Jan. 1, 2008
A major advance in ultra low chloride performance, the new Gravex® GR 1-9 US Ultra Low Chloride anion resin expands on a brand supplied to the utility industry for over 25 years ...

Low chloride anion resins

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A major advance in ultra low chloride performance, the new Gravex® GR 1-9 US Ultra Low Chloride anion resin expands on a brand supplied to the utility industry for over 25 years in nuclear, condensate and other high purity applications. A Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) plant using Gravex GR 1-9 US Ultra Low Chloride with an amine (ETA) form condensate cation in a mixed bed has seen continual service for over three years in the condensate polishing system with neither component regenerated. In fact, operating conditions indicate the bed will be regeneration free for up to five years. Graver Technologies LLC, Glasgow, DE, 800-533-6623,

Tank filtration system

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The Saito Tank, a backwashing filter system developed by Nihon Genryo that requires no media replacement due to a built-in cleaning mechanism, has been operating at many water filtration plants (water supply, reclaimed water, sewage and wastewater) with high marks and has received numerous awards in Japan. By regularly washing filter media with a kneading action, even stubborn sludge, which couldn’t be washed with conventional systems, can be removed. The company has extended its product line for various applications such as the compact Mobile Saito Tank and Saito Automatic Sand Washing System, a system to convert conventional filtration systems. Nihon Genryo Co. Ltd., Kanagawa, Japan, +81-44-222-5555,

Packaged RO systems

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Pre-engineered, packaged reverse osmosis systems from KMS use 18”-diameter MegaMagnum® membrane elements, the world’s largest spiral wound RO elements, to reduce the cost, footprint and installation time of industrial and municipal water treatment systems. The systems require half of the floor space of racks containing 8” membrane elements, and use 80% fewer connections and O-rings. Ideal for brackish water desalination, inorganic and organic removal, softening, water reuse, high-quality process water production and wastewater recycling. Koch Membrane Systems Inc., Wilmington, MA, 888-677-5624,

Plastic duplex filters

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Ideal for corrosive or ultrapure filtration applications, Eaton’s duplex POLYLINE™ bag filters have no metal components to rust or corrode and their unique, one-piece polypropylene molded filter housing bodies have no seams, welds or crevices to trap particles. This makes them very easy to clean, an important feature in batch or multiple product applications. They can easily be automated for remote operation. Eaton Filtration LLC, Iselin, NJ, 732-767-4200,

Multi-column chromatography

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Novasep Process, a global leader in advanced separation technologies for downstream processing of biologics, introduced the firm’s Biopharmaceutical Sequential Chromatography (BioSC) product at Boston’s 2007 BioProcess International Conference. The sequential multi-column chromatography product improves throughput and stationary phase productivity for downstream processes up to four-times without compromising product quality or yield. It’s the first product to break the “downstream processing bottleneck” by enabling biopharmaceutical firms to significantly improve the productivity (grams protein/liter, resin/day) of their current chromatography processes while simultaneously increasing process flow rates and dramatically decreasing water usage when compared to conventional batch column chromatography. Novasep Inc., A Unit of Groupe Novasep, Boothwyn, PA, 610-494-0447,

Batching systems

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ProMinent Fluid Controls has introduced a new range of compact, “double decker” Ultromat® polyelectrolyte batching systems used for the removal of colloidal solids from liquids. Three variants are available. The AFD series is for use with powder polymers only, the ATD series for use with liquid polymers only while the ATFD series can handle both liquid and powder polymers. Each range features separate batching/aging and dosing tanks. Capable of producing 0.05 to 0.5% flocculant dosing solutions, each of the ranges is available in three sizes, with batch quantities of 400, 1000 and 2000 L/hr. ProMinent Fluid Controls Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, 412-787-2484,

High volume separations

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ROTEX Global, a pioneer and global leader in the development of screening equipment and technology for the process industries, has added the MEGATEX XD™ Separator to its line of innovative dry separation equipment. The unit features a high capacity per square foot of screen cloth in a compact footprint, a screen deck slope of six degrees to meet demanding product specifications and maximize screen efficiency, and an external drive cartridge that allows continuous operation up to 400°F (205°C). Its unique elliptical-linear motion provides excellent screening to accurately and efficiently handle course to fine separations from ¼” to 100 mesh (6.3mm to 150µm). ROTEX Global LLC, Cincinnati, OH, 800-453-2321,

Lab water

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Siemens’ new programmable water dispenser for the Purelab Ultra system is designed for critical laboratory applications requiring up to 18.2 megohm-cm water quality on demand. The memory software in the new dispenser allows the researcher to easily record and then replicate specific volumes and flow patterns. For example, researchers can accurately and quickly repeat three dispense sequences at a time, which is important if they have multiple dilution steps or multiple volume requirements. Siemens Water Technologies, Schaumburg, IL, 800-875-7873,

Pleated filter cartridges

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Argonide has developed a high performance water filter cartridge with an affinity for many metal compounds often found in industrial and other process waste streams, including iron, copper, lead, tin, aluminum and chromium-III. NanoCeram®, the company’s flagship product, is well-known for removing small particles, bacteria and virus from water at high flow rates, using the principal of electrostatic attraction and adsorption. The filter has received many awards including the 2005 Hall of Fame award from the Space Foundation. Argonide Corp., Sanford, FL, 407-322-2500,

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