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Dec. 1, 2015
Compilation of print and digital information resources for the municipal water and wastewater markets.
New book

In response to fast-evolving communications and wireless technologies and the increasing risk of industrial cyber-attacks, the International Society of Automation (ISA) has published a fifth edition of its best-selling book, “Industrial Data Communications.” The newly revised book also serves as a comprehensive overview and reference guide for both novice and experienced users of industrial communication data - containing complete descriptions of relevant concepts, terminology, operating system considerations, standards, and protocols as well as an index.

International Society of Automation

Web-based tool

The Ditch Witch organization has released the industry’s first web-based Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Advisor™ tool. Customers can use the advisor to quickly determine the right tooling configuration for their Ditch Witch® or Vermeer® directional drill string. The new HDD Advisor gives operators and dealers an intuitive tooling-product roadmap and quickly recommends configurations and solutions based on a few questions. The new HDD Advisor also includes the option to save drill string configurations for future reference and streamline ordering of replacement parts.

Ditch Witch

New website, logo

In-Situ® Inc. has launched a new website and corporate identity. The new website offers a clean, modern design, easy-to-navigate functionality and streamlined content. Further, the new corporate identity includes a modern take on the original logo. The clover represents a well field for in-situ mining, and the flow of groundwater is represented by the heart-shaped “clover leaf” pattern. The yellow represents the yellow cake from the uranium extraction, and the blue outer ring depicts the movement of water droplets.

In-Situ Inc.

New book

This new book, published by CPLloyd Consulting Inc., is intended as a guide for automated valve end users, engineers and valve industry professionals that need to understand valve actuators. It describes the various types of electric and fluid powered actuators in terms of design, power supplies, controls, and sizing. Readers are taken through the logical steps of selecting the correct actuator for their application, including isolating, modulating and fail safe variations. There are sections on matching actuators to new valves and also retrofitting actuators to existing valves.

CPLloyd Consulting Inc.

New book

The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) has officially released its long-anticipated newest book, “Understanding Hydrogeology and Its Impact on Large-Scale Geothermal Heat Pump Systems.” Edited by industry experts Nina Baird, Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University, and John Rhyner, PG, P.W. Grosser Consulting Inc., these guidelines provide a useful ongoing reference for those involved in planning or site assessment for a large-scale geothermal heat pump project. NGWA prepared these guidelines with focuses on the protection of groundwater and the optimal performance of the wellfield.

National Ground Water Association

Digital library

The American Membrane Technology Association (AMTA) has launched its comprehensive new Digital Library. Accessed exclusively through the organization’s website, the library contains almost 1,000 papers and presentations authored by the industry’s most respected and experienced professionals. AMTA members can enjoy free unlimited access to view and download technical papers and presentations as well as affiliate workshops, symposiums and conferences. Topics include direct and indirect potable reuse; seawater desalination; RO, MF, UF, and MBR; concentrate disposal; regulatory issues; case studies; and innovative research in membrane processes.

American Membrane Technology Association

New website

DN Tanks has announced the launch of its new website ( The company developed the site’s new, fresh look to match its core values such as professional excellence, innovation and ingenuity. DN Tanks designs and builds circular, prestressed concrete tanks for low maintenance liquid storage. Its tanks are used in many applications around the world, including water, wastewater, thermal energy (TES), biofuels, glycol, and more.

DN Tanks

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