the number of piping connections during installation. For additional flexibility, the new product line enables users to easily retrofit the advanced technology into systems with comparably sized modules. Koch Membrane Systems Inc., Wilmington, MA, 888-677-5624,

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