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April 22, 2015
Collection of new products of special interest to the industrial water and wastewater markets.
Heat exchanger

Chemineer has recommended the Kenics heat exchanger for efficient, cost-effective handling of hot-melt adhesive product. At the heart of the heat exchanger is Kenics' static mixer technology, which offers high coefficients for fast, uniform heat transfer. Further, it consists of a continuous string of static mixer elements within each heat exchanger tube. Fluid flow is directed radially toward the pipe walls and back to the element, regardless of velocity. Additionally, momentum reversal and flow division also contributes to the mixing efficiency. All processed material is continuously intermixed to eliminate radial gradients in temperature, velocity and material composition.


Portable gas leak detector

The Series C16 PortaSens II Portable Gas Leak Detector from Analytical Technology is a versatile tool for performing regular leak checks in gas storage areas, around process equipment and piping, or in confined spaces prior to entry. Designed for easy one-hand operation, the detector contains an internal sample pump and a flexible sampling wand to allow pinpoint location of the source of leakage. A large character display ensures that measured values are easily visible, and a back-light for the display insures readability in low- or no-light conditions. The detector has the ability to measure over 30 different gases.

Analytical Technology Inc.

Flow meter

McCrometer's V-Cone® Flow Meter is an ideal fluid measurement solution for rugged offshore production environments. With its unique differential-pressure cone design, the meter reduces the upstream/downstream straight pipe run required by orifice plates and Venturi tubes by up to 70%. This adds up to cost savings in materials and installation labor that reduces FPSO vessel tonnage and subsea module footprint, as well as simplifies vessel balancing, making it easier to find the optimal location for flow meter installation. The V-Cone provides a stable flow profile for reliable measurement, featuring accuracy of ±0.5% of actual flow and repeatability of ±0.1%.


Vortex flowmeter

The 602VF vortex flowmeter from Spire offers accurate, low-maintenance flow measurement for gas, steam and liquid applications. It is widely used in chemical industries, power plants, mining, metallurgy plants, steam plants, and water conservation. The flowmeter utilizes robust piezoelectric elements to detect Karman vortex frequency behind a shedder bar. Thanks to the advanced proprietary spectrum signal processing technology, it is able to provide excellent vibration immunity for stable and accurate flow measurements at low flows without any need for start-up tuning.

Spire Metering Technology

X-Ray fluorescent spectroscopy

With its continuous improvement initiative and ISO 9001 certification, Val-Matic has implemented a Positive Material Identification (PMI) process for class-rated components containing special alloys. The process uses X-Ray Fluorescent Spectroscopy (XRF) technology to identify the part alloy identification and elemental chemistry. Additionally, specially made plating standards are used with the XRF analyzer to verify the thickness of chrome and nickel plating, even when the substrate contains similar elements. The PMI process was implemented with the industrial valve program in the new Addison, Ill., facility.

Val-Matic Valve and Manufacturing Corporation

Variable frequency drive

Mitsubishi Electric Automation has introduced the F800 Series variable frequency drive (VFD). The low-voltage F800 is specifically designed and optimized for HVAC applications, including air handlers, cooling towers and pumps. It is appropriate for any motor control application that demands increased motor efficiency and maximum energy savings. The F800 controls and supports multiple motor types, including AC induction and permanent magnet motors, eliminating the need to specify multiple VFDs to address various motor control needs. Further, it uses embedded motor control algorithms that optimize AC motor voltage and current based on the desired load.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc.

Water level loggers

Combining proven pressure sensor technology and advanced microprocessor-based electronics, Keller America's DCX family of water level loggers is ideal for shallow or deep well-water logging applications. Combining a water level logger with a temperature data logger, these instruments are designed and constructed to provide years of trouble-free service under the most demanding conditions. Data capture is accomplished by periodic data transfer to a laptop or Pocket PC (Windows CE), or for remote installations, by GSM modem technology.

Keller America

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