Nov. 1, 2005
Dear Editor:Regarding the Viewpoint column by Carlos Mogollon (see: “Fables of the Reconstruction,” IWW, September/October 2005, P.


Dear Editor:
Regarding the Viewpoint column by Carlos Mogollon (Fables of the Reconstruction, "IWW", September/October 2005, P. 7), that article was not appreciated, and his political views should not be expressed in a magazine of this type.

Dave L. Thomas
Calpine Corp.

Dear Editor:

This is to express my appreciation for your editorial (Viewpoint). It’s rare someone influential in our industries, our profession, has the insight, social sensitivity, and especially, courage, to make the kind of well-deserved criticism that you did; though many others are doing so. You-know-who has put our country in danger; voices like yours are needed to help bring a change. Thank you.

John Vago, Mechanical Engineer,
Design Branch, Philadelphia (PA) Water Department

Dear Editor:

I have just finished reading the Viewpoint in the September/October 2005 issue. If I wish to read Bush bashing, anti-American sentiments, I’ll pick up one of many liberal newspapers available around the country. There was absolutely no constitutional responsibility for first response to Katrina or any other natural disaster by the federal government. The Bush Administration took the prescient step of declaring a disaster to begin deploying FEMA and other federal assets, two full days in advance of the storm fall. If you wish to place blame, let’s place it on the corrupt local & state government where it belongs. If this publication is to be a soapbox for a political agenda, please cancel my subscription immediately.

Kevin English
Mukilteo (WA) Water

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