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Oct. 1, 2015
Compilation of new products for the industrial water market.
Particulate system

Workers will experience more comfort, less fatigue and improved productivity with the Allegro EZ AIR PAPR complete particulate system intended for industrial applications where respiratory, eye and face protection is required. The system features a motorized, Lithium-ion battery operating system that supplies a constant supply of fresh, filtered air over the user’s face. At an APF level of 25, it creates optimal protective pressure inside the respirator head top, keeping away harmful gases, vapors, particulates, and fumes.


Cloud-based solution

APANA has announced general availability of its cloud-based solution for commercial and industrial entities to save water and money. The company’s integrated software and hardware gives businesses the power to identify and eliminate unnecessary water use and contamination. APANA customers have demonstrated an average 20-percent savings in water use and an average payback on capital expenditure of 18 months. APANA’s solution is eligible for up to 50 percent rebates in a growing number of states, including California, Washington and Nevada.


Membrane bioreactor

Cambrian Innovation has announced a major new product line, the EcoVolt® Membrane Bioreactor (MBR). Extending and enhancing Cambrian’s distributed water offerings for growing industrial businesses, the EcoVolt MBR is a polishing process that removes over 99% of pollutants and solids, enabling water reuse on site. It was designed specifically to serve the food and beverage industries. The containerized system leverages new aeration technology with proprietary automation, resulting in an energy-efficient design.

Cambrian Innovation

Safety gloves

Wells Lamont Industrial has introduced the ANSI cut level 5 palm dip glove with the FlexTech™ Y9216 that offers superior protection in industries where cuts are common. In addition to its high cut resistance, the Y9216 maintains a high level of dexterity and comfort. The palm is dipped in a sandy nitrile coating for improved grip in oily applications. The shell is made from a unique blend of high-performance fibers and stainless steel to further ensure a cooler, safer and more comfortable glove compared to competitive solutions.

Wells Lamont Industrial


Divelbiss Corporation has announced the introduction of enhanced models of the HEC-P5000 family of controllers, offering control capability in the harshest of environments and now enabling cloud communications with the Divelbiss VersaCloud M2M platform. Programmed using the no-cost Divelbiss EZ Ladder Toolkit in ladder diagram, function block and structured text, the HEC-P5XXX family provides maximum flexibility for controlling mobile equipment, communicating with various serial bus protocols, logging system data, or adding Internet of Things capability to existing systems.

Divelbiss Corporation

Zero Liquid Discharge Process

Aquarion Group has introduced ZLD.eCO2. The ZLD.eCO2 process sets new standards in lowering the cost of zero liquid discharge systems in terms of both OPEX and CAPEX. The ZLD.eCO2 process uses a series of innovative filtration and separation technologies to reduce the subsequent evaporation of residual waste products to a minimum and lower energy requirements. The system’s modular design also reduces the plant footprint.

Aquarion Group

Ethernet switches

Siemens is expanding its range of managed industrial Ethernet switches with a new product line. The cost-effective Layer 2 Scalance XB-200 switches provide high data rates up to 100 Mbps and a multitude of functions. They support, for example, both the Profinet and EtherNet/IP standard. As a result, the devices can be used for real-time communication in a variety of automation environments. The space-saving switches provide comprehensive functions for increasing safety, configuration, diagnostics, and management of networks. Typical applications include the manufacturing and process industry.


Docking station

Industrial Scientific has introduced the DSX™ Docking Station, a gas detector maintenance and record-keeping solution suited to support the needs and requirements of customers, regardless of size, location, or infrastructure. The DSX provides three easy-to-choose-from operating modes: standalone, cloud-connected (DSXi) and local server (DSX-L). The standalone is an out-of-the-box solution that requires no network configuration or support, and the DSXi is a cloud-connected record storage, fleet management and automated maintenance and notification station.

Industrial Scientific

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